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Going back.
Posted: Posted August 19th by tnu
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From what I've heard form others I"m not quite going back with the right mindset but I"m hoping that will happen sometime during the process as people keep insisting it's nessecary and I havn't been successful in forcing it. J ust thought people should know or had specific mental exorcises or somethign on how to achieve the nessecary mindset maybe if not I'll ask when I get there. I don't relaly have m uch else to say to anyone here I may not really be back any time soon if ever until such time as I do (at least not in a posting capacity I may lurk but that's iffy in itself) I just don't ahve an ythign to add.

Sir, just suppose... suppose if I had a cat, what would you do with Frankenstein?
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So I was talking to a friend and he helped soemthign click with me. A few thigns a lot of people have been syaign about therapy have been frustrating me for a while now because I had toruble wrapping m ye had around them. There were some relaly improtant thigns I just didn't know.

Posted August 22nd by tnu
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Everything ok pal?

Posted August 22nd by MarvaIo
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EDIT: Well therapy got pushed back anothe rcouple of months.

Edited August 26th by tnu
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I’m afraid I don’t know what this thread is about.

Posted September 8th by chiarizio
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Yeah I don't think it's clear that you mean you're going back to therapy (I assume that's what you mean).

But good job. I know you've had a mixed experience with it, but it's not a bad thing to have someone to talk to about your problems and get some perspective on it. Everybody could use it to some extent.

Posted September 8th by Agis
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I'd call it a bad experience not a mixed one. I have no faith in getting results because I don't think ther'es anythign I actually want out of it going in. I"m also not going to be able to get an appointrment until sometime in 2021 I don't have any direct control over scheduling or keeping appointments either. I don't even watn to be there but I feel like I have no choice but to go.

Edited September 9th by tnu
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Concerning mental and behavioral health counseling and therapy:

Two things happened to me that maybe don’t happen to most patients, but I feel obligated to tell you about them anyway.

1. When my medication began to work I had a temper tantrum; that’s the opposite of what I wanted, so I took it as a sign I should abandon treatment.
Years later another therapist decided I should be kept abreast of the reasons for everything he was prescribing, and what to expect as the treatment began to take hold. I had another tantrum, just as he’d predicted, but I was able to limit the damage I did, and kept up the treatment, with eventual good results.
It turns out depression erodes your impulse control. For so long none of your impulses have any chance of being translated into action, that your impulse-controlling habits completely rust up and atrophy. Once the medicine restores your ability to act, the first impulse catches you by surprise.

2. My therapist(s) had a lot of trouble convincing me to do certain things because I couldn’t see what they had to do with anything. I couldn’t see any logical connection between, on the one hand, what they were advising, and on the other hand, getting over my symptoms. The thing is their experience was with vastly more cases than mine; sometimes they might also not be clear what exactly the connection was, while at the same time knowing damn well such a connection certainly existed. More frequently they just couldn’t get the explanation to stick in my head.



And good luck and good health to you!

Posted September 9th by chiarizio
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was talking to someone about it and I think I see "coping" and "happienss" as two different m utuallye xclusive things.

So my antidepressents kicked in while I was sleeping and and at least I"m n ot a blubbering wreck anymore. sti ll crying like hell but it's less "messy" and I don't feel as uncontrollably angry.

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Posted September 10th by chiarizio
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