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Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
Posted: Posted February 13th
Edited February 15th by Ruby teh Lizard
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::Ruby passes out little valentine heart candies to everyone::

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7th Valentines day alone....


Posted February 13th by S.O.H.
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Happy Valentine's Day. Here's some poetry:

Roses are red,

violets are blue,

flowers wither,

just like you

Posted February 13th by Post-Wall Olga
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Posted February 13th by Ruby teh Lizard
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Posted February 13th by Laxan
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Posted February 13th by Xhin
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Violets are blue
Roses are red
Daisies are yellow
The flowers are dead

Posted February 14th by Brandy
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Edited February 14th by Ruby teh Lizard
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When I worked at Walgreens Valentine's day was always a mad scramble for last minute gifts.

I once had a male customer get angry because we had no decent chocolates or cards left in stock.

"This is all you have in stock??? Really???? WHAT ABOUT THE BACK? CAN YOU CHECK THE BACK?"

The Audacity.

Edited February 14th by S.o.h.
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