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Posted: Posted February 18th by Xhin
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You can now save drafts of posts, threads, and private messages if you're logged in.

Clicking "Save Draft" will save a copy of whatever you have in the message area. This will then reappear whenever you go to that post, private message conversation or new post area again.

This can be useful in these situations:

  • If you have a long post typed up, you can save it periodically so you won't lose it for some stupid reason.

  • You can save posts that you might want to repost later.

  • You could start typing up something on your phone, then realize that's too much work, so you save a draft and resume the post on something with a keyboard.

    Once you've submitted the post (or thread or PM or whatever) the draft gets removed.


    This feature:
    Supersedes the drafts feature. The textbox will be filled with whatever you submitted, whether you first saved it as a draft or not.

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    Posted February 19th by EN
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    That post just deserved an uppercut

    Posted February 19th by Xhin
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    Ground's what's around
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