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First post of 2019!!!
Posted: Posted February 2nd by MarvaIo
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Hey guys! Just wanted to thank everyone for an awesome 2018 in the Marvalo forum. The forum was really hopping this year and we had some great laughs. Didn’t it feel like older internet times? Didn’t coming to my forum feel like how you felt in ‘03 logging on after school to post on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle forum or Pointless or Wrestling. Remember when that was the most important thing in the world. 2019 is going to be as good as that and better when you hang with me. This year Xhin has agreed to major upgrades to the Marvalo forum. Daily contests, giveaways, you can win a signed copy of Tales of Symphonia on GameCube, a webcomic which is going to update every day. We’re going to give each user their own virtual room like Habbo Hotel where you can have your own little furniture and trade item for coins or “Marv bucks”. I’m going to be doing live streams where I smash my d!ck between two bricks. Mario Kart tournaments, 2000s-era group roleplays, fanfiction, art, MGTOW, album listening parties, blender ASMR, medical advice, intelligent debate, philosophy, owning the libs and more. Get hyped because this year is going to be the best year yet!

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Posted February 2nd by Xhin
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Sky's the limit
Posted February 2nd by I killed Mufasa
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I killed Mufasa
long live the king

Please be serious....

Posted February 6th by MarvaIo
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Holy shit Marv I nostalgia'd hard. wowwww 17 years later

Posted May 14th by DTH
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Is this the Draconum Tamer??

Posted May 15th by MarvaIo
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This should be more familiar my dude.
If not than the waybackmachine is a liar and we weren't as infamous a duo back in 2005/'06 in SA2 haha

and of course, Marv's adventures.

Posted May 15th by Keitaro123987
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I think the last iteration of us keeping in touch was me getting your Myspace account back in '08. But I daresay it was your slapstick approach to comedic situations that I have never forgotten (hence heavy nostalgia goggles all day) that I typed your name + gametalk and found you still exist and to my delight, are the exact same and it's just refreshing is all haha

Posted May 15th by Keitaro123987
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i will never forget, "man the US government must be slipping, what with 15 year olds finding out with they're up to all the time" in response to Arcterus's 9/11 truth page, which still exists. holy fucking shit those summers were wild

Posted May 15th by Keitaro123987
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Ah fuck of course I remember you! And I remember Arcterus' 9/11 site. Plus his other site where he wrote rants about various things. Back when GameTalk was hopping with hundreds of posts a day. You could waste hours on there. Coming home after school and being so excited to see what you missed. Roleplay chats. Petty forum drama that seemed like the most important thing in the world back then. And just trolling the hell outta people. Most of us were teens or younger. You and I were pests. I don't think I've changed much haha. What have you been up to?

Edited May 15th by MarvaIo
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I'm glad you still remember me:D I miss those simpler times. I'm sure others don't miss us haha. Oh man the invisionfree days and just straight up fucking around
I'm finishing up undergrad in psych with a minor in polisci, finally moving out next month. So those are worthy developments.

I'm more or less the same as Well, still trolling because that's what's up lol
How about You? I think just You, and maybe 3 others from the infinite void that I still have contact with.

It's just cool being able to type your name and find you're still true to form. Still hilarious.

Posted May 15th by Keitaro123987
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