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Fix GTX0 checklist
Posted: Posted September 9th
Edited Saturday by Xhin
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This is basically a rewriting of my phase I notes. The point of these changes is to make GTX0 make more sense and also be somewhat more inviting for newcomers. The end goal is to have GTX0 in a state where I can start advertising it as a platform. I'll then swing around to other projects and start fixing up those -- they have their own advertising targets.

Minor Stuff

  • Let you delete site feeds

  • Edit History for OP's (mod feature)

  • For reply-based images, have a "click to expand" action. Have "fullscreen" and "close" options.

  • Youtube videos: have "click to expand" and "close" options

  • Auto-draft saving. Save drafts when you submit a post as well, set to "posted" status instead of deleting. Automatically save drafts when you click any link whatsoever.

    Larger projects

  • The final push to integrate the site forums, detailed here:
  • User CP Fixes:
  • Fix the home page, detailing GTX0's new aims and ambitions. Aggregate some of the newest or hottest posts there as well.

  • Explain that GTX0 doesn't require registration in the username/password area.

  • Streamline the "attachments" area when making a new post. Will probably mean separating post types back out again and culling all the extraneous stuff.

  • Let users set topics, particularly on the newpost itself (and after submitting it). The mod or a member of the "valued contributor" team can also edit things.

    Social stuff

  • Turn likes on by default, have an option to turn them off.

  • Handle the whole private message system better. Conversations need avatars,need to be sorted and categorized better, need to be automatically archived,etc.

  • Get an alert when someone asks you a custom question on your profile.

  • Aggregate profile questions somewhere into "community lists".

  • Bring back contacts. Move these (and links if applicable) into the user's profile. For email links, put some obfuscation / javascript in place to prevent spammers. Create community lists.

  • Social post sharing. This could potentially be a big project.

  • Integrate discord server with the site

  • Merit system improvements. There needs to be automatic rollover at the end of the month, it needs a tiered XP system, and it needs to hook into everything.

  • MyCons. This will actually be a v1 -- my notes are way more streamlined than they used to be.

    Honestly this list isn't that bad. The biggest projects seem to be Merit/MyCons, and I might end up skipping them.

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