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Happy decade, GTX0
Posted: Posted September 25th by Xhin
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GTX0 turned ten years old today. Kind of amazing when you think about it.

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Time for me to get a new tagline.

Annoying Xhin since 2009

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Been here since the beginning I think.

Posted September 25th by chiefsonny
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16 years with GameTalk!

Thanks for keeping GameTalk alive, Xhin.

Posted September 25th by Vandy
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Posted here like once in 2009, a bit in 2013. Then mostly since 2016. It's been nearly 16 years since I started at the original GT. My my...

Posted September 25th by Fox Forever
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Posted September 25th by LLight
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We've come a long way.

Posted September 25th by S o.h
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S o.h

From what years was the original Gametalk website up and running? 1997 until 2008?

Edited September 25th by Welsh_Gamer
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The original GT started technically in 1995, though it wasn't called GameTalk until 1999, hence the copyright at the bottom of the page. (I could be wrong about that though.)

Posted September 25th by Black Yoshi
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Joined 2004. Wow, it's been a long time!

Posted September 26th by mariomguy
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I don't even remember what year I started visiting GameTalk.

Based on the fact that I came looking for Digimon World help, but before Star Wars Attack of the Clones came out, I would say it would have to be either late 2001 or early 2002.

Annoying Xhin since 2009

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