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In-character posts may contain disturbing or explicit content.

Moderated by Cetasaurus

Man, posts from 2016 still on the front page. This poor website

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hi learna do y remeber me

Posted February 7th by Brandy

Hey Learna, how’s it going?

Posted February 7th by Cetasaurus
AKA: Kyogre

greetings from someone who doesn't really RP any more. How ya doin'?

Posted February 7th by -Riku-

Someone just take it into the backyard and shoot it.

Posted February 8th by Aira

this is so damn depressing

Posted February 18th by Secat

Welcome back Secat.

EDIT: This KM8 by the way.

Edited February 18th by Cetasaurus
AKA: Kyogre
Reply to: First post of 2018

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