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Going Ahead With the Kickstarter Campaign For Our Game In Spite of the Pandemic
Posted: Posted May 26th by Laxan
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Hey, everyone. I know a good number of you will be testing the next tester's demo of the game I've been working on, and I wanted to provide an update on what our plans are this year in regards to the Kickstarter I've mentioned previously.

We've decided to move forward with releasing a demo to the public, build a small community of fans around the game, then start a Kickstarter. The plan is, we will be commencing Phase 2 of our testing sessions sometime between July and September...hopefully. Once we get feedback from testers and polish the game (testing will last a few weeks or maybe a month like Phase 1 testing), we will unveil our indie fantasy action RPG with SNES-style graphics Project Shrine (placeholder name) to the public. Once we have built a small (or large?) community of fans around the game, we will launch our Kickstarter campaign. We will be aggressively marketing and advertising our game during the 30 or so day run of the campaign. I know some of you mentioned that you would do your darndest to help out with letting others know about our Kickstarter, and that REALLY means the world to me. I feel more than lucky to have people write that about our game. Seriously...you haven't even seen the game yet, haha!

But that's why I appreciate and love you guys.

If the Kickstarter fails, we will be seeking funding elsewhere, most likely from a publisher. We don't want to do that because then we wouldn't be 100% independent. However, that is probably better than living as corporate slaves for the rest of our lives....which brings me to this....

You might think it's a bad time to launch a Kickstarter. And, yeah, you would be right that it isn't a great time because of COVID-19. However...I've reached a breaking point in my life with working for day jobs. My office job pays well enough, but the work isn't fulfilling and my brain feels foggy lately. I'm overworked and underpaid and unhappy. It's awful. I've decided it's better to take a chance on our game at this point than live as a slave forever. You never know what will happen in life if you don't take a chance, after all.

So, yeah. I'm looking forward to sharing the public demo with all of you. Pirate_Ninja and Jet Presto, your feedback was incredible on the first testing session (thanks for the notes and video, guys!) and I look forward to you playing through our newest version of the game's demo which will look, sound, feel, and play like the final version of the game. I also look forward to some of you testing out our game for the first time!

Anyway, that's all. Take care of yourselves and be safe! Bye!

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All of that is great to hear! I'm looking forward to being able to test out the next demo.

I think you'll probably get more interest due to covid-19 -- people are staying home a lot more.

I'm still slogging away at my own game as well -- it's going well but it seems to be endless work.

Posted May 26th by Xhin
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Keep us updated!

Glad to see that you've thought the kickstarter process through too. I've seen several projects fail to get funded because the people behind it didn't think to build up an existing fanbase and market heavily. A lot of people seem to just think it's ok to throw it up there and hope for the best.

Posted May 26th by Moonray
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Thank you so much, guys!

Xhin, you're probably right about people staying at home. We were just concerned with millions of people out of a job. Still, it's worth a shot. On the subject of the endless development work for Shatterloop, it will feel like the work never ends for a long time. We've been working on Project Shrine for longer than I care to admit. I'll just write that we did not start figuring out what we were doing professionally and objectively until 2016.

Moonray, it surprises me that a lot of people DO think that. The business side of game development is as essential as the actual development side...if you want to earn a living making games. But between you and me, I loathe the business aspect. I'm more about the art than the money. However, you have to deal in good business to sustain a living off of making art! That's why we've done a ton of research on Kickstarters....both ones that fail and the ones that succeed.

Posted May 26th by Laxan
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Im not sure if Ill like it but Ill donate and try it out.

Posted May 26th by s.o.h.
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I'm still furloughed, which comes with a plus and a negative. On the pro side, I definitely have time if you need any additional playtesting. On the negative, I definitely need to be a lot more frugal with my money, so I can't really donate a whole lot.

Posted May 26th by Jet Presto
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SOH, I really appreciate that! Our game is similar to Super Nintendo games like A Link to the Past, Terranigma, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Seiken Densetsu 3/Trials of Mana (hence the local co-op multiplayer!), and even some modern games like Kingdom Hearts 1 and Undertale. You might know if our game is up your alley if you like any of those!

Jet Presto, don't worry about donating. Testers are not expected to donate--just give us feedback and criticism! However, you CAN help our Kickstarter by spreading the word and sharing a link to our public demo in social media or tweeting at your favorite gaming Youtubers whom enjoy indie RPGs!

Posted May 26th by Laxan
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I enjoyed FF8 and heard good things about Chrono Trigger (well best rpg of all time). Something to look forward to.

Posted May 26th by S.O.H.
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You can't just work on the game, you have to work on the campaign and branding, too. Take a look at Cuphead's branding - everything they release is in a particular style. And that distinct yellow color is visible everywhere. Leave a real impression that stands out from the crowd.

And definitely link your campaign here!

Posted May 27th by mariomguy
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We're definitely working hard on branding and campaigning, hence the "aggressive marketing" sentence I wrote! While I think our game does stand out form other indie action RPGs, it's the marketing and branding we'll need to make that clear to people.

Will most definitely link the campaign on Gametalk (and the Discord)! In fact, I would like to request to have the post I make regarding the Kickstarter announcement placed at the top of Gametalk's website for the duration of the campaign (most likely 30 days). We're going to need ALL the help we can get, and we'll need you guys in any small way you can! Your efforts will make a big impact, really.

Posted May 27th by Laxan
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I'm willing to provide some critique before you go public!

Posted May 28th by mariomguy
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