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In-character posts may contain disturbing or explicit content.

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Anyone interested in a Teen Titan RP? I have always wantes to bring Terra back after the cliff ending they gave in the original Teen Titans anime. So, anyone interested? (:

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Or even a Boruto storyline. I miss writing and I feel as though my brain will explode. I will our old elementals were still around.

Posted April 10th, 2018 by Colby:

Elemental RPs were a fun time.
I’m very unfamiliar with Teen Titans but might know enough to wing it, if you’d have me.

Posted April 10th, 2018 by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

I wouldnt mind getting another fresh elemental to together. We put so much planning into those plot lines ans characters.

Posted April 10th, 2018 by Colby:

Yeah, sounds fun. :) Might just be us though... The others haven’t been around in a long time.

Posted April 10th, 2018 by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8


Edited April 11th, 2018 by Kevin *
Kevin *

Spoke too soon. Hey Kevin!

Posted April 12th, 2018 by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

Ahhhh Kevin!!!! Its so good to see you guys. Sorry I dusappeared. Lot of stuff happened and had a mini break down lol.

You guys wanna do an elemental. God/mortals rp again. With out godly pare ts ans demigod children?

Posted April 15th, 2018 by Colby:

Yeah I’m up for anything.

Posted April 18th, 2018 by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

Its completely fine, I too have had a rough couple years! I am down to rp again, sure. I have not done one in so long, so I will be quite rusty.

Posted April 19th, 2018 by Kevin *
Kevin *

Awesome! I think everyone will be quite rusty. I guess to start is lets do the basic character sheet to get those up and going lol. Ill post mine in a bit. Caught the flu so its hard to concentrafe.

Posted April 19th, 2018 by Colby:

Okay! Post yours and I'll copy your format. Its gonna take some retraining to remember to check this site, haha.

Posted April 19th, 2018 by Kevin *
Kevin *


Posted April 20th, 2018 by Colby:

Also! Once the characters are up and well I am going to draw the portraits to the best of the deails and my abilities. I did it for a DND group I got into months ago, sadly that ended due to a stupid relationship but OH WELL. But I can do them digitally so everyone can download a good copy. It's the least I can do for you guys coming back and talking to me after so long.

Posted April 20th, 2018 by Colby:

Why hello there everyone! For those of you who know me already welcome back it is good to see you, for those who do not an I peaked your interest, welcome as well. I go mostly by two names on here, Colby: is the one used more often for RP and Cz: Is my alternate more personal username we could say. I used to come on this website all the time to escape reality whether it was a horrible friend or a tough day, but the bad part I’ve noticed it that the RP forms sees to be pretty well… barren. :yells hello: :listens and hears echo for hours:

Anyways, I have decided since I miss writing so much I am going to try and bring back one of the more favorited RPS of the group I was with, our ELEMENTAL RP! Since it has been some time, the character that were here previously can know each other or we can start completely new! I vote for new because that gives everyone and chance to come in if they are new.

This timeline instead of being in the older era, I was thinking more of a post apocalypse type of setting where the military is taking over everything and they want to capture these new demi-god children because to them, they are the gods.

SO! Here is the game plan. IF YOU ARE A PREVIOUS ELEMENTAL RPER CONTINUE READING the next small paragraph.

YOUR SPOT IT SAVED! If you wish to have your own character back then just make the character sheet to fit as so. I wish to keep track of everyone so character pages are very nice.


We do not bite I swear, it may seem like it is a lot to take in at first but that’s because I like to be organized >.> sometimes a little too much:

What I want from the new guys is the basic information and a little background information in a storyline. I have an example for my character Colby below. Feel free to copy and paste my information sheet and just fill in the blanks with your information! Another reason for these character list is so we do no have Double Demi-God children… or double weapons.
First comes First Serves unless you are an old member who wishes to claim their old character and powers back. As stated we started this with a bunch of children from a god parent and human parent and birth came our characters HOWEVER:

You can be human, troll, harpie, or any geek mythology creature that is human in some form. Or be a mythical cat/human person animal. You can also be good or evil. Basically play this out like a DND campaign (:
If you wish to be in the military forces that are within this storyline, state your status of leadership.

Please, we will have a posting order once the character are a counted for. (Even if that may be like 3 people lol) I find this easier so two people are not going back and forth and then confusion hits and the post dies.
Obviously to keep things fair, no ultimate power, no god-moding non of that I can never be touched or brutally injured. Try and post as much detail as you can. Go crazy with an in depth storyline, I love reading people’s writings on this page, it gives me so many ideas to up my writing game.

Name: Colby
Age: 21
Race: Demi-God
Military Ranking: Military Tortured Weapon.
Affiliation: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Colby’s personality is one in its own. She displays an immature sort of persona and is decidedly stubborn and very strong-willed. Normally somewhat selfish and remarkably self-absorbed, she is largely hostile towards figures of authority. Being a very quick-tempered demi-god, she resorts often to ice-fisted violence than a calm negotiation. Colby has quite the reputation of being foul-mouthed and is incurably sarcastically cynical, only too happy to bluntly and harshly relieve others of their comfortable delusions regarding god, reality, or their own self-importance. Always displaying a propensity towards impatience and an ability to sit till for long, she can be seen constantly traveling across the vast land.
However, for those few people who have made an impact on her, Colby shows her deeper nature to be on of marked selflessness, unflinching loyalty and great compassion. As someone who has had to suffer greatly at such a young age, Colby cannot ignore the trust suffering of others and becomes sympathetic upon sensing pain and resolve in people’s hearts. Though her solemn advice to such people is often tempered with brusque criticism, it is only because she genuinely wishes to place them on the most direct path forward. As one who is burdened everyday by the mistakes of the past, she stressed the importance of people taking responsibility for their own errors.

Hair: Short feathered layered with side bangs to the left of her face. Pure White.
Eyes: Ice Blue
Complexion: Pale White

Height: 5”3
Weight: 145 lbs
Build: Curvy with muscle tone.
Clothing: Tight fitted black tank top that connects at the neck. Black cloak with hood. Dark worn skinny jeans held by a black belt, jeans are tucked into a pair of black combat boots. She has a barcode on her left wrist (military documentation when she was captured and tortured.)

Others: Tattoos: Bar Code on her left wrist from the military. XIII on the back of her next and a small scythe on her right wrist. Colby also has several lash scars on her back that are a light pink to a dark red.

Weapons: Scythe. As for her weapon, Colby uses a giant scythe as she pleases. Graceful as a cat but as strong as a lone wolf, she is a very skilled individual. Her scythe was a gift from her Goddess of a mother and resides in the tattoo on her right wrist. When she summons her weapon the tattoo glows and the scythe forms in front of her. As she grabs ahold of it, the light blue glow around the weapon shatters into ice revealing the scythe underneath.

Abilities/Powers: Ice/Winter.
Colby controls ice and can turn a liquid into her frozen world. She has a special ability to freeze her own blood to keep herself from bleeding our in emergencies, but she does not know how to quite work it out yet. She can also freeze the blood inside someone shutting down their systems completely. She used to use this ability when she was a trained weapon in the military but with all of the test and tortures they did, she forgot how to connect to that part not wanting to become the monster they made her.

DEMI-GOD OF: Skadi the Goddess of Winter (Norse Mythology)
Character History: The beginning of Colby’s life from what she can remember was relatively normal. A loving mother and protective father, a small house on the outskirts of a big city. She would constantly go exploring always wanting to discover new things and never wanting to sit still. This constant exploring is what actually awoken the inner Demi-god within the young child. She was playing late at night when her parents told her to come in when she fell into a thin frozen lake. Her body was cold at first but then a warmth surrounded her. She thought she heard a voice but then when she opened her eyes her mother and father were standing above her. That night, Colby came down with a terrible cold struggling throughout the night hearing the same woman’s voice as she did when she was in the lake. That is the last thing she remembers of home. The rest is a giant flame burning hot on her skin as she watched a man with cold steely eyes slaughter her parents in front of her for trying to protect her. What she did not know is that war was spreading over the nation and the military had risen proclaiming that they were the new Gods. They rounded up children with strange appearances, such as Colby whose brown hair had turned pure white and once dark eyes icy blue. They stamped her with a bar code to keep her in order with the rest of the children and then trained them as brutally as they could be until they broke and became the perfect soldier. Colby managed to escape but not before being subjected to hours, day of torture and pain.


Snow gently drifted towards the ground, its beauty covering the decrepit land that spread farther then the horizon. Snowflakes caught among dead trees and old buildings making the apocalypse land look almost, peaceful. A cloaked figure walked through the snow, footprints soon disappearing in the wind leaving no trace. Coming to an opening that look upon the main city where everything was run from, where the war first began. This city however, was a constant vile place filed with blood and smaug. Only the woman’s mouth could be seen in the moon light as her jaw clenched tightly.


Her gaze then landed on a section of the city’s outskirts where several lines of soldiers could be seen raiding houses and small tents of the poorer families of this world. From children to men, their soldiers came in all sizes, if you were useful and were a body that could fight, that is all that mattered to them. They wanted power and were going to gain it anyways they saw fit. They were the Gods now, they thought themselves invincible. The war that covered the lands far in bloodshed from mindless killings continued.

“They know nothing but madness… “

Colby clenched her left wrist with her right hand squeezing the bar code tattoo tightly. This is what happens when humans think too full of themselves, this is the chaos they bring yet some god thought it was a good idea to make more of them and give them more weapons of destruction. Did this god not care what they made of the world or of the demi-gods that were now planted on this planet. At this burning though, the wind gently blew the hood off of her head reveling beautiful snow-white hair that glistened in the moonlight. Her expression was poker straight, not fading into any thought she may be having.

As she turned around to head back the way she once came, she flipped her hood back over her head closing her eyes letting out a gentle sigh with turned into tiny ice particles as they fell to the ground. Soon she found herself at one of the outskirt bars and inns that outsiders have set up in one of their make shift towns away from the main city. As she made her way to the building, not the best-looking building but at least it was standing. Opening the door, the owner was surprised, “Oh! A customer! Please have a drink on the house!” Staring at the inn keeper a little while Colby then looked around and realized that she was the only person in this particular inn.

“Not much business?” She mumbled before sitting down taking ahold of the glass bottle the owner put in front of her. The inn keeper signed and shook his head, “Not since there has been nothing but either raiders or military who think everything is free to them.” Colby chuckled and gently took a sip of her drink making the rim of the bottle freeze a bit.

Posted April 20th, 2018 by Colby:

Being that I was the original creator of the Elemental RP back in the day, I feel a sense of nostalgia to join again.... However, two jobs and the adult life keep me very busy and my muse low. Give me time to think about if I wish to join or not. Good to hear from you again though, Colby! :)

Posted April 20th, 2018 by Cyrus

Welcome back Cyrus!

