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Things should be ready for you now.

Remember, when you make a new thread, the post topic needs to match the name of the role. For some reason topics weren't displaying so I have them set to always display in the mafia forum now.

If you have an "orange agent" role but want to keep it hidden to everyone, you have to name it "role1" *inside* the game panel itself so that the topics align right with the mafia data. You can then tell the orange agent who they are inside the role1 thread.

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I've also given you the ability to edit the site news so you can update the mafia announcements easier. It's in your user CP panel, but here's also a link to it:
Lastly, I added a Mafia User CP panel inside your User CP as well (this applies to future hosts as well).

Posted January 26th, 2018 by Xhin
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