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Anything that goes on in your life can go here.
WARNING: Mature content possible. Proceed with caution.

By my self.

Will update post later.

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Oh hai Denny!

But anyway, happy birthday!!

Posted October 3rd by Jahoy Hoy

Happy birthday SOH. I hope you have the best pancakes and bacon available at an establishment of the caliber of Denny's.

Edited October 3rd by Vandy

You gonna eat your free birthday Grand Slam?

Sounds good to me. Try finding other places you can get some sweet birthday deals.

Posted October 3rd by Agis

Happy birthday young man. Hope you enjoy your day and your meal at one of my favorite places to go for Breakfast.

Posted October 3rd by chiefsonny

Happy birthday, SOH!

Posted October 3rd by poptart!

Fuckin' feliz cumpleaños, SOH!

Posted October 3rd by Fox Forever

happy birthday SOH :)

Posted October 3rd by Ophelia

Thank you guys.

Im on the road for work until tomorrow. My workshop finished an hour and a half earlier than expected, giving me time to go onto the next site. I have my schedule free for the rest of the day until 5:30pm so the best thing to do is relax for a bit run some errands and fire off some emails.

25 seems to be going great. It was raining this morning. And unlike Roy Mustang I thought it was a fitting day for rain. A new start as I enter the next part of my Quarter century life. A baptism by rain if you will.

ou gonna eat your free birthday Grand Slam?

Yes! they just require an ID. So I will be going there for my lunch.

Sounds good to me. Try finding other places you can get some sweet birthday deals.

Somewhat ahead of you! Most places require that you have their app with an account atleast a month old. So it will be very hit or miss. But as long as I get my Dennys I am fine with that.

I will edit it in my thoughts about life and all that jazz a little later. And Ill touch upon a few of the things Ive been going through for those that I did not email.

Also my new boss texted me happy birthday and that they are extremely happy with me being part of the counseling/ outreach team. Made my day as Ive been feeling like poop lately.

Posted October 3rd by S.O.H.

You should treat yourself to somewhere nice, like a Chuck E. Cheese or Dave and busters

Posted October 3rd by Q

Happy birthday WOH. I thought that your birthday is tomorrow. Mine is in five days and i’m Not gonna be doing anything that day except watching football. Wish I could go to Denny’s and eat their sausage and hash browns. Have a great birthday!

Posted October 3rd by Weid man

Pardon me my birthday is on a Monday so i’ll He doing nothing the entire day and just have to wait till sundown to watch the night football game. I’ll be 29 which makes me a grandpa. I’m too old I wish I was born in 95 like ceta was.

Posted October 3rd by Weid man
Reply to: Guess ill be going to Dennys for my birthday
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