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Do any of you guys play chess?
Posted: Posted July 2nd by I killed Mufasa
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I don't think I've ever seen anyone talk about it on gametalk, like ever, even on the older more populated site. But I play, and I'm reasonably good I like to think. And it's technically a sport and there is no other sports stuff going on and I felt bad for this particular forum. So yeah.

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I play. Haven't in a while. Last time I played I was just barely beaten by my 15yo sister's 15yo boyfriend.

Posted July 2nd by Xhin
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That'll build up your skill again, and you'll curb stomp him next time.

Posted July 2nd by I killed Mufasa
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I've played it a moderate amount years ago, mainly with my father. We stopped playing shortly after I pulled off either a Fool's Mate or a Scholar's Mate - I can't remember which.

I've considered getting into chess recently, but I don't think that I have the temperament for it. The clock pisses me off.

Posted July 2nd by Party Smasher
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I like playing really layed back games with 15-15 where you really need to be stumped to clock out.

Posted July 2nd by I killed Mufasa
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Used to a long time ago. I just play various strategy video games which I find generally more amusing and sometimes maybe even on par with chess for a skill game but people get kind of touchy about that since chess and go and similar games are hailed as the greatest strategy games ever.

Posted July 2nd by Grey Echelon
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I do think Chess is the greatest strategy game ever made, but there are certainly a lot of good strategy video games and card games. I would never belittle a different game if it was clear the effort and enjoyment was there.

Which strategy video games do you like the most, Knuckles?

Posted July 2nd by I killed Mufasa
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Like as in most amused by? If so probably fire emblem would be my favorite for the story and how characters tie into it. I feel like sometimes it does characterization really well and it's always really fun to play too. That said though while it has had multiplayer elements in the past it is primarily a single player game and it has chance based elements but I have no problem with that.

Advance wars is also cool and while it had a pretty decent multiplayer going for it, nintendo axed the internet services for the last console it was on and the only way to play now is like to find a community for advance wars and then use unofficial servers and hope someone who knows how to do it is willing to give it a shot.

Also like civilization v to an extent but I like playing it with modded civilizations.

Hearts of iron 4 especially with mods is also pretty fun because of all the countries you can play as and all of the events related to the actions you take in the country and the direction you take the country and global events and such. It takes place during world war two but mods can take place whenever.

Also just other random single player strategy games at least somewhat similar to fire emblem such as stella glow.

The thing is, I'm much more of a solitary gamer and while hoi4 and civ v are multiplayer too I kind of just prefer not to. But honestly the ai can present enough of a challenge as it is anyway sometimes. I wouldn't say any of these games are necessarily on par with chess but I guess in a way they could be depending on how you set it up and/or mod them.

Posted July 2nd by Grey Echelon
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I really enjoy civilization iii. Sometimes I'll turn it on after supper and still be playing at 3 in the morning, which probably isn't healthy, but someone needs to make Gandhi nuke the Chinese.

I don't really know anything about modding PC video games.

I have Fire Emblem on Switch but I have yet to open it up.

Posted July 2nd by I killed Mufasa
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I play chess, but I do not like playing with a time limit. Ever. I don't play often enough to finish under a strict time limit. I need time to think about my next move. I understand that competitive chess is done on a time limit, but I don't play it competitively. Anyone challenging me must agree to not force me to play on a time limit.

Posted July 2nd by Laxan
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I don't really like a time limit either, but I'd rather a high time limit than no time limit. Like 30 minutes with 30 seconds gained per turn offers pretty much zero chance of a competent player actually timing out and even a hard move that takes 10 minutes to make can easily be recovered. But the time factor still means the game will likely end today. I don't really like getting up from a chess game before it's over.

As long as you promise me the game will end the day we start it, and it happens 95 percent of the time, I won't hold you to a time limit.

Edited July 2nd by I killed Mufasa
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