GTX0 successfully deep-cleaned
Posted: Posted October 14th, 2018
Edited October 14th, 2018 by Xhin
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This was a pretty big / highly annoying project and took about 8 hours to do, spread out over the past couple weeks.

I went through every single directory and archived every single script the site isn't using. This hasn't been done in about 8 years, so there was a *LOT* to go through.

I'm going to continue to clean all the debris out of the site's core code, which should be a lot easier now that I have a more limited amount of files to work with. Unfortunately, GTX0 is still a lot bigger than it should be:

  • There's 26 new NIFE-like files since August 2nd. These are at least tightly organized and I don't have a problem having hundreds of these, which is one of the eventual end goals.

  • There's 32 admin files. This is *after* I cleaned out a bunch of unused tools. Damn. We're not using all of them, but until I can get some new systems in place it'll have to stay kinda high.

  • 19 mod files. All but one of these are actually useful so it'll stay this way.

  • 10 files for the old adventure and mafia engines. I'd like to move them off into their own folder, along other random files that are just hooks into engines (Looking at you, NIFE).

  • 37 User CP files. There are definitely some things in there that aren't being used, some of which are good ideas and need to be brought back in some capacity.

  • The engines folder is absolutely massive. I'm not even going to look in there. NIFE is in there, and IIRC it currently dwarfs the pre-cleaned site in size.

  • The core of the site itself is 99 files. That's pretty ridiculous. There's a looooooot of boilerplate, cruft, unused exceptions, and so on. Around 2010 I decided to split the site's core files (there were only like 4-5 at the time) into about 15, and each one of those has absolutely exploded in size over the years. The whole thing is hooked into itself like a labyrinth (the minotaur kind, not the bowie kind) and it's going to take a lot of work to clean it without breaking everything.

    None of the work here is visible, and very little of the work moving forward on this cleaning project is going to be visible either (except probably better page loading times), but when this project is done it'll allow for a way more robust set of changes that I haven't been able to do, such as the newpost revamp, themes, and other various features and improvements I've had to put on the backburner.

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