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How are you guys?
Posted: Posted September 1st by piedude67
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In general? Alright. Probably the most tired I've been in my entire life, but otherwise things are good.


Posted September 1st by Aviatrix
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How are you guys?

Posted September 1st by Canary Yellow
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How are you guys?

Posted September 1st by Xhin
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How are you guys?

Posted September 2nd by S.O.H.
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Posted September 2nd by Vandy
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Not bad. Made it out of China, began grad school online, and hoping to get to DC by December.

Posted September 6th by Agis
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Posted September 6th by tnu
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But really shit sucks. But ya I guess I'll be fine as long as I have my gf and the internet which really the internet is both a blessing and a curse.

This life bullshit is some real bullshit.

Edited September 7th by Grey Echelon
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Posted September 8th by poptart!
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I think I may be having an episode of the third type of depression; not sad without cause (the commonest type), nor bored with everything (the type more common in men), but just unable to get anything done.
I hope I get out of it somehow, pretty damn soon!

Posted September 8th by chiarizio
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