Highly habitable volumes of space in our galaxy?
Posted: Posted June 23rd, 2019
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Does the Milky Way contain any clusters of stars in which a star with one or more habitable exoplanets, is likely to have two or more such stars within half a lightyear of it?

If yes, then how about three or more such neighbors? (Just to make it a little harder.)

Or if no, then how about within a lightyear instead of half a lightyear? (Just to make it a little easier.)


Due to the high probability that the best available answer is merely an educated guess, rather than sure fact:
About what do you think the probabilities are, and why do you think so?
And/or about how many such clusters do you bet there are, and why would you bet that way?
And/or about how many habitable star-systems do you bet such a cluster would contain, on average and at a maximum, and why would you say that?


Oh, and before I forget: Where do you think the best places to look for such clusters might be?


Thanks for any and all answers!

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I still want to know.
And I still don’t know a better way of funding out, than asking this group!
I guess that means I’m bumping this.

Posted February 25th by chiarizio
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