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How am I still the King of merit scores after being gone for basically a month?
Posted: Posted November 2nd by I killed Mufasa

It's obviously a flawed system.

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Posting in the video games forum gives lots of merit. Making posts that go 100+ replies also nets you a lot. As does 500 or 1000 character posts.

Edit: I notice you also have a habit of double or triple posting instead of editing your posts. You just triple posted in the LiS post so that right there would net you 75 merit.

I kinda get merit but like...I still don't get what it does exactly. If it doesn't do anything then why should I care?

Edited November 2nd by Fox Forever

it basically rewards treating the site like one's personal twitter and squirting out every little blip of cognizance on its own

Posted November 2nd by Pirate_Ninja

Hey! I can be The Squirt King!

Edited November 2nd by Fox Forever

Can probably apply the Merit algorithm to peoples' existing post count and have a much different ranking that is inaccurate to the definition of the word. *shrug*

Posted November 2nd by LLight

It may have something to do with your tendency to post like like this:

Posted November 2nd by Vandy

Maybe, but after a whole Month surely someone should be higher.

Posted November 3rd by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king
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