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Gtx0 Terraria: New Players Guide + Useful Commands
Posted: Posted October 17th, 2014
Edited March 15th, 2015 by Count Dooku

This will serve as a basic guide to getting started in Terraria, as well as how to use some special functions on the server to make your life easier.

Character Creation + Joining the Server

Once you've loaded up Terraria, you'll need to make a character. Go to Multiplayer, then Join. Select Create Character.

NOTE: I highly recommend you use a SOFTCORE character.

Once your character has been created, select their name off the list. At this point, you will be asked to enter a Server IP Address, Port Number, and Password.

Boom. You're on the server.

But wait! Your character can't move!

You'll need to create an account before you can play.

Press Enter to open chat.

Then type:


And press enter.

If successful, you will get a message similar to:

Account "YOUR CHARACTER NAME" has been registered. Your password is "YOUR PASSWORD HERE"

Then all you need to do is type:


You should see a message:

Authenticated as "YOUR CHARACTER NAME" successfully.

You can now play on the server!

Getting Started

The Interface

Terraria's user interface fairly simple.

On the top right hand side, you'll see your health and mana. Both slowly replenish over time.

In the upper left hand corner of the screen you'll find your hotbar. The items up here can be easily swapped to using the appropriate number on your keyboard, or by scrolling on your mousepad. Typically you'll keep weapons, health potions, and tools here for easy access.

Your new character starts with three items.

A basic sword in Slot 1. It's pretty bad, and you'll want to try getting a new one ASAP.

A pickaxe in Slot 2. The basic pickaxe can mine a decent number of materials. Select it and point it at a block in the world to mine the block. Once the block is broken, you can pick it up in your inventory and place it somewhere else or use it for crafting.

An Axe in Slot 3. This is for cutting down trees to get wood. Wood is used for most early crafting recipes. Protip: Trees sometimes drop acorns. Replant these acorns to ensure more trees grow so you can continue harvesting wood.

Pressing Escape opens up your larger inventory. Anything you find that isn't in your quickbar will go here. Anything in the trash can slot will be deleted if you drag another item on top of it, so take care!

On the lower left you'll find the crafting interface. More on this below.

The coins slot holds your money, and the ammo slot holds ammo for bows/crossbows/guns/rocket launchers. Pretty straight forward.

On the right side you'll find your character's equipment. This is where you can equip armors, accessories, and dyes. Much of the game is designed around getting better equipment to face the latest challenges.

You'll also notice five colored shields on the right side. These are 'teams'. When you're on a team, you can see the location of everyone else on your team.

If you click the two parallel swords, you'll enter PVP mode. In this mode, you can damage and take damage from other players who are in PVP mode.


Terraria is all about gathering materials and crafting them into useful items/potions/weapons/etc.

To get started, go cut down a tree or two. You'll need at least 10 wood.

Once you've acquired some wood, open your inventory with Escape. On the lower left hand corner of the screen, you should see the crafting interface. It should show you a few crafting options. You can mouse over each object in order to see the details. Use the scroll wheel to go through the list.

Right click the workbench to craft it. You can either place it into the world immediately, or drag it into your inventory to do later. Once you've placed the workbench, you'll notice that new crafting options are available to you as long as you're standing near it.

From here, you can build a basic house. Chop down some trees for wood and place it by selecting the wood from your inventory and clicking in the game world. You can craft a door at the table and place it in the game world (keep in mind, this requires a 1x3 space with blocks above and below. 1 width, 3 height)

You can interact with the door by right clicking it to open. Don't leave it open come night, or the baddies will eat you.

From here, you should begin to gather additional materials (like stone) and low tier metals (copper/tin/silver/gold) for additional crafting options. You'll want to make a furnace to smelt them with (hint: you need torches and stone).

If you're curious as to what an item can be used for, go talk to the guide NPC. He'll show you a list. (More on NPC's below).

If you get stuck going forward, feel free to ask questions below or in the server.


As the game world progresses, we will acquire a variety of NPCs that perform useful functions for us. These include the guide (the first NPC), a merchant, a doctor, and a gunsmith, to name a few. These NPC's require a house to live in before they'll spawn.

Here's a basic house:

You'll note the table, chair, door, background walls, and light source. These are the minimum requirements for a house.

Once a 'house' is available, and certain conditions have been met, an NPC will move in.

At some point, we'll build a town to house all these NPCs. Having them spread across our various bases would be annoying when you need to find something specific.

Death, Dying, And Other Stuff

Note: This section is for SOFTCORE characters. Medium and hardcore characters will result in different outcomes.

When you die in Terraria, you will drop half of the money you are carrying where you die. Another player can pick this up, and if you're lucky they'll return it to you. Or you can hike back to your body and retrieve it yourself.

A good way to avoid losing money is to keep your money in a piggy bank. The piggy bank is sold by the merchant, and offers a SECURE storage location that only you can access. Anything you put here will be safe from other players. You can easily deposit all your money into a piggybank using the 'deposit all' option.

You can also store your gear and items in chests. However, other players can see this gear. Stealing is a possibility.

How do I protect my stuff?

So you've built a base, and you've acquired some armor and storage capacity. But now you need to get off the server and go do boring IRL things. What keeps people from breaking your house, stealing everything, and generally giving you a bad time?

In short: Protected Regions. Each player is allowed a protected region to build a base that ONLY THEY can edit. Any blocks and chests within this region will only be accessible to players who have permission to it. You'll have to ask an Admin to set this up for you though.

Please note: If you want to share a region with a friend, they can be added to it. However, this means they can access ANY chests in your region, and add/delete any blocks! Choose your friends carefully.

Useful Commands

Here are a few useful commands you should remember. They'll make your life a lot easier.

All commands are typed into the server chatbox, which is accessed by pressing ENTER

Enter these commands exactly as typed, including /'s. However, anything encased in [ ] may require something variable.

This first command will teleport you back to spawn. Useful if you're ten miles underground and you've run out of torches or your inventory is full.


And boom, you'll be back at spawn.

We can also set up a warp to your house or some other location on request. We'll be stingy with them though, so don't expect warps to everywhere.

If you know the name of a warp, the command is simple:

/warp [WARP NAME]

For example: /warp Dungeon would warp you to the dungeon.

You can list all the non-hidden warps using:

/warp list

This will show you all public warp points.

Anything Else?

That's it, for the most part. If you're a new player, you probably have more questions than this guide can cover. Either ask someone in game, or post in this thread if no one is online.

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Edited October 18th, 2014 by Jo Nathan

I have one little problem...


All I get is a "game unavailable offline" message. I went to the Terreria Online site and couldn't find a launcher there either.

Posted October 18th, 2014 by Feral Wolf
Feral Wolf
The Rogue Wolf

Our team members so far-

Count Dooku
Feral Wolf
Jo Nathan(Froyton)
Famov (Famork)
Speed Bike Pro

Posted November 8th, 2014 by Feral Wolf
Feral Wolf
The Rogue Wolf
Posted November 11th, 2014 by Feral Wolf
Feral Wolf
The Rogue Wolf
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