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First post of February!
Posted: Posted February 11th by Axem Carnitas

Passed Groundhog day and coming up on Valentine's.

What are you doing or ( by the time people actually read this) what did you do?

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Probably staying at home and reading, since I don't have an SO. You?

Posted February 12th by Axem Great Water

I'll more than likely be at work or doing something alone.

Posted February 12th by S.o.h.

I'll probably be cooking food for the missus and staying in. Going out on Valentine's Day is just too hectic sometimes.

Posted February 12th by Axem Carnitas

Yeah, things tend to get a bit wild on Valentines Day. Congrats on a successful relationship, though, Carnitas.

Posted February 12th by Axem Great Water

Thank you!

Food will be French Toast and the film will be Velvet Buzzsaw. Hooray for staying in!

Posted February 14th by Axem Carnitas
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