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Looks pretty impressive to me. I think if I do get Dark Souls Remaster it will be the switch version.

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Hard to tell with all that glare, but I am disappointed this is essentially a port on all consoles with very little in the way of a remaster. Just seems lazy, and a missed opportunity for a game that could certainly use some maintenance.

And I mean, Dark Souls on-the-go is kind of appealing, but I can already tell I'd hate how it controls on Switch (I was uncomfortable enough playing BotW after a time). Think I'd rather just stick with the Elite controller on PC.

Posted April 8th by Orion Nebula

Dark souls on switch is 1080p, 30fps, with some improved draw distance, lighting, and some textures over 720p 30fps 360. Xbone and PS4 have different lighting and people are complain ing that it's not like the original.
Also, blight town frames have been improved significantly.

Edited April 10th by ShadowFox08

looks like a ps1 game

Posted April 10th by Brandy

The controls of BotW on the joycons don’t bother me and I have big hands, but I understand not liking a controller as I am not a big fan of the Playstation controller.

“looks like a ps1 game”

I swear you know you are trolling.

Edited April 10th by Q

looks like a ps1 game

t. someone who doesn't remember how PS1 games look.

Posted April 10th by nullfather

it looks blurry

Posted April 10th by Brandy

Try bumping your video settings to HD

Posted April 10th by Q
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