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How great is the music in this game? I'm deaf, painkillers killed my remaining hearing. I loved brawl's music, they should have
played it at prom and imported brawl's songs to guitar hero 3.
Posted: Posted June 26th, 2017
Edited June 26th, 2017 by weid music

And vice versa. I would have continued to play both games to death like I did back in the day. Is smash 4's music better than brawl's? I don't know if I'd be a candidate for a cochlear implant but if I am I'll get one just so I can listen to this franchise's wonderful music. And get my fingers fixed and re-buy a guitar and play these songs for Brocken jr and everyone to watch and listen to.

Welcome to Kongo jungle, we've got video games!
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Did you like Brawl music over Melee?

Posted June 27th, 2017 by Vandy

Obviously yes. Melee's music was all synthetic and non-instrumental but still legit and great for its time, but brawl's music was more relastoc and I've seen many people play its songs on the guitar on YouTube and I even imported some of its songs to play on the frets on fire app for the homebrew channel, which was basically an app to play any song that was listed on their website which you could play on the guitar hero guitar.

Brawl's music had so many songs that featured the electric guitar and in fact some of the tunes sounded like ones that were in guitar hero 3 (gourmet race resembled through the fire and the flames, the very beginning of the boss battles theme song tune sounded like the beginning of slow ride, and the first five seconds of shin onigishima sounded like the first five seconds of the slash guitar duel song).

There was nothing really wrong with melee's music other than it not having realistic instrumental tunes.

Really wanted to learn how to play brawl's songs on the guitar. You could at least play the riff from the final destination guitar tune.

Posted June 27th, 2017 by weid man

It would be great if we could import the songs from both games to one another and if they could play both games songs at prom! I played both games to death for MONTHS back when they were at their prime time. I went crazy wild for games and did play acts for both of them; they were my idols. I remember that there was supposed to be a smash dance for brawl. They should have included guitar hero 3's songs in it. Welcome to the jungle for rumble falls, slow rise for hallberd. Hit me with your best SMASH for the theme song. Alter/add to the lyrics of it after the stanza "you put up a fight that's not fair...with META KNIGHT, see if I care. Knock me OUT it's all or vain, I'll get back olupnojbtye stage again". There needs to be a stage to play through the fire and the flames to.

Posted June 27th, 2017 by weid man

TTFAF would be epic in Final Destination, and The Devil Went Down to Georgia for the battle with Taboo/Master Core depending on the game.

Posted June 27th, 2017 by Black Yoshi

That said, Sm4sh's music is every bit as good as Brawl's, and in some ways better. My only qualm about it is that some of the tracks don't continuously loop so it sounds like they're playing the same track repeatedly; as a classically trained musician, that drives me nuts.

Posted June 27th, 2017 by Black Yoshi

Just looked up TTFAF on youtube out of curiosity and saw that UKOG monkey FC'd TTFAF at 125% speed and TDWDTG at 110% speed. I had no idea that GH streaming was still a thing. I used to follow it pretty closely in its glory day.

Posted June 27th, 2017 by Vandy

So many abbreviations....

Posted June 27th, 2017 by Q

So sorry to hear that, Weid. I wish something more could be done.

For me, the issue with Brawl's music is it's too epic. Usually this is never a problem because nobody has access to an orchestra or a list of musicians quite as large as Sakurai, Nintendo at the peak of their powers, and the one AAA title that cannot be screwed up and will take as long as it needs. Sakurai tried to make a worthy game with Melee. All the themes were still representative of their series, but given a bigger kick for Smash Bros, and it worked amazingly well. In Brawl, every theme is a variation of "THIS IS BADASS." Latin chanting, epic orchestral hits, no subtlety at all. Some people say I use a sledgehammer to fix minor problems, but Sakurai uses nukes. A lot of themes are loud and obnoxious. They're also slower, not upbeat like Melee was.

Listening to the music working together also makes a huge difference over hearing one song here and there. Melee's music worked together amazingly well: the synthetic sound actually unified it. But Brawl's music is all over the place. Some of the songs are great (Ashley's song), but in the context of a game, I think it really tried too hard to be epic, so instead of standing at the edge of the cliff it just rams forward and falls.

Edited June 27th, 2017 by mariomguy

brawl was mostly good, 4 is mostly good. And where it comes up short, I use a workaround to replace some of smash 4's music with better music. Off the top of my head:

  • the Vs. Cynthia remix on the Pokémon stage is worse than the original song, so I replaced it with the old one

  • Animal Crossing music sucks for fighting and Battlefield/FD music is meh, so I swapped in stuff like Good Night, Mom; Wicked Flight; and Serpent Eating the Horizon. And of course Mona Pizza, because it's an absolute travesty that they didn't include it this time.

  • Posted June 28th, 2017 by Pirate_Ninja

    Oh god don't get me started with Mona pizza. Remember how Apollo told me that I should act out to that song via dance to it. She suggested that they should play this song at prom for the first song from the game. I bet she is sad that that song isn't in this game. I could picture her dancing to it on the just dance video game series.

    Wouldn't the slash guitar duel work for taboo? Both songs have guitar solos and no lyrics like the devil went down to Georgia does, forming cuts in he song from the guitar riffs/solos. We need one CONTINUOUS solo. Plus both of these songs are about duel's. The boss theme song is about the duel with taboo and other song is for a duel against slash. I could never beat the slash guitar duel on expert. I feel like a dumbass for not being able to beat it. I tried throwing the guitar pieces at him at the right times but could never get him to fail the song and give me the win. I just dragged onto this song, having to try and achieve star power each time (invincible for smash btw).

    What song was Jordan? Innebwr aaw that song in the playlist.

    Battlefield for rock and roll all night! And party ev-er-y-day. You show me video games you've got!

    Posted June 28th, 2017 by weid man

    Slow ride for port town aero dive as part of a parody (there's literally a street called aero DRIVE here in San Diego)?

    Posted June 28th, 2017 by weid man

    Sunshine of your love for Delfina plaza. Paint it black or black magic woman for flatzobe 1 and 2?

    Posted June 28th, 2017 by weid man

    Sorry to hear man..

    It's pretty good. It has most of Brawl's music. I really like the new fire emblem songs in smash 4.

    Too bad no metal gear music and that one underground mario theme that's not in there that sounds all deserty.

    Posted July 1st, 2017 by ShadowFox08

    Come on guys what guitar hero 3 song would worknin brawl/smash?

    Posted July 2nd, 2017 by weid man

    does painkillers affect hearing? i take them daily should i be concerened? this is my first time hering this

    Posted November 22nd, 2017 by Brandy

    Yes you should be extremely concerned brandy she stop taking those drugs, and ask your doctor if he can prescribe you steroids to help the ear strengthen so that your hearing can be restored that you lost, or ask if hearing aids will help you hear better. I lost the remainder of my hearing because I had been dosing on very hard painkillers which I don’t know if it can restored via cochlear implant surgery likel how rush limbaugh did to regain all of his hearing that he lost when taking very strong painkillers.

    Posted November 22nd, 2017 by Weid music
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