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FTL & time-travel & psychic (etc.) enhancements to firearms, artillery, & missile weapons.
Posted: Posted April 8th by chiarizio

I am watching “Lock & Load” on the Military History channel; R Lee Ermey hosts an episode about the history of field artillery.
He’s now just caught up to the near-future self-propelled GPS-enabled non-line-of-sight intelligent drone-aided guns.
During a commercial break I saw an advertisement for California Psychics.

So I started wondering.

What if a firearm or artillery piece could shoot at where something used to be and hit it before it moved?
It might require a currently-fictional (and probably always fictional) advance in one of relativity, quantum theory, superluminal travel-or-whatever, psychic or other ESP stuff, or some thing(s) like that.

But it would mean if you saw some hostile moving object do something you didn’t like, you could shoot at where it started from, and target its position in the immediate or very-recent past, and hit it at a time before you shot at it.

How would that change law enforcement, assassinations, and warfare?
Especially in universes otherwise like some you have experience with? Such as those you’ve written in or played in or created in? Or, created yourself?

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I think that's a very cool idea. I haven't encountered it explicitly before, but I am reminded of two different video games that use time as a gimmick in interesting ways.

One is "The Talos Priciple", which is a puzzle game with a strong philosophical theme. In some of the later puzzles you need two characters to solve the puzzles, but you only have yourself. However, you do have a "record your actions" device. So you solve some of the puzzles, then play back your actions and interact with yourself to solve the puzzle. So past you helps current you solve a problem.

I forget the name of the other one, but it's essentially a shooter. You start each level swarmed by way too many enemies that you must shoot to kill. When you die, the level starts over with all of the same enemies. But the "ghost" of your last attempt is also there and repeats everything you just did. So now you have past you and current you trying to destroy all of the bad guys. If you die again, then another past you is there to help. This continues until you beat the level.

Posted April 8th by EN

That’s interesting!

Posted April 9th by chiarizio
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