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Happy Birthday Xhin
Posted: Posted July 6th by chiefsonny
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Happy 32nd BD young man.

I've always been crazy, but it's kept me from going insane.
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Happy Birthday Xhin. 32 already? Time sure does fly by.

Posted July 6th by Q
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Happy Birthday!

Posted July 6th by Moonray
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Oh wow, our birthdays are only a day apart (mine was on the 5th). Hope you’re having a good one, Xhin!

Posted July 6th by pacman
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Happy birthday Xhin!

Posted July 7th by Count Dooku
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Happy Birthday!!!

::leaves a small piece of cake and some raspberries for Xhin::

Posted July 7th by Emerald the Lizard
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cake cake cake cake

Happy birthday Xhin and Pac Man

Posted July 7th by S.O.H.
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Ya happy birthday. Wonder how I haven't seen him in the past few days though.

Edited July 7th by Grey Echelon
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I have already wished you (Xhin) Happy 100000th Bday on another site we’re both on.
If I use
as vigesimal digits,
you are now 1C years old.
In hexadecimal you’re 20 years old.
In duodecimal you’re 28.
In octal you’re 40.

In base eighteen you’re 1E.
In base fifteen you’re 22.
In base fourteen you’re 24.
In base nine you’re 35.
In base seven you’re 44.
In base six you’re 52.
In base five you’re 112.
In base four you’re 200.

In base three you’re 1012.

Edited July 16th by chiarizio
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Hm, I've been wondering where Xhin is at too. There are two explicit posts that haven't been taken down after being reported.

Regardless, happy birthday Xhin! Hope all is well.

Posted July 8th by Laxan
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Thanks guys! I've been gone for the last few days with pretty much zero Internet. Pleased to have finally reached 200 in base 4, which is pretty close to the 224 in dog-years.

Posted July 9th by Xhin
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