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Dragonball Fighterz Movie
Posted: Posted March 12th by Dragonball Fan

Dragonball Fighterz. All cut scenes movie. It will be interesting for Dragonball fans to watch this. Especially if people have wanted to see Frieza fight Majin Buu.

SPOILERS: It is best to watch all of Dragonball Super before watching this.

What do you all think about this?

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Frieza fight Majin Buu

I havent watched super (yet) but doesnt frieza get super OP? Majin buu (fat) was the weakest of the Buu forms and slightly with a power level somewhere between SS2 and SS3. I would imagine Frieza would curb stomp him.

Posted March 12th by S.O.H.

Back when reaching new levels took effort.

Posted March 13th by Dragonball Fan

@SOH Yeah. Frieza is about on par with SSB which is the strongest form Goku and Vegeta have

Posted March 21st by -Riku-
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