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Favorite Guitar Solos
Posted: Posted Tuesday
Edited Tuesday by Cruinn-Annuin

I'm gonna keep this real simple. These are three of my most favorite guitar solos. Post guitar solos and/or talk about guitar solos.

Venenum - Cold Threat

Insinuative, sweetly painful, occasionally lurchingly desperate, the opening solo of the central track of Trance of Death sets the stage for the subtle invasion of strangling emotion that comes after. The voice of the lyrics comes from a character that represents anxiety and depression, an entity that is as intimate with the listener as it is poisonous. The implication of the helplessness, slow torture and ultimate blackness to come is encapsulated perfectly in this microcosm.

Mastodon - The Hunter

Brent Hinds is great at constructing in-depth guitar solos and killer riffs. When his switch really gets flipped, you're looking at an instant classic. For a long time, I thought that the Hearts Alive solo was their best; then I listened to The Hunter. While the Hearts Alive solo has the benefit of being the payoff of nearly ten minutes of expertly-built tension, the title track of The Hunter is much more straightforward. This is Hinds pouring out the pain of losing his brother to an unfortunate hunting accident during the recording of the album. While Hearts Alive is a better overall composition, The Hunter is pure and straightforward emotion given musical shape.

Inter Arma - Potomac

After being teased with the opening track Nomini, the album Paradise Gallows investigates four other brutal tracks before returning to fulminating glory. After the journey through the dark and twisted visions of failing civilization, lost virtue and post-apocalyptic apathy, the sweet and poignant sound of a time briefly and shallowly known long ago returns to us. We now feel it fully, after having suffered for so long in it's absence. It bursts with life and light; even though it momentarily wavers with a worried inquisitiveness, as if to ask if we wounded mortals are whole enough to accept it, it returns ever anew and ever pure. It is the sound of a better time - one already dead and gone or one yet to be planted in the ashes of the world.

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