Various username/password issues fixed permanently (also a note to some specific users, some who are active)
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Xhin is listening.

I keep getting a when I click on post asking for username and pw to join the site.

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It says you pw and username will be encrypted , anyone else getting this?

Posted Thursday by Brandy

It's probably something on your computer, but just in case it's a bad Google ad or something, can you give me a screenshot?

Posted Thursday by Xhin

Fire emblem is great but wtf.

Posted Thursday by KnokkelMillennium

I've been getting it too. I'll try to nab a screenshot next time.

Posted Thursday by Fox Forever
Fox Forever

It says and its when im on my iPhone idk hoe to screenshot it

Posted Thursday by Brandy

I've blocked and from appearing at all. Let me know if there's still issues.

Posted Saturday by Xhin


Posted Saturday by Xhin

It’s fixed tyvm

Posted Saturday by Brandy
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