Great job Colby, I will get mine done in a bit, just got back from work. :)

Posted April 21st, 2018 by Kevin *
Kevin *

Name: Vrynn
Age: 25
Race: Demi-God
Military Ranking: None
Affiliation: True Neutral. Also for those who have never played DnD or Pathfinder, here is a site for reference that explains alignments. (http://easydamus.com/alignment.html)

Personality: Vrynn is an individual who is oddly relaxed in a world where so many are stressed. His interest is piqued extremely easily, and it looks to others as if he sees something new just about every time he looks around civilization. He sees a gem when others see something that is considered trash, or something some may say is broken. He fully believes in balance, and that when one thing exists, the opposite must exist. He loathes anything that may threaten this balance, including this military uprise.

Hair: Brown, well trimmed low fade.
Eyes: Hazel
Complexion: Tanned

Height: 6'1
Weight: 190 lbs
Build: Athletic
Clothing: Vrynn often wears typical clothing. Various colored t-shirts(currently black), skinny jeans, and boots.

Other: Tribal Tattoos can be seen covering his arms as full sleeves, and they can faintly be seen on his neck under the neckline of his shirt.

Weapons: Quarterstaff. Having lived in the wilds for most of his life, Vrynn has not been exposed to much when it comes to weaponry. Because of this, he utilizes the one thing that is said to be gifted from his father. That one gift is a modest looking quarterstaff. He has trained with it since he first "awakened" as a young boy. He is able to summon it on a whim out of thin air for some unknown reason that he has not been able to figure out.

Abilities/Powers: Life/Death(Nature in a sense)
Vrynn has always innately held the ability to speak with the wildlife. He can utilize plant life in his surrounding environment, and can even utilize the roots underground to hold individuals. He is also able to touch a plant and cause it to wither away and die. One unfortunate time, he was able to replicate this on a living being, but it is unknown how or why it happened. His final power is the ability to heal minor wounds, but at the cost of his own life essence.

DEMI-GOD OF: Cernunnos, Celtic god of life, animals, and death.

Character History: The beginning of Vrynn's memory begins on a sunny day. He woke up in a small forest haven, surrounded by a number of animals of different species. He does not have any memory prior to this point, and the fact that he could understand animals did not even cross his mind as odd. They explained to him who he was, and what his purpose was. He was Vrynn, son of Cernunnos. He was awakened to fulfill his role as guardian of the forest, and the balance of the world. They explained to him about the rise in this military faction that claimed to be the new gods, and that he was to stop them. Since then he has spent the past 15 years in the wilds, learning and honing his skills. That is, until a lost traveler found his way into the forest; lost and alone. When Vrynn approached the man and placed a hand on his shoulder to have him turn around and face him, the man made a sound as if he had lost his breath. When the man turned to face him his eyes were purely black, his skin had dried up and had a tightness to it, his veins were extremely visible and blackish in color. Within seconds, he fell to the ground... lifeless. This event had caused Vrynn to lose his nerve, so he quickly fled away from the forest, fearing what the animals may think of him as there is no way this power could be natural.

A few weeks has passed since he left his home in the forest. For the first time he has spent some time in civilization and is slowly but surely getting acclimated to social norms, although he still tends to struggle a bit. He had earned some coin by "stealthily" creating flowers and selling them to the individuals around town. He did not even realize that there were no other flowers present within this barren town.

He woke that morning in the inn he was presently staying at, and realized just how quite hungry he was. So, he got dressed and stepped outside to go find somewhere to eat. When he stepped outside, he immediately was able to spot what looked to be some sort of raid on houses. He thought to himself, " One day soon, I will rid them of this world." He then turned and proceeded to walk towards his favorite spot, which happened to be a place where no one else really went, as he liked being in a less populated area, similar to the home he once held in the forest. He also grew quite fond of this place because the individual who inhabited it, seemed extremely excited when Vrynn arrived, and that made Vrynn feel quite special.

Upon stepping in the door, he saw a female sit down. He quickly thought of leaving, as it would not be nearly as peaceful if there was someone else there. However, even one person is better than the many that he would find elsewhere. He slowly walked in eyeing the owner and the woman prior to finding a seat at the furthest point away from the woman as possible.

He looks up to the owner, " Um, I will have a water." then immediately looks back down, while every few moments looking back at the other two when he feels they were not paying attention.

OOC: I am extremely tired, so if there are mistakes I am truly sorry! Also we should play D&D someday, I have a group who utilized Roll20. :)

Posted April 21st, 2018 by Kevin *
Kevin *

Good to see you Cyrus! Wish you would join us. :) I understand adult life is crazy though.

It's so great you found the Gods and Mortals RP notes, Colby! Thank you so much for posting this and bringing us back together for this. :) I'm very excited to write with you all again.

I'll start working on my sign-up now.

Posted April 21st, 2018 by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

Ahh Cyrus! I miss you guys so much! I understand adult life and work. I have medical probs out the ass currently so I get being stressed. But I would love of you would join us again. It brings back so many memories.

Also I'm going to download Roll20 because I miss DND so much D: I would kill to play again. Spent so much time on one of my characters I hate for her to go to waste.

Edited April 21st, 2018 by Colby:

Awesome, let me know. I would love to run a game for you and I can get some others to join for sure. My group is about 10 people deep so I'll pick and choose the ones I think would fit best.

Posted April 21st, 2018 by Kevin *
Kevin *

((Ayyy I just found my old notes from this RP also. Don't have to write this up from scratch anymore!))

Name: Colin
Age: 21
Race: Demigod of Dionysus – god of wine, theater, and madness/chaos
Military Ranking: Escaped
Affiliation: Chaotic Good

Very aloof. In spite of being able to engage easily with others in casual conversation, he actively avoids making deep connections with them. As a result, he may resort to sarcasm or facades, or simply change subjects unexpectedly before the conversation becomes too intimate. He comports himself with a lot of confidence, but hates to reveal anything significant about himself to others, and so his insecurities are simply well-hidden. Despite his aloofness, he has a hidden capacity for empathy and deeply felt emotions. He has often found himself intensely concerned for others, against every will of his own.

His thoughts can seem sporadic and whimsical, dramatic. His sometimes-ridiculous comments are merely a form of self-amusement. While he may appear distracted a lot, he is actually present and aware, and possesses a distinct analytical acuity. His general self-possession makes it easy for him to deal with change. It is rare to see him showing outward signs of distress.

Hair: Black, straight, and usually disheveled. Covers as far as his ear tips and eyebrows.
Eyes: Foresty green
Skin: A light tan color
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 122 lbs
Build: Thin, hollow-cheeked and bony, but has good physical endurance.
Clothing: Clean but well-worn brown sneakers. Dark, slim-cut jeans. Simple leather belt. Nice button up shirts, untucked, with sleeves that are a bit too long, and are sometimes rolled to just below his elbows.
Others: Various scars on his back, forearms, and flanks. Military barcode.

Weapon: His personal weapon is a knife -- a double-edged, dark silver blade that has the length of a pen, the average width of a quarter, and tapers to a point. The hilt is a metallic dark blue, t-shaped and thin but fits well in a grasp. He keeps the weapon in its plain leather sheath on his belt. It stays close to his hip, mostly hidden by his shirt. Colin is skilled at handling small blades. He can throw them fair distances with precision and accuracy, but much prefers to get close enough to the target to use them with his hands. This practice also makes him skilled at close-range hand-to-hand combat, but his slight build means he has to depend on speed and proximity.

Powers: Colin can immediately ferment fruit or fruit juices if he chooses, as long as he can look at it, and can turn them into delicious wines. He has subtle mood control powers, which work incredibly well on the weak-willed but can be wholly impotent on someone who might resist. His ability to temporarily alter a person’s mental sanity works in the same way, but is a bit stronger, and he can control it more specifically. He can cause visions, auditory hallucinations, other false sensations, intrusive thoughts, paranoia, and mania. Colin’s targets have no way of knowing when he is using his powers on them, unless they pick it up from his body language somehow, or happen to notice their unnatural mental shifts. Usually it is impossible for them to suspect what’s going on unless they have prior knowledge of his powers. The effects he has on their minds are temporary, and wear off in a matter of minutes if he doesn't maintain them.

Colin’s mother was wealthy, but worked for the government and traveled internationally for a living. This had been her lifestyle before Colin was born, and she never did think about changing it. As far as Colin could guess, he was the bastard child of some unknown man who probably lived in Malta, or somewhere equally foreign. It didn’t much matter to him. He was raised more or less by a string of nannies, who were probably all fine people, but whom he elected to dislike on some unfounded matter of principle. As his relationships with his caretakers became increasingly frustrating, he was enrolled in a disciplinary year-round boarding school, where he realized recalcitrance was futile and gave up.

It was at this point in his life, when he became yielding to a point of apathy, that he first met his godly half. It seemed the act of surrendering his resistance was a step away from the multitudes and into himself. And it was there that he finally found a way to connect to the same world he had just stopped caring about.

He could vaguely recall the day that he discovered he could make people like him. His music teacher disliked the way he slouched in his seat. His music teacher disliked him in general. His music teacher was always on his case for one dumb thing or another, but on that day it was his slouch. “How can you practice solfége if you’re sitting like that?” Colin looked up with a blank stare. The moment their eyes met, Colin found himself entranced by a complete understanding of the mind before him. Then it was as simple as flipping a switch inside. The moment lasted for a fleeting instant. The music teacher broke eye contact with a shrug and said, “Well, I suppose we all have to be comfortable in our bodies to channel true art,” before chuckling and turning away. Colin was motionless, staring vacuously forward, unable to make sense of what had just happened. Perhaps it had only been some strange delusion.

Similar experiences continued after that, but Colin’s manipulations were a subconscious instinct rather than a rational decision; it took a few months of accidentally forcing the weak-willed to agree with him before he could accept that he was the agent of these brief changes in character. Afterwards, he began to experiment. With practice, he gained control and understanding of his power. It no longer manifested unless he intended it. He found that some people he could control easily and instantaneously, while with others he had to focus very hard before he could alter their mind even a little. But the more he practiced, the stronger it became. Colin also found that while his power was always more potent if he could look people in the eye, this was not a necessity. The least it took was being within a certain radius of the target.

Naturally, he used his new skills to influence peers and teachers to his advantage. But as time wore on, he felt a crushing distance growing between himself and those around him. Any friendly interactions were an empty exchange of his own devising. His success in school felt undeserved. No sense of personal reward could be achieved, and Colin began to feel the same in success as he did in failure. The weight of guilt and loneliness clung to him persistently, and only increased as he tried and failed to make friends honestly. When he was 17 years old, he decided he was leaving. He had long stopped going home during holidays because the house he grew up in was empty. But the next weeklong break, he checked out of school with a backpack that held mostly school uniforms and whatever other clothes he had, and never returned.

At first he did not go far, because he was intensely interested in who would search for him, for how long, and at what depth. Specifically, he wanted to know what his mom was going to do. She had many resources at her disposal, and she employed some of them. But the search lost momentum before long, and Colin decided it was time to dissociate from that city completely. He traveled by himself, discovered his fermentation power, and got himself hammered as often as possible until he fell into a military trap.

