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How does the reporting function work?
Posted: Posted October 30th, 2018 by poptart!
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And how much transparency is there, and how many staff members see the reports? I don't expect a few mods to do the right thing (or anything), so I don't want to use it if it just goes to them.

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If you report something, all mods/admins that are logged in get a notification in a special 'Mod' tab. The report is anonymous, and currently just links you to the reported post or reply. Once action is taken against the post, or the report is cleared, the notification goes away for everyone.

Posted October 30th, 2018 by Count Dooku
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Cool, thank you

Posted October 30th, 2018 by poptart!
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The only thing I'll add to this is if you report something and it gets unreported, a log is created that says who reported what and that it was unreported. At the moment only I can access this and it isn't tied into anything.

I have a few upgrades I'd like to make, but my goal is to still maintain anonymity for users (not necessarily mods) and speed for all parties.

Edited October 30th, 2018 by Xhin
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Why make it clear anyway? Just have the date it was reported listed next to it and then allow them to clear it manually. They should all easily be able to see it and it shouldn't just be mostly in the hands of whoever sees or acts on it first.

Edited October 30th, 2018 by KnokkelMillennium
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lol also sorry for any confusion but i fat-thumbed my phone and accidentally reported one of your posts the other day, xhin

Posted October 30th, 2018 by poptart!
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