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How about dusting off that keyboard.
Posted: Posted April 10th by Colby:

Anyone interested in a Teen Titan RP? I have always wantes to bring Terra back after the cliff ending they gave in the original Teen Titans anime. So, anyone interested? (:

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Or even a Boruto storyline. I miss writing and I feel as though my brain will explode. I will our old elementals were still around.

Posted April 10th by Colby:

Elemental RPs were a fun time.
I’m very unfamiliar with Teen Titans but might know enough to wing it, if you’d have me.

Posted April 10th by Cetasaurus
AKA: Kyogre

I wouldnt mind getting another fresh elemental to together. We put so much planning into those plot lines ans characters.

Posted April 10th by Colby:

Yeah, sounds fun. :) Might just be us though... The others haven’t been around in a long time.

Posted April 10th by Cetasaurus
AKA: Kyogre


Edited April 11th by Kevin *
Kevin *

Spoke too soon. Hey Kevin!

Posted April 12th by Cetasaurus
AKA: Kyogre

Ahhhh Kevin!!!! Its so good to see you guys. Sorry I dusappeared. Lot of stuff happened and had a mini break down lol.

You guys wanna do an elemental. God/mortals rp again. With out godly pare ts ans demigod children?

Posted Sunday by Colby:

Yeah I’m up for anything.

Posted Wednesday by Cetasaurus
AKA: Kyogre

Its completely fine, I too have had a rough couple years! I am down to rp again, sure. I have not done one in so long, so I will be quite rusty.

Posted Thursday by Kevin *
Kevin *

Awesome! I think everyone will be quite rusty. I guess to start is lets do the basic character sheet to get those up and going lol. Ill post mine in a bit. Caught the flu so its hard to concentrafe.

Posted Thursday by Colby:

Okay! Post yours and I'll copy your format. Its gonna take some retraining to remember to check this site, haha.

Posted Thursday by Kevin *
Kevin *


Posted Yesterday Evening by Colby:

Also! Once the characters are up and well I am going to draw the portraits to the best of the deails and my abilities. I did it for a DND group I got into months ago, sadly that ended due to a stupid relationship but OH WELL. But I can do them digitally so everyone can download a good copy. It's the least I can do for you guys coming back and talking to me after so long.

Posted Yesterday Evening by Colby:

Why hello there everyone! For those of you who know me already welcome back it is good to see you, for those who do not an I peaked your interest, welcome as well. I go mostly by two names on here, Colby: is the one used more often for RP and Cz: Is my alternate more personal username we could say. I used to come on this website all the time to escape reality whether it was a horrible friend or a tough day, but the bad part I’ve noticed it that the RP forms sees to be pretty well… barren. :yells hello: :listens and hears echo for hours:

Anyways, I have decided since I miss writing so much I am going to try and bring back one of the more favorited RPS of the group I was with, our ELEMENTAL RP! Since it has been some time, the character that were here previously can know each other or we can start completely new! I vote for new because that gives everyone and chance to come in if they are new.

This timeline instead of being in the older era, I was thinking more of a post apocalypse type of setting where the military is taking over everything and they want to capture these new demi-god children because to them, they are the gods.

SO! Here is the game plan. IF YOU ARE A PREVIOUS ELEMENTAL RPER CONTINUE READING the next small paragraph.

YOUR SPOT IT SAVED! If you wish to have your own character back then just make the character sheet to fit as so. I wish to keep track of everyone so character pages are very nice.


We do not bite I swear, it may seem like it is a lot to take in at first but that’s because I like to be organized >.> sometimes a little too much:

What I want from the new guys is the basic information and a little background information in a storyline. I have an example for my character Colby below. Feel free to copy and paste my information sheet and just fill in the blanks with your information! Another reason for these character list is so we do no have Double Demi-God children… or double weapons.
First comes First Serves unless you are an old member who wishes to claim their old character and powers back. As stated we started this with a bunch of children from a god parent and human parent and birth came our characters HOWEVER:

You can be human, troll, harpie, or any geek mythology creature that is human in some form. Or be a mythical cat/human person animal. You can also be good or evil. Basically play this out like a DND campaign (:
If you wish to be in the military forces that are within this storyline, state your status of leadership.

