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Instead of the weird hieroglyphs, you get some named links above your textbox. The "Preview Message" hieroglyph is now also a button in the bottom right (below emoticons).

These links are all submenus that (other than the embeds menu) show what the code does and what the code actually is, so these are easier to learn.

When you highlight text, clicking one of the buttons will wrap it in the code in question.

If you have no text highlighted, it'll instead insert the tag wherever your cursor is, or if the textbox isn't selected, at the bottom of it.

Meanwhile, if you have text selected and it has whatever formatting you click already in there, it'll strip it out for you -- ex if you have [c]test[/c] highlighted and click the cyan button, it'll turn the text into just "test".

Clicking "back" will go back to the area where the main menu is.

As a neat little added effect, clicking one of the buttons will make it bounce up and down.

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Can you get rid of the duck & frog emoticons or move them back to a hidden place where I don't have to see them every time I post?

Posted October 15th by Moonray

More on topic though, this is a good change. Finally I don't have to keep looking up this post ( every time I want to remember the colours.

Posted October 15th by Moonray

Could you add some of these things to the edit reply page too?

Posted October 15th by Moonray

Please put the Plam emoticons back.

Posted October 15th by chiefsonny

Pretty sure the emoticons are messed up in general. Clicking on frog becomes and get out frog is while the moving duck is .

Edit ok maybe they're not, but I'm not sure why says "wave" and says "happy".

Edited October 15th by Fox Forever

I think that's the old bug where if emoticons get removed it completely screwed up the codes associated with remaining ones that followed them in the list.

Edited October 15th by Moonray

Maybe I'm a little dense, but what was wrong with the way it was?

You click on the little icon and then you choose from all the emoticons we had.

Posted October 15th by chiefsonny

Good work Xhin.

Posted October 15th by Count Dooku

I like this.

Posted October 15th by Vandy

As I pointed out in my other post, there's a larger emotes update coming soon that will fix all of these problems and more.

Posted October 15th by Xhin
Fractal icious

Any chance we can get basic icons for this and a drop-down menu for colors?

Edited October 16th by mariomguy

Your approach is off-putting.

Posted October 15th by Vandy

There's no connotation online. The second line was meant to be taken as a surprise.

Posted October 16th by mariomguy

Icons are doable, but why do you want a drop-down menu for colors? The current way has *more* functionality.

Posted October 16th by Xhin
Fractal icious

I like this. I demand all the previous emojis back thogh.

Posted October 16th by S.OH.
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