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A lot of people seem to be divided on this. A lot of people when they think of sport, they think of physical exertion, stamina, and the long hours training..

But a case for competitive gaming you can say that competitive gamers do spend full time days of worth training, and they do train their fine motor skills(hand eye coordination) and their mind.. So they are more mental than physical, but would that take them out of what is considered sport, like football, baseball, basetball?

thoughts? How do you define what a sport is?

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Competitive videogaming is a sport by the Google definition of "sport":

an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment

However, I understand the colloquial need for a distinction between the video game type of sport and the traditional type of sport. As such, I support the use of the term "e-sport" for competitive videogaming.

Posted September 9th by Cruinn-Annuin

I didn't check the definition of sport btw.

By physical exertion, I mean like sports you get up and go to the gym and really physically assert yourself. Gaming you do exert yourself physically and mentally, but on the physical side its not so much intense.. Gaming is more mental.

Not trying to make a case for competitive gaming to be considered a sport. Just offering an argument that it could be.

Posted September 9th by ShadowFox08

Gaming is more mental, but there is still physical skill required. Not every sport requires a certain amount of physical skill or exertion - if gaming cannot technically be called a sport, then one must question where the cutoff point of physical exertion lies. Golf does not require nearly as much physical exertion as football, yet both are considered sports.

Posted September 9th by Cruinn-Annuin

As a general thing I don't consider it a sport. I think the term "esport" does a good job of keeping it separate from physical sports without ignoring the fact that, as you said, people can put just as much time and effort into it as regular sports.

I think the problem for me is with all the different kinds of games and controller inputs it's hard to justify saying all competitive gaming require physical effort.

There are some sports (such as Golf) that I'm not sure I personally would classify as "sport" if it were up to me. While there is inarguably effort and skill required for it, the physical effort just isn't on the same level as most other sports.

Posted September 9th by Moonray

I generally don't consider it a sport, myself, but I guess I don't really have any good reason why. I tend to think of sports that requires physical exertion as a requirement of skill. For all the crap golf gets (and in my opinion, deservedly so), it does require a fair amount of physicality with multiple muscle groups. I guess I put e-sports in a similar category as NASCAR, moreso than golf. But I think the big thing is that with golf, you make or break a shot from how you swing. It is pretty much exclusively reliant on physical control of your body. With gaming, like NASCAR, the sport fundamentally exists within a technological boundary that plays a role too. If your internet drops, or your computer freezes for a second, or you just have a better quality computer, there are advantages gained or lost from the technology. Sort of like how NASCAR - as much skill and physical endurance is necessary for those drivers - can be made or broken based on bad luck with the technology. I'm not sure I consider NASCAR a sport either because of that. I'm also just not sure I think the physicality of gaming is compelling enough of an argument given the bulk of it winds up being just about training reflexes or hand-eye coordination, which is a part of all sports really, but I guess I just don't really see where "physical exertion" is really applicable. You golf 18 holes, you'll probably feel it in your shoulders and forearms (not as much as more active sports, obviously, but it's still working distinct muscle groups).

(I also am generally just down on sports overall that are predicated on being inaccessible. Getting good at any sport will require a lot of money and a big investment, but putting up a hoop and getting a basketball doesn't ultimately cost that much, and people in rural parts of the country can play it despite not having great internet. This isn't really true of gaming, where you sort of need the best technology - which costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars to access - so I kinda look at it a bit as, like, polo. If it is a sport, it's not one I would consider a particularly worthwhile one to follow, personally.)

All that said, I also genuinely don't care if people want to call it a sport. It's definitely not a problem to me if people do think it should be labeled as such. Doesn't offend me at all as a big fan of more active sports like basketball, soccer, and hockey. Definitely never going to fight someone over calling it that. So. Yeah.

Posted September 9th by Jet Presto

I mean Chess is considered a sport, Poker is considered a sport. Race Car Driving is considered a sport. So why not? Someone can be definitively the best in the world at league of legends of super smash bros so why not have prize money and a trophy if people want to pay to watch?

Posted September 9th by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king

You could argue that the continuous thumb abuse and perfect button hitting and accuracy in smash bros is more physically and mentally exerting than mini golf.

Posted September 9th by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king

And with Race Car Driving, playing Forza is literally the same thing if you use a racing wheel. So if real race car driving is a sport then so is simulated race car driving.

Posted September 9th by I killed Mifasa


Edited September 10th by KnokkelMillennium

And with Race Car Driving, playing Forza is literally the same thing if you use a racing wheel. So if real race car driving is a sport then so is simulated race car driving.

I don't care if you want to call it all sports, as I said. But this statement above is objectively not true. Driving a real car is so much more involved than video game driving. Racing in the real world even more so.

Posted September 9th by Jet Presto

I mean Chess is considered a sport, Poker is considered a sport

I play a lot of poker and I don't think of it as a sport. To me it's a form of entertainment and mental competition.

When I leave home to go to the casino, I don't lift, run sprints, I just make sure I got my money roll.

I feel the same way about gaming, to me it's entertainment.

Edited September 9th by chiefsonny

Your casual poker might not be a sport but televised tournament poker is.

Posted September 9th by I killed Mufasa
I killed Mufasa
long live the king

At the original Olympic games, poetry reading was a competitive sport. The purpose was to find the best Greek: putting barriers on what was considered a sport would only serve to limit the potential for what Greeks can do.

Competitive gaming is indeed a sport, but not a traditional sport played on a field.

Posted September 9th by mariomguy
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