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Do you miss roleplaying on here?
Posted: Posted April 1st, 2018 by Thesus
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We're all getting on, I'm 27 myself and we've moved on with life moving further forward or not, do you actually miss everyone being in a relatable roleplaying experience like we used to be?

This is a genuine question I'm actually curious about because a lot of people I saw 14 years ago are still around, I couldn't devote the time to roleplay like we used to and interacting with all you amazing people (Kira, Redack, K1ddy, Azeroth, Malas, Skor off the top of my head), but, half of you I don't even know or remember, but it feels like a check on my box that can't get ticked. I was there for the heyday and all subsequent feelings that brought which was amazing, i could write about something where there was emotion or story etched into it, which peronally made me many friends regardless of online or not, but also, after my shit and xhin's shit, it's just a shell of itself now that'll never recover.

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I somewhat miss it, but in more of a "those were good times" kind of way. If it were still going I'd probably still be involved but only because it's JS.

Posted April 1st, 2018 by Redack
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Sure I miss it as both a creative and social outlet.

I tried doing a DnD game over video call with some other dudes I know from the internet last year. It was great, very fun, made me feel like I was RPing again in a way that's in many ways superior.

It'd be cool to do something like that, but none of us have the time. And if we do, we probably shouldn't be filling it with RPing.

Posted April 1st, 2018 by Agis
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Yeah, I miss a lot about it: creating characters with a lot of leeway, the ability to do pretty much whatever (within reason) with those characters, thinking of possible plots for those characters and of the people you may want to involve, jumping into random posts and just seeing what happens. I still feel like I had some characters that never got a chance to reach their potential, and I feel like I could make more interesting characters than the ones I did get to develop. It was good times and I have a lot of good memories, and it really improved my writing ability (said ability has atrophied since J/S's RPing finally died).

I tried doing a DnD game over video call with some other dudes I know from the internet last year. It was great, very fun, made me feel like I was RPing again in a way that's in many ways superior.

Yeah, I've done D&D as well, and there are definitely advantages to it. I don't know if it would have worked for J/S since the book-keeping probably would have been too much, but having actual mechanical aspects to combat would at least have removed a lot of the arguments that were constantly happening (one of the main things I don't miss).

Posted April 2nd, 2018 by white lancer
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Immensely. It' s one of the many many things that I find myself longing for. But suddenly everybody "moved on" and none of this mattered anymore because everybody decided it didn't fit in to their new great lives- that were too good for the way things were. So they left it in the trash heap of the past only to occasionally be looked back on. It' honestly disgusting what people can just abandon.

Edited April 3rd, 2018 by tnu
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Lol, really Thesus? Dont remember good ol Padme?

I miss roleplaying but I left because JS became too personal. I needed to focus on real life more and do my best to move on from the negativity Ive created here. Im in school now and one day Ill be a full time writer. At least, thats my dream. But, theres that small bit of spark where I do find my urge to make a post here again.

Edited April 3rd, 2018 by Castrael
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I certainly miss RPing here. The memories and bonds we formed with each other were definitely influential as I grew up. Just last year I chuckled because I'm very involved in mentoring graduate students, and each time one of them comes in to the program, it's like a newb showing up on the forum and looking for a master. So I get to keep taking on "apprentices", and I realized that is honestly what I liked most here on the forum, and in life.

I've done DnD style roleplaying for the past...12 years? It's definitely different than Rping here, but if you find a good group (mine have been hit or miss), it can be fun the develop the character and the backstory. There is simply less freedom to fully write your own storyline because the DM does that, and you have to operate as a team. I've tried video chatting the DnD stuff and it is...okay, but signfifcnatly worse than in person groups. In person groups you get the quirky, silly dynamics of just chit chat while someone else is "active". And the playful, quirky shit is the fun part of everything.

Posted April 7th, 2018 by Jedi rebel
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I certainly miss it. I loved duels, but like white lancer said, the debates about how fast your slash or evasion was... not my favorite thing ever. It was easy to make some time for this in high school and even college, but it just seemed to be too hard and too stressful to maintain once career life began.

DnD style stuff piqued my interest because of online roleplaying, and while it is harder to maintain and set aside time for, I did feel it was less stressful and there's way less drama because you have to blame the dice instead of the moderator.

Posted April 11th, 2018 by Trever Leingod
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I do miss the good times we all had. The creative outlet to continue a story of star wars that we are all passionate about was a great escape. I know I joined after playing knights of the old republic for the first time. It made me crave the creative freedom I got with my characters I created on here. Just the evolution of the characters, from k1ddy to kensh I was proud of and all the back stories. It's hard to believe the peak of all of this was 14 years ago now. God I was 16 then...now thirty (I'm old =( )

Posted April 14th, 2018 by Kensh Yowes
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Roleplaying, and Jedi Sith itself, will always hold a soft spot for me. I think what I loved most was developing relationships between characters - the Master-Apprentice dynamic, friendships, and so on. It's difficult not to look back on the nostalgia and wish to go back to 'a better time'.

But I ultimately left because of 'toxicity'. Maybe it was because we were all so young, but at times, a lot of us could be pretty horrible to each other. Sometimes it was on Jedi Sith itself, usually it was on AIM, MSN, and eventually Skype. I'm not exempt from that, as I sow quite a bit of toxicity myself. Eventually realizing that helped me mature, but by that point, it was too late. We were all getting older and RPing on here became more and more difficult. I had already left and put RPing 'behind me'.

Sometimes I can't help but wish I could go back to those days with my current mindset, make a better character, be a better person. Although I will parrot that the constant OOC arguing about duels was exhausting.

I have tried RPing elsewhere since the Jedi Sith days but it's never the same. I remember spending hours on just one thread, excitedly going back and forth with someone, never sure where the roleplay would take my character or when it would end. Now I'm nearing thirty years old and can barely muster that same enthusiasm when I occasionally try a new place to roleplay.

I miss it.

Jedi Sith (and RPG Chat) played a significant part in my childhood and I will always look back at it fondly for that.

Edited April 15th, 2018 by Desra Lodet
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Desra!? What ar eyou doig here? you've vanished for the past few years without a trace. what happened?! thinkign about it you probably wo't see this or won't respond but I mena I never forgot you. you were like one of my best fri ends back in those days.

Posted April 20th, 2018 by tnu
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