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It was just announced earlier today, but there were rumors about it a few days back from leakers.

Posted September 6th by ShadowFox08

I am surprised Weid Man's title for this post was NOT long-winded and pointless like all his other post titles are. Heh.

Posted September 6th by Laxan

Please don’t condenscend me.

Posted September 6th by Weid man

I will be actively watching live. I usually never watch directs but lately I watch every one in case Smash news comes up.

Posted September 6th by Fox Forever

You can watch it from your phones jfyi. Thar’s How i’m gonna watch mine since I am always on my phone these days and not a computer because my index fingers hurt to type.

Posted September 6th by Weid man

A earthquake struck Japan causing Nintendo to reschedule it.

Nintendo has delayed the Sept. 6 presentation in response to a high-magnitude earthquake in northern Japan. The company has not revealed a rescheduled date and time, but we’ll keep you posted. These changes are reflect below

A Nintendo Direct will stream sometime this month. Originally scheduled for Sept. 6, Nintendo announced the morning of that it will reschedule the presentation due to widespread damage caused by a landslide in Hokkaido, Japan.

Posted September 6th by Q

Very understandable.

Posted September 6th by Fox Forever

now there's rumors it got delayed to sept 13. There's been some game leaks already too. The name of the Yoshi game, civilization and chibi final fantasy XV coming...

Posted September 7th by ShadowFox08

Might’ve pushed back further because of

Posted September 7th by Weid man
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