Find the Secret NPC in Shrine's Legacy Demo Contest
Posted: Posted October 18th by Alan
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We're giving a sneak peak at a future spell to the first 5 people that find this secret NPC in the Shrine's Legacy demo!


1. DM me on Discord (I'm on the Gametalk Discord--look in the game dev channel) a screenshot of you talking to the secret NPC. DO NOT share the screenshot publicly or here on the forums!

2. Only one person per account will receive a special DM message that contains footage of a future spell in action!

3. Once 5 people have verified the secret, the contest is over. (Pirate_Ninja has already found the secret NPC, so 4 left!)

To participate, be sure to play through the demo which you can get here: https://www.positiveconceptgames.com/shrineslegacy/getdemo/

Happy hunting! :)

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