Final Fantasy VII Remake Delayed to April 10th
Posted: Posted January 15th by Laxan
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Square has decided to grace us with their regularly scheduled delays. Both FFVII Remake and The Avengers have been delayed. This doesn't personally bother me because now I can take a three day weekend to enjoy FFVII (was going to take off just March 3rd, which is a Tuesday, but Friday April 10th is better for me).

At least a month delay isn't so bad.

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I am genuinely surprised it is still going to be released. Thought they would have scrapped it. Color me happily surprised.

Posted January 15th by S.O.H.
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They have already delayed The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode 1 plenty of times. I wonder how many times they going to delay the other episodes for the Final Fantasy 7 remake

Posted January 15th by Welsh_Gamer
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Somebody talked about Square likely delaying it to make their Q2 look stronger. It's still my most anticipated game this year.

Posted January 16th by Laxan
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Cyberpunk 2077 also got delayed. Starting to think that some of these delays might be planned or anticipated for the sake of generating additional hype or buying weird goodwill. Like, the optics of a delay these days has gone from fans being super annoyed to fans appreciating that they aren't going to rush out a game. But I don't understand why they don't just announce the release date when they actually know when for sure they'll be able to ship it. Or, why don't they plan to give themselves more time since their targets are increasingly missed, it feels. Or, wouldn't it be cooler to aim for a later target date and then, if the game is finished early, you announce it will be released earlier?

I'd totally buy that Squenix wants to pad their second quarter numbers. That is probably a factor in some of these delays. That, or to avoid competing with other anticipated games to improve their opening week numbers. But games don't really work the same way movies do, so I dunno why they'd run it the same way.

Posted January 17th by Jet Presto
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