It was a trap designed to encourage lost demigods to converge. In reality it was a system of rumor-spreading designed by military social psychologists. The rumors said that there was a place where demigods were being helped and trained. Anybody interested in these rumors would have to actively pursue them, and if they were smart enough, would find a trail of information. The military observed people who followed this fake trail, keeping a file on each person until the trail ended. At this point, if the military determined they were demigods, they were captured and sent to camp. At camp, the military tried to train demigods to become state weapons. Most were resistant to having their freedom and autonomy stripped from them, so the camps quickly devolved into attempts to torture the subjects into submission, breaking down the cores of their personalities until they became malleable. Colin’s imprisonment lasted three years. It was during this time that he acquired his weapon, stealing it from the biggest bully of an authority on the same night that his plan to escape finally came into fruition. He’s been traveling alone in the few months since then.

Colin was in a makeshift town, poor and distanced from a central city, scavenging through a pile of trash for something to eat. He might have been able to afford a meal with the coin pouch he'd stolen from a military man earlier, but he had stopped being picky about what he ate long ago, and wanted to use his funds for something that might last. As he was rifling through a bag of something, he sensed a figure walk past, somewhere behind him. He turned and caught a glimpse of her face for just a moment before she lowered her head and turned away from the military men nearby. Colin froze in what he was doing and watched her walk away. She was out of sight now, but the image of her face remained planted in his head. The sheer paleness of her hair and skin, the blueness of her eyes... She had to be a demigod. She had to be like him.

Colin straightened up and stared at the place where she'd turned the corner. Impulsively, his feet began to trace her steps. They moved faster and faster, but soon became slow again, and finally stopped. Colin stood in awkward pause with his head tilted, subconsciously running a finger over the hilt of his blade under his shirt. The slight motion was followed by a quiet sigh. He put his hands in his jean pockets and continued to walk, but slowly now, with hesitant steps.

He turned the corner just in time to see the hooded woman at a distance, entering a small and mostly unused inn. He paused and watched her walk inside, feeling his weight on his heels. Colin once again brushed his hand against the weapon. His shoulders shook with an unexpected shiver then fell limp. But he proceeded forward, though even less assuredly now. This timidness was not the way he remembered himself. He paused in front of the inn door, then pushed it open and stepped inside.

He saw the hooded figure he'd been following sitting with her back turned to him. At the other end of the bar was another man. Both seemed to be keeping to themselves. Colin shuffled warily over to a table. The inn's owner seemed too busy now to notice him, for which he was grateful. Lowering his head somewhere between his shoulders, Colin tried to summon the morale to interact with either of them. In the past, he would have struck up a conversation without much thought. These days, however, he felt wearied somehow – spiritless.

Spirit. Spirits. Maybe that's what they needed. Yes, everyone in this lackluster, beaten-down stinking village could stand to get just absolutely plastered right now, Colin thought. He stood up abruptly and strode toward the bar, standing between the two other patrons, closer to the man. "Excuse me!" he called. "Barkeep! What's the house wine?" He turned to the athletic-looking man next to him, finally prepared to strike up a conversation. But as he opened his mouth to speak, the man's appearance gave him pause. There was... just something about his visage. Might he also be a demigod? The possibility shook Colin's forced, fragile confidence, and his words came out a little jarred. "Wh-what are you having today, good sir of sirs?" He gave an awkward cough and glanced at the woman at his other side.

He still hadn't been able to get a good view of her face. She had kept her hood up, and was understandably cautious. Everybody these days had something broken in them. No one was trusting, and no one had reason to be. "And you!" Colin called out to her. "If I could be so bold, might I persuade you to join us?"

As he tried to engage the two, the barkeep came over to him. "You asked about the wine, sir?" he said.

"Indeed," Colin answered, flashing a slightly crooked smile. A hint of mischief played in his eyes. "I'm light of coin, so bring me your cheapest." Colin knew he'd be able to make it taste decent enough, even if the base ingredients were of the lowest grade.

The barkeep nodded and set about readying the order. Colin glanced between the two other patrons, feeling the mood of the air. The people here were withdrawn, that much was clear. As Colin breathed out, he opened his mind to the anxious atmosphere of the town, and sought to produce a sense of relaxation in those around him.

When Colin was younger, the shift in mood he could create in a room was strong enough to seem palpable. But now it had been years since he'd tried to influence anybody in this way. Colin knew he was weak. He felt the link between all their minds, but this part was always effortless. Cautiously he moved the process forward, intending to let tranquility seep into every person's thoughts.

Without warning or apparent cause, Colin let out a yelp and ducked his head and shoulders. He froze for just a moment, then straightened up and reclaimed his casual posture. Turning an apprehensive eye towards the company around him, he took stock of who had noticed. He'd just recoiled from their minds abruptly, sloppily, detectably... Perhaps they would think of nothing of it. Most didn't suspect anything unless they knew what to look for.

Colin cleared his throat and looked again at the man next to him. "Sorry about that outburst, old sport," he said with an unconcerned shrug. "Startled myself." He glanced down and saw the man was drinking nothing but water. "Can I buy you a drink? And–" he raised his voice and looked in Colby's direction, "–perhaps another for the missus as well?"

Edited April 21st, 2018 by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

Hiya! Kevin told me about how you guys were starting up another story about your Demi gods and suggested I join in so I can practice my writing abilities. It's funny that it's starting up again because I can remember when this website was going strong and how I always wanted to join it, but I was pretty young! Hopefully everything's good for my character, it's sorta the first time I've done something like this!

Name: Vaerith Valentine
Age: 22
Race: Demi-God
Military Ranking: None.
Affiliation: True Neutral

Personality: A prankster and quite childish, it appears as if he never quite got out of his childish phase. He prefers to only help those that can benefit him, knowing that if he tried to save any random person, it could get him noticed by the military. He puts on a serious demeanor when confronted by potential bosses or the military. He prefers to keep quiet about most of his earlier days, mostly because of what happened to his mother and so he doesn't get distracted by them. He's a neat freak when it comes to his personal hygiene and clothing, as he remembers how it felt to be looked down upon when you were dirty and had nothing, it's why his clothes always look brand new.

Hair: Black messy hair that ends just above his ears.
Eyes: Violet
Complexion: Light Tan

Height: 6'0
Weight: 165 lbs
Build: Lithe with some muscle tone.
Clothing: A rather new black hoodie with dark purple strings. Beneath the hoodie he likes to wear a black compression shirt. Black sweatpants that go along with the black hoodie (also with dark purple strings.) Wears black athletic shoes that seem pretty worn out. A black greek mask that he likes to put on sometimes.

Others: Has scars all over his body, but most noticeably on his back where it looks like he has been continually beat from behind. He has a deep scar over his eye on the right side of his face.

Weapons: A single Odachi (longer katana) that is as black as the night sky, he looks at this weapon as a gift from his father. Vaerith is a quite skilled swordsman, priding himself on his ability to think on the spot and just be overall hard to read. He has been able to create a way to utilize his shadow abilities by using his blade to paralyze the people he's fighting.

Abilities/Powers: Shadow.
Vaerith controls shadows/darkness. He's able to travel through the shadow's of other things. He's also able to take the shadows from people and create clones that are weaker versions of their true body. Able to immobilize people by using their own shadows against them. Uses his sword to immobilize people also.

DEMI-GOD OF: Erebus the Greek God of Darkness

Character History:

Vaerith has experienced nothing but hardships in his life. Born to a prostitute who couldn't supply for him and always blamed him for the disappearance of his father, Vaerith was forced to steal to survive. At first he was awful at it, and would be whipped and beaten for trying to steal. But through the pain and suffering of it all he began to become quite an expert on hiding in the shadows and sneaking around. He always knew who to steal from and who not to steal from. The military was definitely not the place to steal from, and for some reason they always had eyes on Vaerith, but he always somehow stayed one step ahead of them, that is until he had accidentally tried to steal food from a soldier within the military.

It began as a quick and easy "mission." Vaerith would create a distraction so the people within the house would leave to inspect, and he would sneak in and take a loaf of bread. Unfortunately Vaerith was a bit too eager and didn't wait long enough, and bumped right into a soldier exiting the house. The soldier decided to showcase his power to not only stroke his ego, but to also show the people of this small town who had the true power. He began to strike at Vaerith with a sharp knife that the soldier had in his hand. He began to try and strike Vaerith, but Vaerith was too quick for him. This caused the soldier to grow frustrated and he punched Vaerith in the face, and decided to leave Vaerith with a single memento so that Vaerith would always remember not to mess with the military. The soldier threw him to the ground, climbed on top of him and carved a scar over Vaerith's right eye. The soldier left Vaerith to continue screaming, but a doctor luckily brought him in and was able to save his eye, but it still left that nasty scar upon his face.

Growing up had its issues, but one that was extremely tough on Vaerith was the other children. Because he was never clean and smelt like dirt, they would always bully him and beat him into submission. This forced Vaerith to begin working out in order to defend himself. Using his special talents in stealth, Vaerith began to sneak into gyms and use their utilities. But on his way back "home" one day, he discovered a shop he had never seen before, within contained old books about all the different mythologies. Vaerith was always intrigued by the mythologies, especially the stories about those that were strong. He had never learned how to read, but yet for some reason he was able to understand certain books, particularly those referring to the Greek mythologies. He begin to become inspired by the heroics of these mythological legends that he decided to he would begin to train himself how to wield a sword. Knowing a normal sword would be too heavy for his child body, he decided to create his own crude wooden sword. He immediately began to start training with it. Knowing that he had no one to teach him proper swordsmanship, he began to create his own fighting style. The fighting style of unpredictability.

After several years of practicing his swordsmanship and utilizing his amazing stealth to survive, he was confronted by a middle aged man who had come to kill him for Vaerith's mother. Apparently this had been one of his mothers' regulars, and decided to gain her favor by ridding her of her "nuisance." The man was in a drunken fit, so it was rather easy for Vaerith to incapacitate him so that he would cause no more trouble. Vaerith decided to check on his mother and found out she had finally snapped. She lunged at Vaerith and began to strangle him. It would have been rather easy for Vaerith to fling the weak woman off of him, but he was completely afraid of the look within her eyes that he was essentially paralyzed. As Vaerith fainted from suffocation he heard a voice speak to him. A voice he had never heard before, yet made him feel comfortable and safe, something he had never felt before. Within his mind was nothing but darkness, a thing that he had become to know as his true home. The voice began to speak to him about the truth. Who his father was, why he had to leave, why Vaerith had such an affinity with the darkness etc. The voice had finally told him that he needed to defend himself, and to do that Vaerith would have to use the magic he gained from his father, with that Vaerith awoke. But as he began to wake up he began to see the scene that unfolded in front of him. The once clean brown room was now completely red with liquid. His mother's body impaled to the wall by what looked to by shards made of darkness. This scene nearly made Vaerith snap with insanity. He had never had a relationship with his mother, but seeing her like this still made him nauseous. Vaerith knew he would have to leave his hometown now.

Vaerith took up drinking and smoking after the incident with his mother. Most places wouldn't serve him alcohol, but he'd take it anyways, deeming it necessary to his survival. He began to become a mercenary for hire, going to the highest bidder to do whatever they asked of him. During one such job he discovered what looked to be a sword made out of a black material that was as dark as the night sky itself. He took it and began to realize it was practically made for him.