Please, we will have a posting order once the character are a counted for. (Even if that may be like 3 people lol) I find this easier so two people are not going back and forth and then confusion hits and the post dies.
Obviously to keep things fair, no ultimate power, no god-moding non of that I can never be touched or brutally injured. Try and post as much detail as you can. Go crazy with an in depth storyline, I love reading people’s writings on this page, it gives me so many ideas to up my writing game.

Name: Colby
Age: 21
Race: Demi-God
Military Ranking: Military Tortured Weapon.
Affiliation: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Colby’s personality is one in its own. She displays an immature sort of persona and is decidedly stubborn and very strong-willed. Normally somewhat selfish and remarkably self-absorbed, she is largely hostile towards figures of authority. Being a very quick-tempered demi-god, she resorts often to ice-fisted violence than a calm negotiation. Colby has quite the reputation of being foul-mouthed and is incurably sarcastically cynical, only too happy to bluntly and harshly relieve others of their comfortable delusions regarding god, reality, or their own self-importance. Always displaying a propensity towards impatience and an ability to sit till for long, she can be seen constantly traveling across the vast land.
However, for those few people who have made an impact on her, Colby shows her deeper nature to be on of marked selflessness, unflinching loyalty and great compassion. As someone who has had to suffer greatly at such a young age, Colby cannot ignore the trust suffering of others and becomes sympathetic upon sensing pain and resolve in people’s hearts. Though her solemn advice to such people is often tempered with brusque criticism, it is only because she genuinely wishes to place them on the most direct path forward. As one who is burdened everyday by the mistakes of the past, she stressed the importance of people taking responsibility for their own errors.

Hair: Short feathered layered with side bangs to the left of her face. Pure White.
Eyes: Ice Blue
Complexion: Pale White

Height: 5”3
Weight: 145 lbs
Build: Curvy with muscle tone.
Clothing: Tight fitted black tank top that connects at the neck. Black cloak with hood. Dark worn skinny jeans held by a black belt, jeans are tucked into a pair of black combat boots. She has a barcode on her left wrist (military documentation when she was captured and tortured.)

Others: Tattoos: Bar Code on her left wrist from the military. XIII on the back of her next and a small scythe on her right wrist. Colby also has several lash scars on her back that are a light pink to a dark red.

Weapons: Scythe. As for her weapon, Colby uses a giant scythe as she pleases. Graceful as a cat but as strong as a lone wolf, she is a very skilled individual. Her scythe was a gift from her Goddess of a mother and resides in the tattoo on her right wrist. When she summons her weapon the tattoo glows and the scythe forms in front of her. As she grabs ahold of it, the light blue glow around the weapon shatters into ice revealing the scythe underneath.

Abilities/Powers: Ice/Winter.
Colby controls ice and can turn a liquid into her frozen world. She has a special ability to freeze her own blood to keep herself from bleeding our in emergencies, but she does not know how to quite work it out yet. She can also freeze the blood inside someone shutting down their systems completely. She used to use this ability when she was a trained weapon in the military but with all of the test and tortures they did, she forgot how to connect to that part not wanting to become the monster they made her.

