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Halo Combat Evolved Original (Original XBOX) VS MCC (XBOX ONE)
Posted: Posted September 8th
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Recently it has been discussed that the version of Halo CE that is included in Halo MCC on XBOX ONE is graphically inferior and downgraded compared to the Original XBOX version released 19 years ago. The evidence is laid out in this video that was provided by Mariomguy:

Now 2 things: This video was made a over a year ago and Halo MCC has received a ton of updates to both it's graphics and gameplay so I think that some of these issues have been resolved. Though not all as I am about to explain.

So as anyone who has known me for a long time will know, I love Halo. I have played Halo since Halo 1 on the original XBOX. I still have my Original XBOX as well as my original copy of Halo CE making it easily possible for me to compare the 2 games side by side. I started the game up and played some of the first mission - The Pillar of Autumn. I took pictures using my iPhone 11 as I don't have any capture devices for HDMI or Component so I apologize in advance but I think they will be good enough for this thread. However since they are pictures and not video you will not be able to see how the framerates and animations compare to eachother. Also, please excuse the dust as my setup is in my basement and I don't clean it as often as a should.

All of the MCC images are taken from my OG 2013 X1 model.

First off right here you can see that MCC has a huge advantage over the original as it has sharper textures and wide screen support. Everything is also brighter, allowing you to see more details.

Again here you can see sharper textures on everything, especially the guy standing infront of you. The panels under the green light are also much cleaner. HUD items are smaller and moved further out of the field of view.

Again, these images snow more of what im talking about. Brighter, sharper and cleaner.

One of the things that the guy mentioned in the video was that blood seemed washed out. Well as these pictures show, that is not the case here. Maybe it's the case only in the PC version but here you can clearly see the blood is consistent between the 2 pictures.

Now, one thing I can confirm from the video is that MCC does use a different model for captain Keyes. It's subtle and honestly I do kind of like the original Model better, but it's not enough for me to consider it a downgrade. Both models still look like Keyes.

Another thing the video talked about was the lack of bump mapping when not using a flashlight, well thse pictures show that there is infact bumpmapping. Infact you can see the bumpmapping BETTER in the MCC version due to the increase in resolution.

Now lighting, it was said that the lighting is broken. I dont see that. It does work slightly different as seen here in this picture where the flashlight reaches all the way to the back wall in the original Halo but doesn't in MCC. However, when I stepped closer it did light up the wall. But the lighting is not broken and again you can see that the blood on the ground is consistent between the versions.

I didn't get a picture of the shield effects that the video discussed as I felt a pciture wouldnt really convey the differences but I can confirm the shader-generic thing is in this version and I will agree that this is a DOWNGRADE compared to the original and it doesn't look as good. You can also see in all the pictures that there are changes in the Shield and Health icons in the top right. Not a downgrade per say but it is a change and fans of the original may not like that.

I feel the positives out way any negatives. While I loved popping in my OG Halo CE into my OG XBOX for a quick romp through the pillar of autumn I noticed now things have been improved and changed, almost all for the better:

Obviously higher framerate and resolution as well as sharper and cleaner textures. Everything just PLAYS better. The audio is also fuller and easier to hear. It just sounds richer, even with the classic audio enabled. Also in Halo MCC you can change the controls by pausing the game, in the original you had to quit out of the campaign to make changes. 1 negative change in the MCC that I noticed is that even with the Default control scheme selected, the Melee button was different between the version with B being melee in the original and right bumper being melee in MCC.

Here is a good video from Digital Foundry that goes over all the versions of Halo and which one is the best. Spoiler - its the XBOX ONE MCC version.

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