GTX0 Reconstruction Checklist
Posted: Posted October 14th
Edited October 15th by Xhin
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This is somewhere in between a loose checklist and a strict one -- I'm trying to get an overall sense of the project without forgetting about anything important along the way.

I didn't do the full checklist because it'll take time and I'd rather get started on the actual programming today.


  • Subdomain, home folder and server config

  • Apparently I have a copy of my improved framework on the server so I'll just use that

    Route names

    (these will essentially just be faked out until I get to them)

  • /forum/X

  • /thread/X (replaces /read)

  • /my/X (panels)

  • /panel/X (also panels but impersonal)

  • /profile/X and /document/X and neither will exist right now.

  • /new/post and /new/poll should be the only things that exist there.

  • Baseline functions like /login should work and be routed somewhere.


  • Header menu system

  • Normal links: Register, Login, People, Site Feed

  • Ad space

    This update will only get the links in place -- the actual functionality requires framework work, and I do want to revamp the way private messages work.


  • Left side
  • Right side
  • In memoriam section

  • Report bug -- html, js and css but not functionality yet.


  • User accounts database and anything associated with that -- use key/value pairs and condense everything down.

  • Posting users database

  • Primary uid should be part of the user accounts database to improve sanity

  • Login sessions

  • Login/Registration/Logout functionality -- can just straight-import most of this.

  • Logged-in links: Logout, User CP, Alerts


  • Permissions database (can be fid-based)

  • Masks database that relates to it

  • Assign masks to users

  • Can also assign individual permissions or anti-permissions to users

  • System that aggregates all of this into something sane


  • Import the user CP framework and css.

  • Individual panels should be categorizable. Going to stick mod and admin tools in here at some point.

  • Will probably need more framework work to get the permissions system working with this in a sane way. Depends on what the main framework is like.


  • Add forum permission/panel

  • Forums database and all associated databases unless they're dumb, though there should be some kind of key/value pair somewhere.

  • Header > Fancy Quicklinks -- it's going to be annoying to rebuild these but it needs to be done.


  • Databases for posts and replies. Disregard anything dumb, restructure locks and so forth and keep key/value pairs where appropriate.

  • Framework for posting and replying which will be hooked in later but will also exist elsewhere.

    Forum Index

  • The forum header should just be a link to the forum index for now. Make sure this is included rather than being hardcoded.

  • Import the existing forum display/ forum filter code and try to restructure it -- there's way too much in there to try to create it from scratch. DB alterations are going to take work.

  • Opt-in system -- legitimately required for world and complaints.

    Other checklists required

    -- new thread
    -- threads
    -- new reply
    -- in-site mod tools
    -- user cp functionality
    -- cp-based mod/admin tools via new panels system
    -- anything faked-out
    -- import ads (can't do this first or I'll run into content duplication issues)

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    Don't tell me they're gonna be mandatory here too.

    Posted October 14th by I killed Mufasa
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    I guess I need a separate checklist for this, not notes.

    Login sessions Framework

  • Login sessions are based on cookies so it's unique to the computer.

  • There should be an ip-based login -- this will automatically create cookies-based sessions every time you visit the site on that ip address.

  • There should also be an "ip-transfer" login -- this one is an ip login that turns into a cookie-based login. Should be useful for temporary remote logins, like the smuggle feature.

  • There should be a "ghost" id in there -- this makes way more sense than having an additional login session, with all the nightmares that go along with it. The login handler will check the ghost id before it checks the user id.

    Security beefing

  • The session handler should have a "strict" mode where both your ip address and login token have to match. This shouldn't affect posting, saving drafts, etc but should apply for anything that requires permissions. It therefore makes sense to run it through the masks class. I don't like the general concept of session expiration, so this is a good compromise.

  • Strict mode should also be generalized so I can hook into the site as a whole during lockdown mode.

  • Logins should lock you out if you can't guess the right password the correct number of times. I guess 15-min lockouts per every 3 attempts. I have *something* like this in place but it isn't a full system at the moment.

  • Logging out should log out everything assigned to your cookie, ip or user id. I think this is how it works currently but I need to make sure.

  • Posted October 15th by Xhin
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