GTX0 Reconstruction Checklist
Posted: Posted February 13th
Edited February 13th by Xhin
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Trying to get somewhat of a handle on this project.

Basic stuff

  • set up the subdomain, home folder and server config

  • build out the basic file structure


  • route everything to the routing, submission or ajax classes depending on what exactly is happening.

  • import the view class from the client project, the useful core functions and the core JS.


    This will be the basic structure of the site:

  • Header -- In progress

  • Forum header

  • Footer

  • The new homepage

  • The authentication engine

  • /forum/N

  • /thread/N

  • /my/P (user cp panels)

  • /profile/N

  • /document/N

  • /chat/N (private messages)

  • /mod/P and /admin/P. Also /cerberus/P since those functions are a bit different.

  • /info/P (merit, announcements archive, other miscellaneous stuff)

  • /new/P, which for now will probably just be /new/post . Having new/poll and new/deathmatch and things like that are planned. I need to make sure that the userpass/quickreply chunks are reused.

  • /login, /register, and /logout. Base functions with no data whatsoever will be auto-routed and uncategorized like this.

    Probably forgetting some stuff here. Not sure how much of this will be rebuilt from scratch and how much will be imported -- I guess it'll depend on how complicated any particular piece is but also how buggy it is.

    Prior to beta launch

  • Heavily secure everything. The new site structure will help enormously.

  • Adjust the existing database and thread slug functionality so urls will use S instead of N.

  • find a way of routing things through the framework with dirty urls for more complicated stuff

  • Finish the CSS.

  • Redirect new.gtx0.com to whatever the working folder is.

    After beta launch

  • Migrate various non-gtx0 projects to subdomains / different folders.

  • Moderation / admin stuff is probably the last major thing the new site needs before we switch over.

  • There will probably be smaller things that weren't implemented for whatever reason. I'll want to get those in place as well.

    It's hard to predict the project past this point.

    The overall goal is to reconstruct the existing website in a new engine, with some sanity-improving changes along the way but no major feature changes.

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