DEMI-GOD OF: Skadi the Goddess of Winter (Norse Mythology)
Character History: The beginning of Colby’s life from what she can remember was relatively normal. A loving mother and protective father, a small house on the outskirts of a big city. She would constantly go exploring always wanting to discover new things and never wanting to sit still. This constant exploring is what actually awoken the inner Demi-god within the young child. She was playing late at night when her parents told her to come in when she fell into a thin frozen lake. Her body was cold at first but then a warmth surrounded her. She thought she heard a voice but then when she opened her eyes her mother and father were standing above her. That night, Colby came down with a terrible cold struggling throughout the night hearing the same woman’s voice as she did when she was in the lake. That is the last thing she remembers of home. The rest is a giant flame burning hot on her skin as she watched a man with cold steely eyes slaughter her parents in front of her for trying to protect her. What she did not know is that war was spreading over the nation and the military had risen proclaiming that they were the new Gods. They rounded up children with strange appearances, such as Colby whose brown hair had turned pure white and once dark eyes icy blue. They stamped her with a bar code to keep her in order with the rest of the children and then trained them as brutally as they could be until they broke and became the perfect soldier. Colby managed to escape but not before being subjected to hours, day of torture and pain.


Snow gently drifted towards the ground, its beauty covering the decrepit land that spread farther then the horizon. Snowflakes caught among dead trees and old buildings making the apocalypse land look almost, peaceful. A cloaked figure walked through the snow, footprints soon disappearing in the wind leaving no trace. Coming to an opening that look upon the main city where everything was run from, where the war first began. This city however, was a constant vile place filed with blood and smaug. Only the woman’s mouth could be seen in the moon light as her jaw clenched tightly.


Her gaze then landed on a section of the city’s outskirts where several lines of soldiers could be seen raiding houses and small tents of the poorer families of this world. From children to men, their soldiers came in all sizes, if you were useful and were a body that could fight, that is all that mattered to them. They wanted power and were going to gain it anyways they saw fit. They were the Gods now, they thought themselves invincible. The war that covered the lands far in bloodshed from mindless killings continued.

“They know nothing but madness… “

Colby clenched her left wrist with her right hand squeezing the bar code tattoo tightly. This is what happens when humans think too full of themselves, this is the chaos they bring yet some god thought it was a good idea to make more of them and give them more weapons of destruction. Did this god not care what they made of the world or of the demi-gods that were now planted on this planet. At this burning though, the wind gently blew the hood off of her head reveling beautiful snow-white hair that glistened in the moonlight. Her expression was poker straight, not fading into any thought she may be having.

As she turned around to head back the way she once came, she flipped her hood back over her head closing her eyes letting out a gentle sigh with turned into tiny ice particles as they fell to the ground. Soon she found herself at one of the outskirt bars and inns that outsiders have set up in one of their make shift towns away from the main city. As she made her way to the building, not the best-looking building but at least it was standing. Opening the door, the owner was surprised, “Oh! A customer! Please have a drink on the house!” Staring at the inn keeper a little while Colby then looked around and realized that she was the only person in this particular inn.

“Not much business?” She mumbled before sitting down taking ahold of the glass bottle the owner put in front of her. The inn keeper signed and shook his head, “Not since there has been nothing but either raiders or military who think everything is free to them.” Colby chuckled and gently took a sip of her drink making the rim of the bottle freeze a bit.

Posted Yesterday Evening by Colby:

Being that I was the original creator of the Elemental RP back in the day, I feel a sense of nostalgia to join again.... However, two jobs and the adult life keep me very busy and my muse low. Give me time to think about if I wish to join or not. Good to hear from you again though, Colby! :)

Posted Yesterday Evening by Cyrus

Welcome back Cyrus!

Great job Colby, I will get mine done in a bit, just got back from work. :)

Posted Last Night by Kevin *
Kevin *

Name: Vrynn
Age: 25
Race: Demi-God
Military Ranking: None
Affiliation: True Neutral. Also for those who have never played DnD or Pathfinder, here is a site for reference that explains alignments. (http://easydamus.com/alignment.html)

Personality: Vrynn is an individual who is oddly relaxed in a world where so many are stressed. His interest is piqued extremely easily, and it looks to others as if he sees something new just about every time he looks around civilization. He sees a gem when others see something that is considered trash, or something some may say is broken. He fully believes in balance, and that when one thing exists, the opposite must exist. He loathes anything that may threaten this balance, including this military uprise.

