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Does the NSA, FBI, DoD watch us here?
Posted: Posted February 3rd by Darkest Muhammed Hashish Smoker
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I am curious the internet and civilians are constantly monitored. Is this site considered to be "on the radar" of the government?

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Yes because of the New England Patriot Act. Aka SPYGATE!

Posted February 3rd by Weid man
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Assuming your question is for real:
And answering only about branches of the US Federal Government:
The Department of Defence won’t watch here because we’re just not interesting from the DoD point of view.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation won’t watch here without a warrant; and they’d have to work hard to get one, and it would be expensive, and we’d have to work hard to get them to think it would be worthwhile.

On the other hand, the National Security Agency has the right and duty to monitor any electronic communication which either goes out over the air, or crosses international boundaries.
But they’d be overwhelmed with the work of actually literally trying to do that.
They usually pay little if any attention to anything that isn’t encrypted.
They probably have a frequently updated list of keywords and phrases, and if some automatic piece of software or hardware detects such a key word or phrase, a low-level human being listens to or reads or examines or watches the context, and decides whether or not someone higher up should decide.
They probably don’t archive anything that is not flagged by the machine, nor by the lowest-level human, nor by the second-from-bottom level human.
Even if they do archive something, 95% of everything they save is never again seen by anybody for any reason.

If you want to get the NSA’s attention,
  • use lots of words or phrases you think might be keywords of the day or week or fortnight or month
  • try to make your posts seem encrypted or encoded
  • if you’re in the USA, specifically address members you know are outside the USA;
  • if you’re outside the USA, specifically address members you know are inside the USA

    To get the FBI’s attention, you’d need to state concrete plans for committing terrorist acts, or for political corruption including amounts and names and quid-pro-quo dishonest political acts, or violent acts against USGovernment personnel or facilities.

    To get the DoD’s attention, you’d need to conspire to sell military secrets or military equipment, or to commit crimes against US service personnel.

    If you’re tired of fresh air and sunshine, and never want to see it again, then go ahead and do those things.
    Otherwise don’t worry about it.

  • Posted February 3rd by chiarizio
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    I'm fairly certain there are some "people of interest" being monitored here. Not naming names, but...

    Posted February 5th by Darkest Muhammed Hashish Smoker
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    I'm supposedly on multiple watchlists already, so I wouldn't care anyway.

    Posted February 5th by nullfather
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    You probably downloaded tor because you are a dirty birdy

    Posted February 5th by Darkest Muhammed Hashish Smoker
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