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Think back on all the games you've played. Think of the ones that had a huge twist/reveal/whatever you want to call it that caught you completely off guard, but thinking back on everything that's happened and been said, you can actually see the hints that were dropped throughout the story. Of all of those, which one(s) is/are your favorite(s)? I have a few that come to my mind actually.

Knights of the Old Republic


Horizon Zero Dawn

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Braid instantly came to mind.

Posted January 8th by Axem Metal
Axem Metal
Need someone to tuck you in?

The ending of Shadow of the Colossus.

Posted January 8th by Q

Every single scene in Danganronpa V3.

Posted January 8th by Black Yoshi

Metal Gear Solid 3

Posted January 8th by nullfather

Super Mario Bros 2, original american version. It was all a Dream!!!!!

Posted January 8th by Q

The ending of Shadow of the Colossus.

Posted January 8th by Brandy

actually no ff8 squall was dead the whole time

Posted January 8th by Brandy

actaully no, the ending of silent hill 2.

Edited January 8th by Brandy

I thought the "squall was dead the whole time" thing was a theory

Posted January 8th by -Riku-

its a interpretation of the ending, which is left open. i think its the correct ending.

Posted January 8th by Brandy

Posted January 8th by Brandy

Midna is the Twilight Princess.

Posted January 8th by mariomguy

it would also have been really cool if you used a spoiler tag like every other post because I was hoping to play FF8 sometime soon

also, V3 for worst reveal/twist/revelation (possibly)

Posted January 8th by Pirate_Ninja

the edit feature wasnt working

Posted January 9th by Brandy

Not my favourite but it's the most fresh on my mind:

Spoilers for The Sexy Brutale (which, despite the weird name, I highly recommend as a fun puzzle/exploration game. It's only about 6 hours long are pretty cheap last I looked):

As for a favourite I really couldn't pick. Many of the good ones were so long ago that I don't recall which would have had the best reaction from me.

Posted January 9th by Moonray

The one where Andy Serkis trolls the ape man who is also enslaved in the odyssey to the west or something.

I don't really know, though. I think I liked the twist in Persona 4 a lot. Very Scooby-Doo twist, but better writing.

Posted January 9th by Laxan

Whatever the fuck that was at the end of Inside.

Posted January 9th by Orion Nebula

Man. Inside was sooo good.

I don't know that I really have many to add. I tend to not care for stories so heavily predicated on a bit plot twist, but ones I remember either liking or having "blown my mind" at the time (which, some of them haven't stood up with the test of time):

It's a veeeeery subtle thing, but I think maybe my favorite "twist," if it can be called that, comes in Gears of War 3.

Posted January 9th by Jet Presto

oh, and to actually answer the original question, the first thing to come to mind is the big truth of 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. It's f*********** art.

Posted January 9th by Pirate_Ninja

I was thinking of FFX as well...two things stood out for me:

Posted January 9th by white lancer

For me, the two best twists for FFX were

Posted January 9th by -Riku-

auron being unsent wasnt a twist. seymore ask why auron is 'still here' then says the guado are keen to the scent of the farplane. which is early in the game. most people at that time came to the conclusion auron was unsent.

Posted January 9th by Brandy

Early? Auron doesn't join your party until about a third of the way through the game. Plus, I DO consider a twist since he was shown of have physically aged over the past 10 years, which is something no other unsent has done. One could bring up Mika or , but we never saw them in their youth and have no reason to think they weren't already elderly looking when they died. Now Yuna's heritage I'd say isn't a twist since you can see in her eyes that she's half Al Behd. Mind you, I'm an idiot and didn't realize she had two different eye colors until about a year after X2 had come out

Posted January 9th by -Riku-
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