Over his time selling to the highest bidder he saw the cruelty of the military, and how they were trying to use all Demi gods in the world as weapons. Seeing all this Vaerith knew that sooner or later the military would come after him, especially if he makes it big. He decided to stop his mercenary days and find a way to either stay hidden from the military or even eliminate them.


Vaerith had finally made it to civilization. He had lost his map a couple days prior and was horrible at directions, but it seemed like the gods were looking down on him today. Vaerith slowly moved his way closer to the city, trying to be stealthy but his stomach refused him. "Food..." he half muttered, half prayed as his stomach began to growl. He decided to hurry it up a bit just so he could shut his stomach up. As he finally made it to the outskirts of town he saw several lines of soldiers showcasing their power of the common folk, "Can't fight them on an empty stomach." He continued on at a quicker pace and out of the corner of his eye he noticed two figures enter a shoddy inn. "The more people the merrier I suppose. More distractions to the barkeep."

Vaerith decided to follow the two into the inn but stopped at the door and listened for a while, seeing how many were actually in there. "Two male voices and a female, so the two I saw and the barkeep most likely" Vaerith began to think only to hear one of the voices refer to yet another person, "doubt he'd buy a drink for the barkeep, so there must be another person in there." Vaerith began to walk away, knowing he could find another place with much better food and more people, but he abruptly stopped and subconsciously grabbed at his stomach as it screamed at him. "Fine, fine...Guess I'm eating here."

Vaerith tried to quietly open the door, but it squeaked as it opened. "Shit" he thought to himself. As he walked in he was able to see that his assumptions were true. The two he had seen walk in were now joined by another sitting off in the corner. He coughed to notify the barkeep of his presence and politely asked, "Cheapest food and alcohol you have please." The barkeep had looked over from him addressing the order of the other man and nodded his head. As the barkeep was distracted Vaerith utilized his magic to create a clone of the man and made it get him the strongest alcohol the inn had.

Vaerith began to rummage through his pockets, grabbed a cigarette and lit it as he went and sat at the bar. "What are a couple of strong, well clothed people hiding out here for?" he said out loud so the other three could hear his question, which wasn't hard because only one was trying to speak.

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Feeling the slight cold draft that would waft in with every presence that entered the little inn, Colby shut her eyes and took a deep breath. She could tell by each other their footsteps just how tall and heavy each individual was, one of her perks from being the highest trained military Demi-God when she was captured. Back in those days, the light at the end of the tunnel was constantly dripping with the red highlight of freshly spilled blood. Taking another sip of her drink, Colby gently placed it down on the bar and rolled her eyes at the completely lurid being that came in second to her a little while after the meeker being did. They did not seem as though they were going to cause her any trouble, at least the first body that walked in did not, the second one on the other hand. Hearing to man call out that the next round of drinks was on him, Colby did not objectify to this offer, a free beverage is a free beverage especially when trying to survive the world now a day. Smirking from underneath her hood she gently slid her glass down towards Colin, the glass being ice cold and completely frozen. When she did do however, her cloak just lifted off her wrist to show a glimpse of her military barcode.

Each soldier in the military has a bar code to keep soldiers in line and keep up with their health and diet along with gives them their orders where they scan it under a machine and what they are ordered to do for that day shows up. However, Demi-Gods who have been under the military care usually have a few odd looking marks in a off looking barcode specifically to be used on Demi-Gods to keep their powers in check. Being one of the Military’s well trained dogs, Colby has the newer high fashion barcode. She was their best assassin and her code name was , known throughout the land with the known actions of Demi-God slaughterer. Though never actually killing one of her brethren before, she would have the duty to kill outsiders that darned threatened the authority of the military, she had to do this in order to survive. Being lost in thought, Colby did not notice at first the third body that entered the inn until he spoke up addressing all three of them, at least she was guessing.

Still keeping her hood down Colby chuckled before smirking again. “Says the person with brand new looking clothes.” She teased before waving the barkeep over and ordering a loaf of his freshest bread, which because of the shape of the inn, was not that fresh. Once she had the bread placed in front of me she signed and gently slid off her hood revealing her pure white hair and ice blue eyes. The barkeep could not help but stare with his mouth open for a few before Colby gave him the death glare. Her signature white hair and ice cold eyes are what usually left impressions. These distinct features have caused a lot of enemies around the Demi-God and Civilian community always tying her back t her ruthless survival days.

Finally deciding to see exactly who they people look like, Colby swung around in her chair so she could face the guys instead of having her back turned. She was holding her bread and ripped a chunk out of it before speaking with a raised brow. “That is a good question though, did not think this bar could bring in so much life in such an unexpected way… joy” Colby mumbled under her breath.

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Vrynn looked to the first man who had stepped in after Vrynn had sat down. The man seemed to be full of confidence. He also seemed to be extremely nice based on the offer he had made to buy Vrynn a drink. No one had ever done that before so he must accept. Vrynn looked up towards the man and replied.
" Um... whatever you are having is fine I guess. "
He answered this way because he simply had never had the opportunity to drink anything other than water, as that is all that was present in his old forest home.

When the second man entered he gave a quick glance and looked at his odd looking attire. It made Vrynn quite intrigued, especially when Vrynn noticed the individual utilizing the powers to create a clone of the barkeep. When the man asked his question, Vrynn looked down at his clothes in a confused manner, then to his arms questioning the man's comments on them being strong.

When the woman's hood dropped, Vrynn stood there in amazement. She was extremely different to the few women he had seen around this town, and until he arrived here, he had never seen a woman. Again, he was intrigued. He focused on the woman. That is until he smelt something burning and looked back to see the second man with a fire stick in his mouth. Vrynn quickly reacted by throwing his water at the man's face, putting the fire out. He then sat back down proudly as he just saved the man from burning his face.

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Colin proffered his coin pouch to pay for his drink as well as Colby's and Vrynn's. There wasn't going to be much of it left afterwards, but that was fine. He hadn't worked hard to come by the cash, and was sure he could thieve more in due time. As he did so, a fourth character walked into the tavern. Colin looked up, eyeing the newcomer up and down. He merely raised an eyebrow when a clone of the barkeep appeared to steal the stranger something stronger to drink. Colin had never been in the business of policing others, what with his own morality being so whimsical. It appeared some demigods in this area were less intent on hiding their powers than others. This area must be a place of convergence for runaway demigods, Colin noted. It made sense. It wasn't far from a military camp, and travelers in the area were more or less forced towards these towns if they wanted any kind of supplies or food to brave the frosty landscape.

The newcomer didn't seem to need Colin's help to enter the conversation, and his food and drink were already on the way, so Colin just smiled a greeting at him. The barkeep returned, carrying the round of drinks that had been ordered. Colin accepted his wine graciously, smiling slightly to himself as he sniffed it. He looked over to Vrynn, who was being handed a glass of the same wine. As soon as the barkeep turned toward Colby, Colin took a step toward Vrynn, close enough to be within arm's reach. "Hold on a moment before you give that a try," Colin said to Vrynn, without offering an explanation. He looked at Vrynn's glass, and took a moment of concentration to perfect what flavors were present. Since the base ingredients weren't high-grade, he could only do so much to improve the taste, but it would be a fine wine nonetheless. To an observer, it looked like he had just glanced at the wine glass for a moment, then looked up and Vrynn and smiled. "There you go," Colin said. "Enjoy." He turned his posture so he could see everybody better.

"Looks like we're a proper rag-tag little crew," Colin said to the group. He gestured to himself. "The name's Colin. Who are you all? What brings you here?"

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As the barkeep was handling the other peoples food and drink, his shadow version was able to avoid it's owners' attention, successfully handing Vaerith the stronger drink. With that Vaerith chugged the weak alcohol and put it back with the other tankards. Vaerith quitely chuckled to himself as he thought how the barkeep was too worried about the others to pay attention to him.

He spun around with the stronger drink, intent on getting a better look at the 3 suspicious people in the room. "Says the one with brand new looking clothing" he heard from the more feminine voice in the room. "Touche, I like to keep up appearances, makes me look more certified to do the work I do."

As he turned he realized what she was. All he could do was whistle as he realized his luck was running out. "She must have noticed the 2nd barkeep... Shit." As he tried to stay calm and focused, the man with brown hair began to give him looks, and suddenly threw his cup of water at Vaerith. Vaerith tried to dodge the attack, but he wasn't expecting it and got hit in the face by it, ruining the rest of the cigarette.

Vaerith was shocked to say the least, he's never seen anyone do something like that. Especially when the man sat back down with some triumphant smile, as if he was daring Vaerith to retaliate. As he stared incredulously at the man who threw water at him the black haired man handed a drink to said man. The brown haired man said something, but Vaerith wasn't sure as he was still dumbstruck and slightly upset as he wasted a cigarette.

He was finally broken out of his trance as the brown haired man asked who each of them were, and why they were here. Vaerith didn't usually care about introducing himself, but these 3 were rather strange. He was planning on lying to them or even ignoring the question, but this man seemed... different. His words made Vaerith want to tell him. "The name's Vaerith Valentine, at your service" Vaerith began, "as to why I'm here... I just needed some supplies." With that Vaerith got up and walked over to the others. "And you, my lady?" Vaerith bowed clumsily to the white haired woman. Vaerith had seen how the more... noble bosses that hired him acted to women. He had never practiced it, but in this instance he tried to copy them. It didn't work nearly as well as he thought it did. He wasn't going to ask water boy his name, but figured he would. "And yours?" Vaerith asked with an eyebrow raised.

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Colby watched the actions of each man play out before her. She could not help but raise a brow at how strange each one of them acted. When Vrynn went and splashed Vaerith with water because of his cigarette she could not help but let out a laugh before covering her mouth and looking away. Colby snickered with a smirk before hearing Colin speak about the group together. “More like misfits if you ask me.” She mumbled before letting out an icy sigh. Facing Colin she smirked bring her glass of water up to her lips making the rim turn to ice without realizing it. “Colby.” She said with a semi-polite smile. She was not one for giving out her name for around here and closer to the Military faction her name was well known as the white wolf, the demi-god assassin that rebelled against the military.

She then turned to Vaerith and nodded guessing he heard her introduce himself. “Looks like you may need new new clothes now.” She smirked eyeing his wet clothing up and down. “I’m here more on personal business then anything, nothing exciting to talk about. Saw this old inn and thought I would give it a try, did not think there would be a Demi-God gathering though.” She made sure when she said those words they were low enough for the guys to hear but not the inn keep who was in the back polishing his glasses. She went to speak again but then quickly stopped and eyed the door. “So much for that…” she grumbled before getting up from her chair slowly. She flicked her head towards the door for the others to pay attention to what she was hearing. Several guards had surrounded the inn ready to bust down the door in a swat team formation. As her boots touched the ground she inn keeper came out with a solemn face before letting out a worried sigh. “I’m so sorry… you all seem like fine young people, but the rules are ore strict around here now… Any sighting or mention of Demi-Gods is prohibited and must be reported immediately or else said person with information and their family will be severely punished… I have a wife and chil-“ Colby swung around and grabbed the keeper by his shirt slamming him up against the bar, as she spoke a cold cloud could be seen as the room started to lower in temperature.

