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Been losing weight very very slowly since I dropped below 210. Currently sitting at 193lbs though. It's mostly just a good sign that I'm doing something right diet/exercise-wise.

Idk how low I want to go. A healthy range for my height is 160-210, so I'll probably just hang out in there and see where my body decides to equalize out.

Still doing the same low-carb high-fat diet for calories, dosing on raw veggies and sugar sources high in magnesium as needed. Have been doing 1hr40min daily urban hikes too.

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How tall are you Xhin?

I’m 6’2 and weighed in around 166 a couple months ago. I actually have struggled to gain weight as I used to be really skinny most of my life. Getting married helped me gain weight.

Edited January 27th by Q

I'm 6'5". Thinnest I've ever been at this height is 200 (high school), so this is all new for me. Also had way less muscle then.

Posted January 27th by Xhin
The planets are aligned

193 at 6'5 sounds pretty slim.

Posted January 27th by Bubba

your like this girl on my facebook feed who always keeps bragging about her weight loss and cleanse. not saying am not glad you lose the weight. but it can be kind of irriating when people constantly boast about their weight loss etc. daily posts on just about anything annoy me… weight loss, food pics, kid pics, exercise sstoooooop! well this u is website so u can do what u want. u can ban me if u want.

Edited January 27th by Brandy

I’m very small. 5’10” and I weigh 110 no joke. My body has problems of wasting which means super high metabolism. I like being skinny though so that it’s easier to text and play video games with small sized fingers. I don’t want to gain any weight even though the doctors are trying to manipulate me with high nutritional diet calories. Y’all should fast more so that you can lose weight easily easier. Being underweight isn’t bad.

Posted January 27th by Weid metabolism

wow thats crazy im 5'3 and i need to lost a lot to even get to where ur at wied, you are very thin

Posted January 27th by Brandy

"well this u is website so u can do what u want. u can ban me if u want. "


Posted January 28th by Q

wow thats crazy im 5'3 and i need to lost a lot to even get to where ur at wied, you are very thin

It's called the Nf2 diet, the newest health fad sweeping the nation.

Posted January 28th by Bubba

It’s called wasting, that’s what my body has. You’re tiny brandy. Argarini’s darkness is only 5”1’. I consider myself too small as it is height wise. I’m on a liquid diet fed through a feeding tube all day long. It’s near impossible for me to gain weight when all I do is shit out bricks because this isn’t real nutrtotion.

Posted January 28th by Weid metabolism
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