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Events to give a player an alert or message
Posted: Posted May 18th by Xhin

This adds two new Game Events:

  • Alert -- sends a player an alert

  • Message -- gives a player a message the same way reading a sign would.

    The second one should be very very useful for handling Machines. Now you can press a random button and maybe get some idea of what it actually does.

    Both of these call for a specific character. If that character is a player, the player will get an alert. Same deal if the character is the minion of a player. You'll probably be using #user for the most part...

    One maybe useful use for this is sending *yourself* an alert or message when something game-critical happens.

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    There are 3 Replies


    Posted May 18th by Xhin

    Didn't the first one already exist? I am 99% certain it does.

    Posted May 18th by Moonray

    Yeah I think it does too, but I couldn't find it.

    Posted May 18th by Xhin
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