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Does anyone remember me?
Posted: Posted May 1st by ~*Sapphira*~
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I haven’t been on this site in years lol. I used to make posts on this site a while back and i also used to post a lot in the OLDDDDD Gametalk from like 2005 haha. Just was wondering if anyone i used to talk to was on here still. Names i remember are mostly ChosenOne and Nighter

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Nighter? Like The Great Nighter??

The more I think about it, I seem to recognize the name ChosenOne, too.

If you remember me, it'd probably be as Weird Occurance or Yuki Eiri. I was mostly active around 2005-2006.

Edited May 4th by Weird Occurance
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I don’t remember how much I talked to either of you or how well I knew you, but Sapphira’s name definitely resonates with me, as does Yuki Eiri. I feel like I talked to both of you a lot at one point.

Posted May 10th by Inferno35
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Inferno, we talked for hours and hours back in the day lol

Posted May 11th by Weird Occurance
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I think I vaguely remember y ou.

Posted May 11th by tnu
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That’s what I thought!!! How could you stand talking to me for hours and hours. Seriously the cringe is real as I reflect on my childhood.

Posted May 11th by Inferno35
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I was just as cringey if not worse, Inferno lol
You used to be a badass sometimes which I thought was fun.

But we were largely in the same clique on GT haha

Posted May 12th by Weird Occurance
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What do you mean badass 😂
I suppose. I definitely remember you now. But I can’t remember most anyone off the top of my head besides YellowJr

Posted May 12th by Inferno35
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Oh god. That name just brought back a flood of...memories lmao

And yes, you were a badass sometimes, Inferno lol - you created a "demon" name - Dark Seth - just to tantalize everyone and give everyone hell during RPs. I used to find it quite entertaining and liked it quite a bit.

I seem to remember you getting in a real nasty RP with Anser / Yuki Kari once.

Another name I remember from a few chats with you is Kaziganthi. We once had this massive pool party chat that went completely off the rails in some really bad ways lmao

Posted May 12th by Weird Occurance
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You have a fantastic memory. Everything you’ve said is vaguely familiar to me but I don’t have clear memories of any of this. Part of me thinks I was high on something as a kid. You might also be older than me which would explain the better memory 🧐 I started pretty young doing all this stuff

Posted May 12th by Inferno35
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If I remember correctly, I’m a few years older than you, but not by much.
I just remember the original GT so well.

You also tried to pull me into huge chatzy groups a number of times haha

Posted May 13th by Weird Occurance
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