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Flash non-fiction (?): Adventures in being drunk
Posted: Posted November 20th, 2019 by Cetasaurus
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Writing about drinking in an effort to stay sober. 😎Foolproof, right?

Literally have no clue whether or not these are worth a read.

Always open to criticism (tell me it's too pretentious).

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All of these are incredible. Keep at it.

Posted November 20th, 2019 by Black Yoshi
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Thanks for reading!

Posted November 21st, 2019 by Cetasaurus
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Tremendously powerful annecdotes here...the one about Sus makes me want to cry. They’re all pretty heartbreaking to be honest. This is some real, true insight into what you’re experiencing and it’s super raw, honest feeling. I love it and would like to know more / see more of these.

Also, I remember that whole snowpocalypse thing on the news, too, last year or the year before. Guessing you’re also in the Northeast, huh? That’s a funny coincidence.

Posted November 21st, 2019 by Weird Occurance
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I'm actually in Idaho! We might have had snowpocalypse a different year. Can't keep track of all the weird weather events anymore. :(

Thank you for the very thoughtful and encouraging comments.

Edited November 22nd, 2019 by Cetasaurus
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Here's three more... Probably the last three, as I'm kinda starting to repeat myself here lol:

Edited November 22nd, 2019 by Cetasaurus
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Ah Idaho! Dang, I was actually hoping you were nearby! Your snowpocalypse was probably worse than mine hahaha

These are good, too. I'm not sure if I should hate the A.S.S. anecdote or love it. While I'm sure that woman's play was amazing based on your description alone, I think you're probably underselling your own work, here -- which is common for any author or writer. The comedy must've been solid. Or the characters must've been relatable. Or it must've just had something about it that pulled people in. I can see why an audience might connect with / vote for that over a story that sounds like it was probably kind of like a The Glass Menagerie, which is powerful, deep, and all around metaphorically strong - but requires more cognition / deep thought than something lively and - well - fun. That's why these sorts of contests usually are divvied up by genre, right? I understand why you might feel guilty for this win - I probably would too lol - but it sounds like you had something good there, too, that's worthy of appreciation in its own right. I'd kind of like to see it tbh hahah

That drinking game - oh my god. That's like when I had this fling with a girl I met while on a job interview - she'd get a bottle of strawberry wine - the lightest stuff in the world, I swear to god - and pour us two large glasses that were each half the bottle. I'd drink mine in an hour - she'd drink hers over the next 3 hours - and then be completely tipsy and pass out with her head on my lap...or my friend, who, after one mixed drink at a diner, was confessing things she never told anyone - like telling me who she made out with in college and crazy details about these people that I was probably better off not knowing. I'm usually the heavyweight so I normally love these moments - but then I've also had my fair share of crying and screaming at people after my 5th beer - then throwing up on the train ride home from NYC. I've never blacked out - but damn I know what it's like to be kneeling on the bathroom floor for a while after drinking - and have done it on public transport.

Keep these stories coming as you think of more - I like how they're bitter and angsty and a little sarcastic at times - I really really like your narrative voice as you recount them. A bit sad that they're true, but you really do sound like an angsty writer sometimes haha - and the comment about drinking straight whiskey made me lol - your friend was right - made you sound a bit like an Edgar Allen Poe type of person :)

Posted November 22nd, 2019 by Weird Occurance
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I really played my audience when I wrote the script. I thought about what they would like the whole time I was writing. I "sold out." The other woman had the dignity not to do that. She was true to her art, as far as I could tell. I still regret that I won.

Yeah haha, your drinking buddies are relatable, thanks for sharing that. Sorry about your shitty experiences though. I can't say I've ever thrown up on public transport. :(

Thanks for reading everything and for the compliments! It means a lot. Writing means a lot to me. Sorry it's angsty though, lol. I try to add levity/humor to things.

Posted December 2nd, 2019 by Cetasaurus
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I've been meaning to write this one down for a while. It's challenging/needs work (I think especially pacing-wise? Some cliches, too).

Posted December 2nd, 2019 by Cetasaurus
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Posted December 6th, 2019 by Ceta
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