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Posted: Posted September 13th by -Riku-
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Did ya miss me?

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Posted September 13th by Louis De Pointe du Lac
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Hello there.

Posted September 13th by Moonray
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I didn't know y out hat well sorry.

Posted September 13th by tnu
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Posted September 13th by Xhin
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Ditto what tnu said.
OTOH I have been missing Louis de Pointe du Lac!

Posted September 14th by chiarizio
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Hey, -Riku-! It's me Laxan!

How've you been?

Posted September 14th by Alan
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I'm good y'all. Been playing a LOT of skyrim on my laptop (god I love mods). Other than that I'm either sleeping, working, or binge watching stuff. I just caught up with the digimon anime (and my feelings are complicated on that subject, but mostly positive), binged watched Avatar and Korra, and now I'm binge watching stuff on youtube because I don't feel like playing skyrim rn lol. Also I attended my cousin's wedding a couple weeks back and had a lot of fun.

Posted Friday by -Riku-
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Awesome! I'm glad you're doing okay. :)

For me, my game is finally on its way in demo for the world to play (pretty excited!), and you can see a short teaser trailer for it here in case you're interested: https://gtx0.com/read/i-present-the-game-ive-been-working-on-shrines-legacy

Also, Xhin gave Shrine's Legacy it's own forum! SO COOL!

Posted Friday by Laxan
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I did miss you Riku. Glad you're doing well and doing fun things.

Posted Friday by Cetasaurus
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