Hair: Brown, well trimmed low fade.
Eyes: Hazel
Complexion: Tanned

Height: 6'1
Weight: 190 lbs
Build: Athletic
Clothing: Vrynn often wears typical clothing. Various colored t-shirts(currently black), skinny jeans, and boots.

Other: Tribal Tattoos can be seen covering his arms as full sleeves, and they can faintly be seen on his neck under the neckline of his shirt.

Weapons: Quarterstaff. Having lived in the wilds for most of his life, Vrynn has not been exposed to much when it comes to weaponry. Because of this, he utilizes the one thing that is said to be gifted from his father. That one gift is a modest looking quarterstaff. He has trained with it since he first "awakened" as a young boy. He is able to summon it on a whim out of thin air for some unknown reason that he has not been able to figure out.

Abilities/Powers: Life/Death(Nature in a sense)
Vrynn has always innately held the ability to speak with the wildlife. He can utilize plant life in his surrounding environment, and can even utilize the roots underground to hold individuals. He is also able to touch a plant and cause it to wither away and die. One unfortunate time, he was able to replicate this on a living being, but it is unknown how or why it happened. His final power is the ability to heal minor wounds, but at the cost of his own life essence.

DEMI-GOD OF: Cernunnos, Celtic god of life, animals, and death.

Character History: The beginning of Vrynn's memory begins on a sunny day. He woke up in a small forest haven, surrounded by a number of animals of different species. He does not have any memory prior to this point, and the fact that he could understand animals did not even cross his mind as odd. They explained to him who he was, and what his purpose was. He was Vrynn, son of Cernunnos. He was awakened to fulfill his role as guardian of the forest, and the balance of the world. They explained to him about the rise in this military faction that claimed to be the new gods, and that he was to stop them. Since then he has spent the past 15 years in the wilds, learning and honing his skills. That is, until a lost traveler found his way into the forest; lost and alone. When Vrynn approached the man and placed a hand on his shoulder to have him turn around and face him, the man made a sound as if he had lost his breath. When the man turned to face him his eyes were purely black, his skin had dried up and had a tightness to it, his veins were extremely visible and blackish in color. Within seconds, he fell to the ground... lifeless. This event had caused Vrynn to lose his nerve, so he quickly fled away from the forest, fearing what the animals may think of him as there is no way this power could be natural.

A few weeks has passed since he left his home in the forest. For the first time he has spent some time in civilization and is slowly but surely getting acclimated to social norms, although he still tends to struggle a bit. He had earned some coin by "stealthily" creating flowers and selling them to the individuals around town. He did not even realize that there were no other flowers present within this barren town.

He woke that morning in the inn he was presently staying at, and realized just how quite hungry he was. So, he got dressed and stepped outside to go find somewhere to eat. When he stepped outside, he immediately was able to spot what looked to be some sort of raid on houses. He thought to himself, " One day soon, I will rid them of this world." He then turned and proceeded to walk towards his favorite spot, which happened to be a place where no one else really went, as he liked being in a less populated area, similar to the home he once held in the forest. He also grew quite fond of this place because the individual who inhabited it, seemed extremely excited when Vrynn arrived, and that made Vrynn feel quite special.

Upon stepping in the door, he saw a female sit down. He quickly thought of leaving, as it would not be nearly as peaceful if there was someone else there. However, even one person is better than the many that he would find elsewhere. He slowly walked in eyeing the owner and the woman prior to finding a seat at the furthest point away from the woman as possible.

He looks up to the owner, " Um, I will have a water." then immediately looks back down, while every few moments looking back at the other two when he feels they were not paying attention.

OOC: I am extremely tired, so if there are mistakes I am truly sorry! Also we should play D&D someday, I have a group who utilized Roll20. :)

Posted Last Night by Kevin *
Kevin *
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