Genshin Impact
Posted: Posted October 2nd by Yofter Mofter
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I saw this was recently released. It is a fantasy RPG like Zelda and Final Fantasy apparently. Is it actually similar?

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I downloaded it, but I haven't played it yet. It's the first Free to play game I've ever downloaded. Everyone on Twitter assures it isn't scummy.

Then again, everyone thinks Fall Guys and Among Us is just the greatest crap of all time when it really looks like corporate garbage. I'll let you know once I've played it.

Posted October 2nd by Alan
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It is a fantasy RPG like Zelda and Final Fantasy apparently

Those are designed two very different ways.

I looked up Genshin Impact and immediately saw that it was a gacha game, so that's gonna be a big no-no both on it being designed like Zelda OR Final Fantasy and on it being a game that is worth (at least) my time.

Posted October 2nd by Hideous Destructor
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You know that not all gacha games are designed the same way, right? There's turn-based RPGs, action RPGs, tower-defense games, card games, and more.

Also, what's your problem with gacha games? There are plenty of really good ones, and you don't HAVE to pay, it just makes things easier.

Posted October 8th by Axem Great Water
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