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I went and skipped Concord until after I had killed Kellog because I didn't feel like doing that mission right away. I eventually went back to Concord and started the "road to freedom" quest. I've cleared out the raiders in the museum but when I go outside to kill those raiders and the deathclaw, none of them spawn.

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Don't think so. But you should try skipping all of that stuff and going to goodneighbor and I think the memory den instead. I'm pretty sure something different happens if you do that.

Edited August 27th by KnokkelMillennium

Oh I'm getting ready to build the molecular relay. It's just I'm trying to get all companion perks

Posted August 27th by -Riku-

Download rain of brass petals mod.

Posted August 28th by Brandy

That's not available for ps4 and it doesn't help me situation.

Posted August 31st by -Riku-
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