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I signed a letter today that says, “This offer of employment is contingent upon satisfactory completion of a background check and reference checks.” I can’t find any mention of drug tests in any of the documents I’ve received regarding this job. Would I know by now if they were gonna ask me to take a drug test?

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Well, what drugs are you on?

Posted June 1st by Bubba

i've never had an office job that drug tested

Posted June 2nd by poptart!

Bubba – I am on *robot voice takes over* no drugs at all.

Thanks Poptart. :)

Posted June 2nd by Ceta

The only job I was drug tested for was bus driver.

EDIT: I do know a friend that referred someone to the job but then the referral failed a drug test and it impacted her own position within the company. So it's not unheard of for an office job to drug test.

Edited June 2nd by Vandy

I was "random" drug tested once at my job, the only instance I've heard of in my seven years there. Wonder what I did to trigger them.

Posted June 2nd by Bubba

Good to know – thanks Vandy.

That does sound curious, Bubba. Hope you were able to pass.

Posted June 3rd by Cetasaurus
Formerly KM8

Seems like blue collar jobs are more likely to drug test and care less about background, while white collar jobs don't drug test but are super strict on background checks. Meanwhile small businesses will generally do neither.

I had a drug test a couple days ago and I have to wonder, wtf is up with the blue stuff in the toilet and the taped-down sink? Best I can figure is they're trying to prevent people from diluting their pee but it seems like there's still ways around that.

Posted June 6th by Xhin
The planets are aligned
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