Got a gaming laptop and bought Fallout New Vegas from Steam
Posted: Posted May 10th by -Riku-
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1) OMG the loading times for this are incredible! They're so fast and the only glitch I've encountered is my game crashing a few times for whatever reason.

2) I've started using console commands and I love it. I've input godmode, raised all my skills to 100, all my SPECIAL to 10, got all map markers, gave myself 1,000,000+ caps, and chose a few different weapons (although I know exactly what weapon I'm going to use when I get home).

3) Before I started using console commands my highest skill was 80 science and my highest SPECIAL was 8 intelligence. My companions Veronica and ED-E were killing more enemies than I was lol.

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You can make it run a little better with some stability mods. I highly recommend checking out Nexus Mods for their selection. I usually also get some general extra content mods, but that's up to personal taste.

To date, my personal favorite playthrough I've done was when I had a selection of mods that let me play a character with no weapon skills, but two bad-ass followers from the start of the game. I was a slimy, manipulative scientist that got others to hurt people for me.

I was working on a playthrough where I played as an entire squad of NCR troopers, but I got distracted. Maybe I'll revisit that.

Posted May 10th by Death Dealer
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I don't really roleplay in these kinds of games. I base my choices on what I believe will give me the result I want. I generally start my character off with a SPECIAL set up of 5/4/7/5/8/7/1 so I can have a lot of points to distribute when I level up, withstand a decent number of hits, and use VATS often enough. My main weapon for this playthrough is the Disintegrator since it kills everything in one hit and I wear elite riot gear. Although I may choose to get either the anti-material rifle or the gobi camping scout rifle as a means to shoot from a far. For this playthrough I'm just having fun messing around while trying to decide if I want to join the NCR, House, or Yes Man. I'll save a Legion playthrough for another time since I REALLY don't like the Legion

Posted May 11th by -Riku-
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I have absolutely no idea how to install mods. I have a mod manager for the game but idk how to put mods in it so that they show up in my game

Posted May 12th by -Riku-
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