“I don’t care if you had a husband and a cat, I was starting to give people like you the benefit of the doubt but I guess once the military touches your small pea sized brain, you people can never think for yourselves again.” She pushed him backwards having him hit the several bottles of alcohol smashing them to the floor before facing the door. “I hope you all know how to fight, if not I suggest you don’t get in the way.” Her eyes flashed for a second almost glossed over with ice themselves before she gently ran her hand over her right wrist, the tattoo on it glowing a bright white. Above her the silhouette of a Scythe a little bigger the Colby herself appeared before slowing falling in front of her. When she grabbed it with her hand the light surrounding the scythe shatter like ice falling to the ground revealing a black handled solid ice bladed scythe that glistened in the small inns light. Twirling it around she got into a stance ready for the door to be blasted down at any moment. She looked around the room laying eyes on Colin before what she was waiting for happened. The military faction shattered the door into pieces before throwing several gas grenades into the small dining area.

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Vrynn sipped on the wine before chugging the rest of it once he realized how wonderful the taste was. He then looked to the kind man.

" Thank you "

He turned to get a view of everyone in the room. " My name is Vrynn, it is wonderful to meet you all. I am here for no other reason than to find purpose in life. "

When the other man began talking Vrynn closely watched him as he neared the woman. He did not quite understand the posture that this man known as Vaerith Valentine was taking. However, maybe it was something city dwellers do. So, he went to stand up and copy what Vaerith had done, but at that moment, the woman stood up and confronted the bar owner. Apparently he ratted everyone else out... It had been so nice coming in here and relaxing... It was now ruined.

When the gas grenades came crashing in through the doors, Vrynn reacted as quickly as he could and without moving an inch to give away who did it, vines burst through the floor completely covering the gas so that no one was harmed by the gas produced by these grenades.

" I do believe we should get out of here, anything we do will only further damage these innocent lives and their establishments. I do not want anyone's blood on my hands. Fighting will only lead to a far worse outcome in this situation. Maybe it is best we leave prior to matters getting any worse. "

Vrynn then stood up and waited for these new individuals to leave with him. He was not so much worried for Vaerith and Colin to follow him, as they did not seem like the fighting type based on their attire. But the woman looked ready to scrap, and he was worried she would choose this path.

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I wanted to post my app and my reply in two different posts so it wouldn't be SUPER long if that's okay??? (Which I hope so because I'm doing it anyway lmao) ((Also sorry if it got kinda long LOL))

Name: Fleurette Dr?cule?ti
Age: 19
Race: Dhampir
Military Ranking: Humanoid Weapon
Affiliation: Chaotic Evil

In general, Fleurette appears to be human, however, there are many things about her that give her an ethereal, otherworldly appearance. An appearance that would normally be attractive, but becomes intimidating on her. She is tall and slender, perhaps a bit too slender. It’s evident that she’s underfed, and the muscle Fleurette has is desperately trying to stay attached to her bones. All of her features are full: lips, brows, nose. Her mouth has a natural pout, that becomes accented by oversized canines.
Hair: Tight ringlets and coils cascade down her back, stopping at the top of Fleurette’s thighs. Her hair is a deep black and possesses a bright, healthy shine. Tiny decorative braids are placed randomly throughout her hair, accented by small gold pieces. Fleurette tends to keep her hair back in a half up, half down style.
Eyes: Piercing and half-lidded. Her eyes are a light grey color, and there always seems to be a glossiness to them, as if she’s not really there.
Skin: Fleurette’s skin is a medium brown, reminiscent of her mother, however, she seems to have an unnerving “ghostly” appearance from the combination of lack of sunlight and her vampiric blood.
Height: 5 Foot 7 Inches
Clothing: Comfort and complete mobility. The military typically dons her in body suits made of a thick material for protection, but loose enough to not hinder her movements. She is required to wear a large muzzle over her mouth at all times that will injure her if she tries to remove it. Fleurette hasn’t had to make decisions on her outfits for years, so there’s no particular style that she is fond of. However, Fleurette will never be seen without her necklace: a small vial of ashes.

Personality: There was a time when Fleurette was a loving and curious child. She was a lover of music, learning the flute from her father. Fleurette lived to please him. Observant, open, kind, charming; many would agree that she was the exact example of a perfect child of nobility. Her grace might have been able to change the world, or at least one person’s day. But times have changed.

Cold, calculating, apathetic, pensive. Fleurette acts just like a machine, and it’s hard to imagine that she is capable of any kind of emotion. The only traits that she seems to have retained are her kindness and loyalty, however, they are reserved for animals and her caretaker. Physically graceful, all her movements seem purposeful and like a slow dance. She will do anything to get what she wants, even if the actions may seem “sick” to others. The vampiric blood she possesses has always given her a natural affinity to evil that she was able to ignore until the military forced her to join their ranks.

Super-Human Eyesight:
Fleurette is able to see much further and clearer than the average human and is able to see perfectly even in complete darkness.

Super-Human Strength:
She is much stronger than the average human, especially for her size. However, the bit of human blood that she does have makes her a bit weaker than a full-blooded vampire.

Super-Human Scent:
Fleurette is a natural born hunter. She’s able to pick up very particular scents in the air within a half-mile radius.

Super-Human Speed:
This applies to all her movements whether it's swiping her hand or running.

Limited Sunlight:
Fleurette is a dhampir so the sun still greatly affects her. While she is able to walk out in the sun, her skin must be completely covered or her skin will begin to burn. Because of this, Fleurette typically avoids the sun altogether.

Her vampiric blood does not grant her immortality. She can be killed just like any other humanoid, however, she is naturally able to live much longer than the average human (an average of 150 years).

Scent of Blood:
Blood is not an essential part of her survival. In fact, her body needs food to survive, however, Fleurette does get the urge to drink blood often. It’s an urge that has been coaxed out of her by the military and acts as a trigger.

Silver will not poison her as it does to full-blooded vampires, however, getting stabbed/shot with silver really, really hurts. It has the potential to immobilize her until it is removed if there is enough.

Fleurette’s weapon of choice is a rapier, mostly for sentimental reasons. Her father taught her the sport of fencing, which they did together quite often. Fleurette is extremely skilled in the weapon, having trained with the sword since the age of four.

Big guns, little guns, fast guns, slow guns. The military was certain to train her with their most practical and common weapons.

*Her most used weapons are her hands. She is more prone to do hand-to-hand combat unless she has been given special permission to have a weapon on hand. They’re still a bit afraid of her going rogue.

Dracula. Dracul. Vlad the Impaler. Names that are very common knowledge. As common as the legend that goes with them. The legend that Vlad the Impaler was a vampire. They had been so good at hiding the secret until Bram Stoker just had to say something…

Fleurette’s father was a descendant of the Dracul clan and a noble back in his home country. Yet he moved away from his home to settle in a new land, however, in a home as impressive as the one back home. He longed to separate himself from human civilization, especially since tensions were beginning to rise. In the supernatural community, the rumors of the impending war on demi-gods were whispered long before the general population of humans knew about it. And they all knew if they were coming for demi-gods, what would stop them from coming for everyone else?

The story of the meeting and marriage of her human mother and vampire father were fuzzy; her father never seemed to want to give her details. Whenever she was mentioned, there was a pained expression that spread across his usually joyful face. Fleurette knew that she died in childbirth, a risk that the couple knew. He only ever told Fleurette, “I love her. And I miss her.”

Despite this, he never made Fleurette feel as if the death of her mother was her fault. Fleurette never wanted for anything. Her father provided her with a loving home, games, books, and anything her little heart could ever desire. They lived on their estate, just the two of them. However, she started to become curious, as children are opt to do, over why they stayed to themselves. What were humans like? Would they like her? And most importantly, were there others out there like her, teetering between the worlds of the living and the undead? These were the only times that he seemed to be at a loss for words: when it came to her mother and how the world would react to Fleurette.

Fleurette had just turned seven years old. Seven years, 3 weeks, 8 days. That dark, rainy day was the day that completely changed her life.

She rarely played outside because of the sun, so whenever it was a dark and cloudy day, Fleurette was overjoyed. Her father, understandably, slept throughout the day, leaving Fleurette awake and restless. As she played in the mud (ignoring how angry her father would be for tracking mud in the house), her ears caught an unfamiliar sound. It sounded like metal. Grinding deep into the dirt and causing the ground to shake beneath her feet. Her little heart began pounding, running inside to wake up her father just as the military trucks were starting to come into sight.

Though she could see the panic in his eyes, his voice was as calm and reassuring as always. He told her to hide, shut her eyes, ignore everything she heard.

They had come so fast. The crash of the front door shook the entire manor. Before she could even react, Fleurette was thrown into the nearest wardrobe. Her father whispered through the cracks, “No matter what you hear, stay here… I love you.”

Time seemed to be an eternity. As her father left the room, there was a silence that seemed to eat her away. There were voices; Fleurette tried hard to listen while trying to hide the sound of her uneven breathing.

”You vile creatures are trespassing. I suggest you leave.”
”Cute. We might let you live blood-sucker, if you just give us that halfing-creature..."

A lump formed in her throat as she could no longer make out the words. Were they talking about her? What did they want from her? Fleurette's body jumped violently as she heard a single gunshot, then another, and another. A vicious fight was happening below her and she had no idea if her father was safe. She wanted to bust from the wardrobe to protect him, but his words kept ringing in her head. Though the sound of a blood-curdling scream caused her to leave her hiding spot.

Rushing down the stairs, the fight had moved outside. Fleurette stopped a few feet from the door, gazing down at the floor. Sunlight. Her eyes slowly lifted to the scene outside. Her father pinned to the ground with a knife in his chest, another sword lifted above him, just above his neck.

Her vision became blurry as her eyes filled with tears. Yet, Fleurette found the strength to run outside as she watched her father ashes scattered into the wind. The burning of her own skin was a thousand miles away from her mind. She needed some piece of him desperately. Perhaps she could bury the ashes and he would grow back. Like a tree. Perhaps he would rise from the ashes like the Phoenix. Another immortal creature. Just like him. The grown men and women around her were invisible to her eyes; the only thing she saw was what remained of her father.

"It's just a child. What good is a kid on the battlefield?"
"They're easier to break when they're young..."

A chill ran up her spine as that venom dripping voice filled her ears. A voice that would come to haunt her for years to come. Her little hands grabbed as much as the ashes as they could before tossing her into one of their many trucks.

It took a long time before they were able to break her down. After the shock had faded, Fleurette began to attack and attempt to bite anyone that got close. While she was still a child, her natural strength mixed with her rage rivaled that of the strongest soldier in the room. Soon, she was constantly chained in a pure white room, even while going through her training, and forced to wear a muzzle like a dog. Her former life and former self was slowly stripped away from her by starvation, isolation, and the constant reminder of death. Fleurette was trained to go into a murderous frenzy just by the sound of a snap and the scent of that iron-rich liquid. As she became older, she was eventually given a caretaker: a caretaker that was the only one to show her a bit of kindness and was (for some reason) not the least bit afraid of her. Yet his kindness came too late.

