How often do you replay games?
Posted: Posted April 13th
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Like the title says, how often do you replay games you've beaten? I have a handful of games I'll replay, every now and then (a few Pokemon games, a few Zelda games, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario World, Dragon Warrior 3, and Tomba 2, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Terraria), but most games I just beat (or quit) and then never touch again.

What about you guys?

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I've been replaying my library for a few years now. I always have one game going that is a "replay," and then another game going that's either a new game or one I haven't played before.

Things like Mass Effect, The Last of Us, Final Fantasy 4 through 13, Splinter Cell, Mirror's Edge, Undertale, or Alien: Isolation, or Dark Souls are my "comfort games," (which I know sounds weird for many of those), but I really have fun playing them. So I often revisit them every year or two.

Posted April 13th by Jet Presto
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There's a few I've bought over the years that seem to be pointless to replay:

  • Firewatch is a big one. Haven't touched it since I beatt it in 2016.

  • I've beaten Subnautica twice now, but the second time around was a lot less interesting and a lot more grind-y. I don't think I'll be playing it a third time.

  • The majora's mask 3DS remake left a bad taste in my mouth. Can probably avoid it until I get my hands on a N64 copy.

    There are also a few games I replay a LOT:

  • Minecraft and Terraria

  • Any zelda game

  • Any mario game

  • Any elder scrolls game. Morrowind's a weird case because I've been replaying it continuously for over a year -- idk if I'll ever get tired of it.

  • Posted April 13th by Xhin
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    For me, there's no real pattern that I can discern - it varies wildly from game to game. I played through and absolutely adored the new God of War a couple years ago but I haven't revisited it. On the other hand, the first time I finished Persona 5 I was so sad that it was over that I immediately started New Game + and played through it again. I play Super Mario RPG at least once every year. I absolutely adore Final Fantasy 6 but I've only done two playthroughs in my life - once in my teens and then again when I got the SNES mini. I play through Ninja Gaiden on the NES several times a year whenever I'm in the mood but that's a really short game compared to the others I've listed. And of course I go through periods where I'll replay Donkey Kong Country 1 over and over and over again but that's because I speedrun it... lol

    Posted April 13th by Jo Nathan
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    There are two games Ive revisited numerous times over the years Resident Evil 4 and Super Mario World (Have it ony SNES Online Emulator for my Switch. Its still the best 2D Mario Game) I believe I play through these games once a year on different platforms.

    The other game Ive revisited a handful of times is the Last of Us. I started a play session a week or so ago not sure if I will complete it this time as I want to devote time to my Switch Lite.

    If Mass Effect ever gets ported to the Switch It will be a day one must buy for me. Ive been itching to revisit it for years. (I own 1 and 2 on Steam but no longer wish to game on my laptop)

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    Almost never for typical single-player games. The exceptions are for stuff like arcade-style stuff like Risk of Rain or RPGs like Fallout/Elder Scrolls.

    The only games that I replay in depth are competitive multiplayer games. TF2, CS, etc.

    Posted April 14th by skfidgsg
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    Rarely at all these days. I think the last big replay for me was Bloodborne, which I completed about 3 or 4 times in order to get the platinum trophy. Would definitely go back and replay the Dark Souls games at same point as well, experimenting with new builds.

    Otherwise, the Mass Effect trilogy was where it was at for me. It was always fun mixing up the Renegade/Paragon traits with both Sheps, trying out the different romances and big choices...

    Posted April 14th by Orion Nebula
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    Sometimes I'll replay a game immediately after beating it (New Game+, harder difficulty, etc.) Might be for the achievement but I like to finish a game's achievements and doing a second run through is easier with the gameplay fresh in my mind.

    It's rare that I replay games anymore, really. The game I replayed the most amount of times was probably San Andreas. I think the last playthrough of that game was back in 2016. I probably played it 5 times between 2009 to 2016. Most of the time I have such a crazy amount of new games (370 not even started) that I don't want to go back and replay many older ones.

    Currently I do have the hankering to go back and replay Yakuza 0. I think I'll get it on the Xbox this time though and play through it again. I also bought (or rebought) Shenmue 1 and 2 and want to go through them again.

    Posted April 14th by Fox Forever
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    I’ve beat FF9 4 times already this year. Legend of Dragoon I’ve beaten a lot.

    Posted April 14th by Brandy
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    Oh neat, I just finished my first playthrough of Legend of Dragoon a couple weeks ago. :) I hadn't realized how popular it was.

    Posted April 15th by Jo Nathan
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    I used to replay Zelda games a lot when I lived with my parents. I played OoT a lot, and Link to the Past, Majora's Mask a few times.

    I've gone through Halo games again, but usually with different goals such as LASO or speedrunning achievements.

    I don't replay games much at all these days. With not as much time spent gaming, it's hard enough to play what is current.

    Posted April 15th by Vandy
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