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GTX0 is running on a new version of a core class. There may be glitches.
Posted: Posted August 28th by Xhin

I've done a lot of testing, but this new version isn't battle-tested like the old version was (5+ years, multiple projects). I needed badly to update the codebase so I can extend it and stick it in my portfolio.

The class literally hooks into everything so it should be really obvious if something in it is flawed.

There shouldn't be any issues now, but if you see anything (especially mysqli or PDO errors), let me know.

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Not sure if it's related but shadowfox's latest thread in politics has a link to one of my threads seemingly even after they edited after I pointed this out. Um either way please fix that. Edit: now it's gone. But it's still weird.

Edited August 28th by KnokkelMillennium

It definitely won't be those types of glitches. It'll be the kind where things either break entirely or the site spits out a bunch of error messages.

Posted August 28th by Xhin
Fractal icious

Oh was just weird considering they didn't remember posting it but seems there's an answer for that too now. Alright.

Posted August 28th by KnokkelMillennium
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