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Vrynn tried a sip of the wine, then, to Colin's surprise, began to down the whole glass. Colin opened his mouth to say something that might slow him down, but closed it instead, watching with a grin. "To find the purpose of life, huh?" Colin replied nonchalantly after Vrynn introduced himself. "That sound like... well, like quite an undertaking." His attention turned casually from Vrynn as someone else began to introduce themselves.

Colin gave a curt but smiling nod to Vaerith Valentine as the man gave his name, and then just watched, slightly bemused, as he began to court the white-haired woman with an air of theater that Colin himself was used to employ. It was funny – being near these odd people, people a lot like him, was making him feel a bit like he used to. More carefree, more relaxed. He breathed in a soft sigh, weary but somehow contented.

When Colby spoke her name, Colin looked up at her in recognition. He'd heard that name before, though only in rumors. She was more than just a runaway, she was a rebel. Colin remembered catching a glimpse of her barcode moments ago, and subconsciously lifted a finger to his right wrist where, underneath his shirt, his own mark seemed to tingle.

When Colby used the word "demi-god," even in her quiet tone, Colin felt his hair rise in what must have been fear. Although it had been clear what they all were, the word itself had started feeling dangerous to him. Then, as if by providence, as if speaking it out loud really had brought a curse, there was a clamor of boots outside. Colin stood erect, alert. Behind him, the barkeeper began to mutter excuses for himself.

Colby did not hesitate to come down on him. If Colin had been ignoring her little tricks with ice and temperature before, he could no longer. A chill came over the room, stiff and heavy. Colin felt himself breathing frost into his lungs as a snow-white cloud condensed in the room. It was almost surreal. Colin felt detached from himself as Colby slammed the innkeeper against the bar, the sounds of glass shattering distant and fractured. One sound still stood out clearly: the motion of the soldiers outside as they prepared to strike.

Colin was faintly aware of Colby summoning her weapon in a spectacular display. The weapon itself looked elegant in her hands – a manifestation of her anger, sharp and gleaming and ready to strike. He stared at her twirling it into place, eyes vacant, barely seeing. Finally, a hazy thought took place in his mind, telling him to move. He pulled out his own weapon, the small knife at his waist, and took up a fighting stance as if by nature. There was a fraught silence in the moment before the military men would strike. Colin saw Colby look at him in this stillness, and gave her a calm nod. The door shattered with a crescendo of splintering sound.

Someone else was the first to react, and Colin's expression showed surprise as a cascade of vines burst through the floor, covering the grenades. He looked around, not sure who had done it. As Vrynn began speaking though, Colin eyed him questioningly, as if to say, "You did this?" Vrynn was suggesting a retreat. His tone was remarkably even, his words thoughtful and wise.

Colin nodded at him. "No argument from me," he said, flipping the flat of his knife around so it pressed against his forearm, concealing the weapon somewhat. "Back door behind the kitchen," he informed the room. He'd seen it while scrapping the garbage outside. "Go fast!"

One soldier, having gotten over his confusion when the gas grenades hadn't filled the room, had torn off his gas mask and begun to run forward. Colin ran toward him, hoping the others would start evacuating in the other direction. He flipped the knife around so the blade faced out again, and, lunging down to avoid an attack from the man, drew in close. The man was big, but Colin was fast. Seizing the opportunity of being in close quarters, Colin's knife lashed out. The dark silver blade began to glisten with blood as he slashed – first the groin, then, as the man's stance lurched, a deep cut under his ribs.

Colin then pushed forward and up, positioning himself slightly behind the soldier. He dropped an elbow onto the back of the man's neck, putting all his meager weight into the blow. It was enough to send the man staggering forward and down. Colin used the opportunity to disengage – he'd bought the other demigods some time, and more soldiers were starting to flood in. It was time to run.

He jumped over the soldier he'd fell as the man began to struggle, clutching the cut on his torso and cursing. Colin didn't have time to administer a finishing blow, eyes scanning for the other demigods as he leaped out of range, heading toward the back door. Hopefully they could all make it out.

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((For sure, I don't mind! Welcome to the group Fleurette! By the way, even though this literally just started I wanna let you guys know it's already been a blast for me already! It's crazy to think after all these years I'd be RPing on here AND with my older brother's old friends! :) ))

Vaerith gave a deadpanned look at Colby, knowing full well his clothes will look awful for awhile, especially if he didn't stay and dry them for a few days. He sighed heavily looking down at his clothes that were still dripping wet, he was actually pretty impressed with that cup of water, it held a lot.

His brow rose as the white haired maiden introduced herself. "So this is her... This'll be fun." Vaerith had never met her personally, but his time doing mercenary work for the military had allowed him to hear bits and pieces of things he shouldn't have. He was rather intrigued by the group around him. Colby seemed to have many things weighing on her mind, but it did make sense considering who she was. Vrynn was just... strange, almost like he was living under a rock his whole life, and Colin had several things about him that reminded Vaerith of all his old bosses. Vaerith was always a lone wolf, but this group was interesting enough (and possibly powerful enough) that he would stick around and see where this headed.

As he subconciously patted himself to try to dry out his clothes, he thought he heard the crunching of snow. Colby's and Colin's reactions had confirmed his suspicions, but didn't really care. What he did care about was the confrontation between Colby and the barkeep, especially when Colby hit him so hard all the alcohol fell to the ground and broke. He began to whine to himself, "She wasted all of it..." He began to walk over to try and salvage as much as possible but was interrupted by several grenades being thrown into the inn. Vaerith was about to shadowstep out of the way, but Vrynn had already covered them. "That's pretty badass."

Having seen Vrynn's powers at work, he began to notice how cold it was getting. He was used to being cold his whole life, perks of living on the streets. But this was on a whole new level, he would be thanking the gods for the clothes he was wearing, but Vrynn ensured that he'd be freezing. "Achoo!" Vaerith began to sneeze.

He heard Vrynn suggest their retreat, and laughed as his suggestion was the complete opposite of Colby's. He did want to fight them, but in here they were at a disadvantage. They had the barkeep to worry about, and they had no idea how many there were outside. Not to mention they were stuck in a small location whilst the military had all of the outside to hide and attack. The best thing to do was make a break for it and hit one side extremely hard. Not only would this surprise the military, as they weren't used to people doing such things, but it would also allow the four of them to cut the numbers in half, allowing them to deal with the one side while the others vision was blocked by the building itself.

Vaerith had thought this through rather quickly, being used to doing such things when he did his merc work. Seeing Colin fighting several he went to go help, only to hear Colin speak about a backdoor in the kitchen. Vaerith began to run to said door, but stopped. He summoned the shadow of the barkeep, and made it open the door. As it opened the shadow was eradicated from bullets. Vaerith knew it, they had surrounded the entire place. It was a rather simple military strategy he had picked up when he did his work, although it had almost killed him... Vaerith shuddered at that thought and took a step outside.

Almost instantly he was shot at, but he was quick enough to shadowstep to the closest soldier and snap his neck. Vaerith never used his blade unless he needed to. And by that he only used it against other demi gods or mythological creatures. To him it was a sign of respect, and ultimately a sign of disrespect to normal people. He glanced around and spotted several more soldiers in the area. Vaerith simply snapped his fingers and each one of their shadows incapacitated them. He knew more would come to replace the ones he had defeated, but for now he was intent on sitting out to study the others. "Now to see how this goes with the others..." he thought to himself. "Achoo! Oh by the gods..."

Posted April 28th, 2018 by Vaerith

((Yeah she will go next (: and then I will reply and so forth. Vaerith I feel the exact same way. I have been coming to this site since grade school and I graduated college last year May. Its so amazing to know you can come back and the friends you have made are still there))

Posted April 28th, 2018 by Colby:

The roaring of the engine was muffled in her ears; the sounds of speeding tires silenced by the thick snow underneath them. The bodies of all the soldiers surrounding her were thrown around like ragdolls in the back of the truck as the driver sped through the city. Fleurette was the only one who was able to keep their balance. She had been in this scenario a million times before. Aware of the world around her, Fleurette’s mind chose to stay a million miles away. The chains around her arms, legs, and neck clinked together, matching the rhythm of their very bumpy ride. Her jaw ached from the spiked muzzle and Fleurette longed to have it removed, even for just a moment.

As they drove closer, her ears caught the faint sighs of screams and bullets. Familiar sounds that brought a morbid sense of comfort and routine to her. Her stomach began to rumble, running a wet tongue along her full, dry lips. Damn that Pavlov technique.

And then they stopped. Instantly, the back of the truck emptied and a cold burst of wind slapped Fleurette in the face. She was naturally cold, however, this was beyond her natural body temperature. Long fights and nights in unsavory conditions had built up her tolerance to the elements. As the men shivered around her, her body remained still as stone. Now it was time for the routine: negotiate, threaten, attack. However, the tug on her chains indicated that they had skipped a step or two. Were they that in danger?

The men dragged her from the truck violently, clearly immediately after unlocking her chains. Her wrists were rubbed raw from the metal constantly rubbing against her skin day after day. One man gingerly removed her muzzle, Fleurette opening and closing her mouth to stretch it out. Dead eyes scanned the area, looking for anything familiar. However, all of these cities tended to start to look the same.


Her light eyes widened as the sound filled her ears. Her mouth slightly agape, Fleurette seemed to have been placed in a trance. The soldier who had removed her muzzle took a long vial from his pocket, which contained a thick, dark liquid. Removing its top, he placed the vial underneath her nose. The scent of iron filled her nostrils, sending a shiver down her spine. Her eyes darkened as the soldiers quickly made their distance from her. Taking a long sniff of the air, her head instantly turned to the inn.

Well, it seemed as if she wouldn't have to go to them, as one of them had presented himself to her. Flexing her fingers, a loud cracking sound vibrated through the air. Licking her lips once more, Fleurette lunged towards the exposed demi-god, fully intending to give him a large punch in the stomach.

Posted April 28th, 2018 by Fleurette Draculesti

Name: Godrik
Age: 27
Race: Demi-God
Military Ranking: N/A
Affiliation: Neutral Good

Personality: Generally met with a laid back, no fucks given mentality. When provoked or insulted, holds a fury that burns hotter than his father's forge. Very big on trust and holds family mind set above all else.

Hair: Long, black, generally slicked back, down to the base of his neck.
Eyes: Amber
Complexion: Tan

Height: 6'5
Weight: 280
Build: Muscular
Clothing: Godrik wears a black tank top, with tan cargo pants. Coming from his pocket a chain can be seen tied to one of the belt loops. On his feet are black combat boots. He also wears a solid black bandanna across his forehead.

Others: Tattoos: Godrik's entire torso is adorned with tattoos. Most notably, his right arm is depicted with a large silver hammer.

