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Favorite dungeon from each game?
Posted: Posted April 3rd, 2017 by Giga Bytes7

Each game you've played and remember clearly enough (preferably if you've played through it more than once)

Skyward Sword - Ancient Cistern. Divine-looking top half, nightmare hellish dark half

Ocarina of Time - Tough call. The temples were each fun in their own way. I loved the Forest Temple theme and boss even though parts of it got annoying. Fire Temple was all right. Unlike most fans I didn't find the Water Temple that hard (except for the parts where you have to Longshot over to a target before the gate closes), and it had a cool theme song. Shadow Temple was creepy yet fun, and Spirit Temple is cool in its own way. So, surprisingly, I'd have to say the Water Temple. Or the Forest or Spirit Temples.

Majora's Mask - Haven't played enough to remember.

Wind Waker - Forbidden Woods the whole way, with the Wind Temple a close second.

Twilight Princess - Arbiter's Grounds, though the Temple of Time and even the City of the Sky are fun too.

Phantom Hourglass - Haven't played enough to remember

Four Swords Adventures - Haven't played enough to remember

Breath of the Wild - Hard to say. Each one was tricky and challenging as to what to do in its own way, but still I was able to figure each one out without a walkthrough, and would be fun going through it again.

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I think that the earth temple from WW was my most memorable. I think I'm remembering that correct. The one where you have Medli and there's a lot of shadow fog and wall masters.

Posted April 3rd, 2017 by nullfather

Yes, that would be the Earth Temple. It was pretty fun too, when there weren't Floormasters around. I actually thought the whole mirror/light challenge for the Big Key was pretty cool.

Posted April 3rd, 2017 by Giga Bytes7

They made it pretty easy to deal with Floormasters, so I never considered them a big problem. They were still scary, though, so it was memorable for me.

Posted April 3rd, 2017 by nullfather

TLOZ: The Dragon [Dungeon 6] (BROOTAL)

ALTTP: Thieves' Town

OOT Child: Dodongo's Cavern

OOT Adult: Spirit Temple and sneaking around the Gerudo hideout before it, although the Bottom of the Well and Shadow Temple combo is a close runner-up for me. I kinda dig Ice Cavern too, don't know why.

MM: Snowhead Temple

WW: Tower of the Gods (I see a lot of this dungeon's aesthetics in BOTW's shrines and Divine Beasts. It was a trial for the hero in the former much like the shrines/DBs are in the latter).

TP: Snowpeak Ruins

BOTW: Noboris. Gerudo in general was rad.

Edited April 3rd, 2017 by Chain Chomp

Child - Jabu Jabu's Belly
Adult - Spirit Temple

Proably Foresaken Fortress

Temple of Time (dominion rod was fun)

Skyward Sword
FFF damn they all good. Probably the Sandship

NA for MM and BoTW, because I haven't even played the first dungeons yet.

Edited April 5th, 2017 by ShadowFox08
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