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Geladaa (Pablo Rincon) - Yiffing in Hell (False + True Edition) Ordering/Unboxing/Quality Review
Posted: Posted June 3rd by Organ Farmer
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In February of 2017, YouTube channel retsupurae uploaded a video investigating one of the most bizarre crowdfunding proposals they had ever seen: Pablo Rincon, AKA Geladaa, presenting a graphic novel about fantasy, terraforming, robot werewolves in love, cyberpunk, horror, and many other things.

I was immediately intrigued. It was strange, violent, sexual, and esoteric. I didn't really know what it was about, and that was exciting. There were small gleams of something sublime, something I would consider valuable. I began following the project. Even though the physical publication campaign was canceled, the author promised to keep working to make his product a reality. Considering the amount of weirdness and mystery immediately apparent in this project, I kept following up on YIH semi-regularly.

I looked through Rincon's portfolio, read the teaser, pored over the explanation image and, when worried enough about the state of the project, emailed Rincon directly. He proved polite and succinct to talk to, but discouraged my proposed idea of directly purchasing the finished digital copies. Obscenity law prevented the use of a Chinese publication service, but he was reviewing other options for their cost and quality. I quickly developed the impression that Rincon cares deeply about the quality and presentation of his art, and that has now been substantiated. Now, after years in the making, the physical version of Yiffing in Hell is available - and I was in the single-digit range for orders.

The initial estimate of shipping time was five to seven days. Due to unspecified difficulties, I only received my books after multiple weeks. During this time, I talked with Rincon more, during which he was apologetic and active in resolving the problem. Though most of the situation was out of his hands due to the fulfillment company, Rincon made sure to provide me with updates, even going as far as to personally send me my tracking number as soon as he knew it had shipped. I do not consider the wait to be an issue.

The books ship from a fulfillment company in Michigan. The boxes are marked "Fragile", which is unusual for books, but appreciated. The boxes are of an appropriate size. Inside, the books are shrink-wrapped, wrapped in bubble sheets and padded with packing paper. Many other companies that I receive books from send them in ill-fitting boxes with no padding whatsoever. On the exterior of the box is a small sticker where Rincon's alias "Geladaa" can be seen. Despite the large amount of care taken in the packing process, both volumes have small dents where the edge of the hardcover has been slightly crushed in a couple of spots, indicating rough handling prior to packaging. The matte finish has not been broken and the art has not been interfered with, so I would consider this normal wear instead of damage to be concerned about.

The book is of decent enough size to display the images and text at a firmly understandable and enjoyable size. I don't have a measure handy, but the dimensions appear to be about twelve inches wide by nine inches tall, similar to a textbook turned sideways.

The books are heavy and very solid. The binding is decent and the pages are uniform. The books "handle" well, for want of a better term - the emergent property of material quality and manufacturing quality lend itself to a pleasing mechanical experience of the format.

The paper is of good stock and the ink is high quality. It is easy to grip and turn pages. All pages are semi-gloss. The ink does not smear. The colors are very vibrant and the artwork is very clear, showing only the least noticeable matrix of however it was printed.

My only concern would be for the joint. I have known many books with non-cloth bindings to develop cracking in the exterior joint relatively early. However, this is not an immediate concern and I would not consider it an issue of this product in particular.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this product and with my interactions with Mr. Rincon. I already consider this product to easily be worth the $29.99 price (which totals to about $45 with shipping to Texas). Review of the actual story will take quite some time, but I will also cover that when I reach an appropriate point in my understanding of it.

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