Weapons: Godrick wields a giant maul twice the size of Godrik

Abilities/Powers: Godrik has innate super strength. He also is surrounded by a heat aura that rivals the temperature of his father's forge when he is angry. Super natural ability to jury-rig devices out of scrap metal, such as his trusty motorcycle "Delilah". He also holds the ability to manifest and control fire, though typically would only use it in non-combat scenarios.

DEMI-GOD OF: Hephaestus, Greek god of fire, metal working, stone-masonry, and forges.

Character History: During his days after being cast from Olympus, Hephaestus grew lonely and ended up forging himself a son, Godrik. Godrik was, in Hephaestus' eyes, his greatest creation. He taught his son the importance of hard work and the feeling of gratification in finishing a project. The two were truly happy together and they spent all their days working, playing, and enjoying the only family they had. Due to the immense love of his son, Hephaestus began to fall behind in his work, the demands of the other gods as he found it more enjoyable to take is him and instruct Godrik on the methods he employed. Most gods were understanding but not Hera. She grew tired of waiting and decided to remove Hephaestus' new "distraction". In the night, she snuck into the cave where Hephaestus and Godrik resided and removed the young boy without alarm. She hid the boy away, deep within the Earth with the intent that he would never be found, and it was there that Godrik slumbered for countless ages; until one morning he awoke as the earth around him parted and he saw the sky for the first time in who knew how long. He first looked for his father, but days turned to weeks and weeks to months but there was simply no sign of his beloved father, Hephaestus.

Godrik found himself in a strange barren land, and for the first time in his life he was all alone. He figured his father would find him one day, so he better stay put. It was at that very location, Godrik put his father's lessons into application and created a ramshackle house for himself out of the scrap metal he had discovered in the general area. Towards the end of the construction, he realized materials were running low and he would need to expand on the area he could cover to maintain the necessary supplies so he began work on his most cherished possession, "Delilah" his solar powered motorcycle. It did not take long for wanderers to locate and attempt to take what Godrik had created, and through the several violent encounters surrounding such scenarios; Godrik became quite attuned to the abilities his father seemingly handed down to him.

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DJ is my oldest brother by the way, he had heard me and vaerith speaking about it and wanted to try it out. He forgot to include that in his post.

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Kevin *

((Yeah haha, as Kevin said. I'm his and Vaeriths older brother. I've never participated in anything like this but love both Greek and Norse mythology and have been playing table top RPGs for most of my life. I figured now is as good a time as any to start something new so here I am. Apologies up front for any noob mistakes i make, I'll do my best to follow everyone else's lead and learn quickly. :)

If approved, just let me know where I'd fall in within the turn order and I'll get rollin'!!! Great stuff so far btw, this whole concept is really cool!)))

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((Okay seeing how Godrik just entered he can make one more post about getting to the inn with the others or getting there after the military and Fleurette appear. Then the order will go as such

Godrik again

Anyone have objections??))

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It was about time Godrik made a trip to town, it had been a little over a month since he had visited Ol' Maurice and his inn. Food and drink was running low, so he stepped outside and made his way toward Delilah, his beloved motorcycle. The falling snow was quite the sight, Godrik hadn't much experience with it but always wondered what it would taste like, unfortunately his body emitted a high enough temperature that the flakes would melt before reaching his tongue.

As Godrik trudged through the snow, he diverted from Delilah as he needed to attach his trailer to her so that he could bring back his needed supplies. In short work, the trailer was attached and he was on his way.

It only took him about 10 minutes before he heard a minor explosion in the distance. While the military regularly flexed their muscle in the town, such tactics were slightly out of the norm. He pulled back on the throttle in an attempt to make it in time, in time for what though, he had no idea.

It didn't take long for him to arrive and realize what was going down, Maurice's inn had been surrounded by soldiers and they had engaged at least one individual...nope, two whom held skills enough to make short work of a handful of the soldiers in no time. As he considered simply turning around and staying out of the conflict, a truck in the distance caught his eye. Out the back, a shackled and muzzled individual was being unloaded and freed from their restraints. Before Godrik could begin to process the situation, the dark silhouette dashed forward with hostile intent; its speed like nothing he'd seen before.

"Watch out!" He called, before pulling back on the throttle once again. He closed the gap and whipped around, providing the outsiders opportunity to jump onto his trailer and make an escape.
"Get on! I'll help you get outta here!" Godrik held his position waiting for a reaction from those he meant to rescue.

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Happy Belated Birthday Vaerith!

Sorry for the late reply... this weekend I have been working on my cosplay for Colossal Con coming up at the end of May. I decided to switch and now I have to make a huge prop lol....

I'll reply later on today (:!
Once again so sorry guy!

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No rush, haha! Thanks a ton Colby! Bet your cosplay will look awesome! :)

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That moment when you are typing on a different computer and type your name wrong...

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"If we are being serious right now, the less of them the better!"

Cobly hissed with a cold tongue before turning around and seeing someone head towards the back door. "No not...!" She was stunned for a second as the vines covered the gas allowing her to breathe and see clearly. "That was fascinating... and they want to run." She chuckled before rolling her eyes and whipping the Scythe around hitting the ground making an ice wall between the Demi-Gods and the soldiers in the back. "Hurry to the side!" she yelled making her way around the inn before completely stopping in her feet. 'This noise... I know that sound...' She thought to herself when she heard the truck roll up and the bagging on chains. Her whole body was on fire now, would turn cold but it is already freezing. This feeling that was burning inside of her made her grit her teeth to where she turned to biting her lip just enough to make a small droplet of blood fall to the ground before shattering as it was made it ice mid-way. "They brought a weapon we do not have the energy nor the skills for... especially if I have to babysit!" she yelled.

Colby then jumped up on some old junk and made her way to the roof to check out the battleground. Surveying the area she glared at the weapon who was now getting her muzzle off. "Fleurette..." she hissed under her cold breath. Though she had never met this particular being in person, while she was training she would always her the experimenters bring up her name or compare Colby to her but in a different manner, one that never sat well with the Demi-God. Right as she was about to lunge for an attack she stepped back startled from the noise of the largely loud motorcycle that made it way towards everyone. "Wha...?!" Colby gasped before missing her grip underneath her boot and falling backwards off of the roof landing on the ground with a large thud, her Scythe flying into the air landing infront of the boys as they were running and then melting in the ground. "Ouch..." She said rubbing the back of her head.

Posted May 1st, 2018 by Colby:

Name: Rand “Saul” Solomon
Age: 31
Race: Demi-God
Military Ranking: Captain, Division ACN
Affiliation: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Seemingly the model of professionalism, Rand is a quietly vicious individual who excels at nettling his opponents and superiors alike, largely avoiding responsibility for the fallout. A solid knowledge of tactics and the Monolith’s capabilities make him supremely confident, and he consistently encourages the ACN to commit forces and resort to extreme measures to contain and destroy Demi-gods, though his organization is itself rumored to contain a few, or to secure and monopolize dwindling resources.

Solomon himself does not use the phrase “Demi-god;” for those who exhibit godlike capabilities he and most ACN agents use the term A-C (Anomalous Combatant).

Hair: Bald, polished to a mirror finish
Eyes: Probably brown, but he is never seen without his sunglasses.
Complexion: Nubian

Height: 5’4”
Weight: 148 lbs
Build: Stocky, with broad shoulders; his coat makes him look stockier still.
Clothing: A military trenchcoat reminiscent of USSR commissars, buttoned only slightly past his waist; khaki fatigues and boots. In civilian garb, favors bomber jackets.

Weapons: Saul uses conventional weapons if he has to fight; a simple Beretta M9, a P90 assault rifle and a combat knife modeled after a kukri worn openly, though he usually has at least two others concealed. He knows seven different knife fighting styles, two of which he invented and which is now core curriculum for ACN agents. His knives are edged with orichalcum, a material that inflames the wounds of divine-blooded beings, slowing regeneration. He carries a single clip of orichalcum-tipped bullets but they are exceedingly expensive, and thus he must use them sparingly. Finally, Saul’s high rank in the ACN gives him the most effective defense of all – immunity from prosecution.

Monolith of Industry
As the descendant of a crafter-god, Saul’s body is frail compared to his fellows; however, he rarely fights with it exposed. Saul can conceal himself inside a huge steel colossus with a hexagonal upper body, four upper limbs which can be reconfigured into several attack and defense patterns, and two lower limbs, which can function as surprisingly agile legs or reconfigure themselves into treads. It features large thrusters capable of flight but due to its shape is not maneuverable enough to launch any sort of attack while doing so (except, perhaps, a suicide dive). Saul supernaturally knows where this superweapon is at all times and can summon it to his location, or, if it is already nearby, give it extremely simple instructions which it will carry out to the best of its ability (kill that, crush that, defend this spot, escape, etc.)

The Monolith also contains a medical unit – OSIRIS – which can revive those placed within it without fail. The device does not necessarily restore the victim to fighting or even working shape – damage can be dealt to a subject that may render them vegetative, for instance – but if a brain and heart are intact, the OSIRIS is capable of keeping them at least technically alive.
The Monolith appears to be aware of who is in the cockpit and will not accept commands from anyone but Rand unless Rand authorizes it.

DEMI-GOD OF: Ptah, Egyptian God of Craftsmen
Character History: A talented engineer, operator and marksman, Saul attempted to retire after his first tour of duty as a Green Beret and married his childhood sweetheart, with ambitions of opening a burger restaurant. However, Saul’s relationship with his wife and two daughters became strained as he developed an obsession with an A-C whose name is not clear, but who he refers to as “H1,” and returned to active duty. His knowledge of the existence of H1 was discovered which inevitably shortlisted him for the ACN Division.

Allegedly, in late 2012, H1 whispered six words to a non-anomalous homeless man on a street in Denver, CO; this innocuous conversation was the focal point of a riot literally seconds later that proved to be the deadliest single event on U.S. soil since the end of the Civil War. This was the first of a series of destructive A-C-adjacent incidents that allowed the ACN’s transformation from a black-ops organization to a public law enforcement agency that has merged with or completely supplanted the police in every metropolitan area, subjecting entire districts to martial law without warning or recourse.

There are no records of how developed Saul’s powers were prior to 2012, but as of 2015 the Monolith existed more or less in its current form.

Posted May 2nd, 2018 by Pink Peruvian Flying Bear

So, I decided to take an old character and change her around a little as she didn't get much use for when I originally created her. I'm a little lost on the Military aspect to this RP, so I'd appreciate someone helping me with that. Also, I did my best to read most of the replies, but if someone could give me a quick summery of the events so far, that would help out a lot. Hope my character will be approved!

Name: Prima
Age: 60s (actual age unknown but way older)
Race: Fairy
Military Ranking: (I need help with this part lol)
Affiliation: Neutral Evil

Personality: Don't get her mixed up with a Fairy Godmother, she's wicked for a reason! This sweet old granny figure is anything but. Prima is not like her classic benevolent counterpart who uses her magic for the right reasons - Instead, she is a conniving businesswoman who's only out to use others to benefit herself. She is not above blackmail, and proudly admits she forces others to fall in love all the time. She has no qualms with using her magic to get what she wants, and is spiteful to those who interfere with her plans or business. But Prima is no fool. She uses any and every underhanded trick, some that make her appear more benevolent and kind than she really is, as she can pretend to be gently and kindly, but that's just her manipulation playing to her benefit. Once she's seen for what she really is, she's ruthless, vengeful, and will stop at nothing to remove those who stand in her way. She is cunning and two faced to anyone she needs to be, but her loyalty to the military is unquestionable. These traits and skills make her a very valuable asset. The only thing Prima truly loves is bringing Demi-Gods down while reaching her true desires by any means necessary.

APPEARANCE: Prima has pixie-like wings that sprout from her back and is often seen flying over walking. Her cheeks are rosy red with a hint of pink on her lips. She wears sharp blue framed glasses with a "beauty mark" above her lip on the left side & purple star-shaped earrings.

Hair: Metallic Silver with violet hues - Styled up like a swirl ice cream cone with enchanted "fairy dust" all through out it.
Eyes: Mystic Green
Complexion: Fair

Height: 4'6"
Clothing: To add to her benevolent facade, Prima wears an all glittery blue dress as a Fairy Godmother would wear.

Weapon: Star Wand - A mystic seven inch rod with a star at the base which is the center of all Prima's strength. Without it, she's powerless for the most part. Can be effective with physical damaged when mixed with spellbinding.

Abilities/Powers: Wishes

As a magical being, Prima has many powers or abilities. Her method of teleportation is Smoke-Sparkling, which is channeled by her wand, like her other powers. She posses the power of Projection, which she can use to grant people wishes, or whatever she wants. She also has the power of Electrokinesis, combined with the ability of Spell Casting, Telekinesis, and Animation to give inanimate objects a life of their own. Is also handy in the art of Potion making. Being a sorcererous by nature, Prima has many options.

Character History: Not much is known about Prima's life as she is an ancient fairy and has been to many places in her life time. What is known for sure is her extreme hatred for Demi-Gods which is her main reason for joining the cause against them.

Edited May 2nd, 2018 by Cyrus

((Cyrus!!! Its so good to have you back. Okay so this role play I should have explained a bit more it loosely based off a book series I am in the middle of writing. In my book, the military faction has taken control over this new world after a post apocalyptic war had raged. Basically, everything fell like it would say as in The Last of Us or The Host without a deadly virus or weird aliens invading human bodies.

So how did this war happen? God's and worshippers versus the night of the military and sinister gods. With promise of immense power from the more evil of the gods to this faction all hell broke loose. After the war the wasteland that was a former planet filled with green earth and lakes galore...is now a pile of rubble thanks to the not so nicer goods and theory "promise" to the people who followed and she'd blood for them "military faction who think they are gods"

What they do not know is... Are the gods using them as pawns or not. So the better gods created new life in these demi gods. Hoping they will renew the planet.... Though they haven't told them that is there task nor how to do it.

Hope that helped a bit.

Also basically demi gods in an inn. Inn keeper rated them out. Military faction with weaponized Dhampire Fleurette attacking under military command. Demi gods attempting to escape. Colby fell off the roof. Godrik arriving to the rescue on his lovely motorcycle. Vaerith is holding soldiers by there shadows and snoring thanks to Colbys ice haha. Colin making his way to back door. Vyrnn heading out of the scuffle as well

Posted May 2nd, 2018 by Colby:

((Sorry for the typos. Really sick at the moment lol. ))

Posted May 2nd, 2018 by Colby:

OOC: Unfortunately, I am going to have to back out of this RP, schoolwork is gonna keep me rather busy for the next few weeks. Enjoy.

Posted May 2nd, 2018 by Kevin *
Kevin *

(Thank you - Makes sense! Is my character fit for this RP? And aww, Kev, I just got here. :()

Posted May 2nd, 2018 by Cyrus

((I'm going to pass my turn this go-around (sorry, busy), meaning it's Vaerith's time to shine!))

((Really glad you decided to join us, PPFB and Cyrus!))

((Sad to see you go, Kevin. :( Maybe you can jump back in when the semester ends? Best of luck to you!))

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Ooc: its school work and its gonna be hard to keep up with this many people involved in one thing. I've been having a hard enough time already hahaha. Enjoy :)

Posted May 3rd, 2018 by Kevin *
Kevin *

I'm on a "cross country" field trip at the moment and we're doing a lot of things. So we can keep the story running I'll skip this turn. Sorry guys!

Posted May 4th, 2018 by Vaerith

OOC: So am i replying or are the people who just joined replying before me??

Posted May 8th, 2018 by Fleurette Draculesti

OoC: Ok I'm not sure how many of y'all are still around, and I haven't seen Colby check in for a while, so I'm gonna take a bit of charge here if that's cool.

It's Fleurette's turn to post. PPFB will come next. The posting order is:


When it's your turn, you will have 36 hours to post. If you do not post in that time, your forfeit your turn and will have to wait till the next go-around to post.

The following player's clock will start ticking as soon as the previous player's expires or the previous player posts (whichever comes first).

This way, inactive members will not completely put a stop to our fun.

Does that seem fair?

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Another familiar, delicious scent entered her nose. This wasn’t the normal Demi-God blood that she was so used to feasting on. This was one that she had yet to get her hands on. Sliding her salivating tongue over her dry lips, Fleurette instantly back away from her target. Eyes darting from side to side, locating each enemy and sound.

And then that piercing, awful sound entered her ears. Motorcycles. So loud. So reckless. Standing straight, she watched as the man motioned for them to move towards him. Taking a step forward, she ran towards him. Yet Fleurette completely avoided the man: her target was the trailer. Jumping, she landed with a hard thd onto the metal connection between the motorcycle and trailer, breaking it with unsettling ease. Some of her momentum was taken away, but she still had enough in her to jump onto the top of the man’s trailer.

Fleurette licked her lips once again, quickly starting to become inpatient. The primal hunger within her needed to be fed and fed soon. ”If you all give up now, I’ll make sure it’s painless.” Her voice was monotone, a few cracks here and there revealed that she didn’t speak very often. The sound of her voice was foreign even to her.

Posted May 10th, 2018 by Fleurette Draculesti

(Fleurette, since I have one more turn until I officially bring in Prima, I'd like your ideas, advice, suggestions, etc on how your character and my character's relationship should be? You've established that she was captured and trained to be a weapon of the military while I've established my character to be one of the highest ranking members of said military. Any tips would be greatly appreciated before I actually join in, thanks!)

Posted May 10th, 2018 by Cyrus

OOC: You got Discord so we don't fill up the chat?? (eye emoji)

Posted May 11th, 2018 by Fleurette Draculesti

The dhampir's tiny earpiece flared to life.

"Artillery's here, six 'o clock."

Sol fired as soon as he gave the alarm. He'd worked with Fleurette before and knew her response time; earlier warning would've been not merely unnecessary, but insulting. Sol couldn't have asked for more perfect bait.

Sol's MONOLITH sat atop a pine-covered bluff, painted evergreen-green save for the howitzer barrel that glinted in the sunlight, configured with treads and a low profile, its extra limbs folded in front to support the weight of the hulking coilgun. The MONOLITH was quite versatile, but in this configuration it was good for only one thing: delivering the Wrath of Man upon one single, solitary, deeply unfortunate god-whelp.

The coilgun's launch was silent. The impact was not. Somewhere between the dhampir and the A-C's motorbike fragmented a golden-colored warhead, no propellant needed beyond its incredible muzzle velocity and vicious construction. The A-C on the bike was Nietzche'd for sure.

From inside the cockpit, Sol grinned the Western Wastes' most shit-eating grin and folded his arm behind his head, waiting for the huge-ass hammer to soar out of the dust and plunge into the ground on his long-range display. Velocitas eradico, motherfucker.

Posted May 11th, 2018 by Pink Peruvian Flying Bear

(I am passing this round and will join in my next turn.)

Posted May 11th, 2018 by Cyrus

((I'm a little past my deadline I think, but since I haven't been skipped just yet, I'm gonna squeeze in an update on what Colin's doing if that's alright. :) ))

As Colin disengaged from his melee with the soldiers, he was pleased to see that the other demi-gods were making their way outside. He caught up with Vaerith at the back door just in time to see Vaerith's shadow-person get disintegrated by a volley of bullets. This gave Colin pause, but Vaerith threw himself into the fray, using his shadows to easily snap the necks of soldiers. Colin found himself in awe of the man's power. Following his lead, Colin too ran outside, zigzagging to avoid making himself an easy target.

He was coming in on a soldier, blade poised to strike, when he heard the revving of a motorcycle engine. The driver of the vehicle came right into the fight, clearing a space between the soldiers and the demi-gods. The trailer he was towing threw up a flurry of dirt and snowflakes as it whipped into position, causing soldiers to duck and shield their eyes. "Get on! I'll help you get outta here!" the driver said. Colin blinked in surprise. The driver, with his long black hair, appeared very likely to be a demi-god himself.

Colin hesitated too long to take the stranger's offer. Before he could board the trailer, something was upon the hitch that attached it to the motorcycle. The being moved so quickly, Colin barely registered what was happening. He had no time to respond as the hitch snapped and the being jumped onto the trailer roof.

What had previously been a battlefield now felt eerily still as the being, appearing much like a starved human in spite of the speed and strength Colin had just witnessed, looked down at the demi-gods with piercing grey eyes. ”If you all give up now," she said, "I’ll make sure it’s painless.” Hearing the rawness of her voice, seeing the glossiness of her eyes, Colin felt a pang of something unexpected: sympathy. This person must be a tool, the same type Colin might have been turned into if fortune hadn't allowed his escape.

He didn't have a chance to respond to her offer of a painless death before he noticed something on the horizon: a projectile of some sort hurtling toward them. When it struck its target, the force of the impact rippled outward and hurled Colin off his feet. He splayed across the ground, gasping for breath as he tried to sit up. His knife had clattered across the frozen ground a few yards away.

Trying to maintain any mental clarity at all through the sharp ringing that had started in his head, Colin lifted a hand toward the enemy he could most clearly see, whose presence seemed to draw his instinctive attention: the dhampir. "They're after you," he whispered. He spoke too quietly to have been heard by a human at this range, but didn't know the dhampir had enhanced senses. He was trying to use his powers of madness. He wasn't sure if they would work on this individual – he was never really sure. But it was what he knew.

"They're after you," he repeated, "These soldiers – devils. They're coming for you."

Posted May 15th, 2018 by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

(It's been a literal week, let's skip Colby)

Posted May 22nd, 2018 by Pink Peruvian Flying Bear

((I skipped Colby when I posted.))

Posted May 22nd, 2018 by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

(oh you right...uhhhh...we skip vaerith? *sigh*)

Posted May 23rd, 2018 by Pink Peruvian Flying Bear

((I think those of us still here are me, PPFB, Fleurette (?), and Cyrus (?). The posting order can go Ceta, Fleurette, PPFB, Cyrus. Anyone who wants back in can just let us know! Newcomers also welcome.))

Posted May 23rd, 2018 by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8
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